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What is Live Caribbean Stud?

Caribbean Stud Poker is a board game, born and made famous in American casinos. The game is easy to learn and play, and offers frenzied emotions for both beginners and experienced gamblers. However, unlike other popular poker games, Caribbean Stud is played against the house and not against other players.
There is no bluff and there is no need to put on a “poker face” because it is a competition against the live online croupier only. In addition to the excitement of the main game, many casinos also offer bonus bets, which give players more chances to win and to compete for the jackpot win.

Basic Rules of Caribbean Stud

You start with an “ante” bet, plus an extra for the jackpot. Each player receives 5 cards, while the dealer has 4 face-down and one face-up card for himself. At this point, the player can pass, losing his bet, or raise by making a bet that must be twice the “ante”.
The dealer shows his cards and if he has at least an A-K, he qualifies; otherwise, he pays twice the bet to the players. If the dealer does qualify, the scores are compared and whoever has a higher hand than the dealer wins, according to the pay table, which rewards up to 100 times the post.

Basic Strategy of Caribbean Stud

The most important decision in Caribbean Stud Poker is whether or not to fold the hand. Always raise with a pair regardless of the dealer's open card. In fact, the dealer can have a couple less than 50% of the games, and if they have an A-K, the player wins his bets.
Fold hands without a pair. With an Ace and King, the choice is rather difficult. It is preferable to play if one of the cards matches the dealer's face-up card, as in this case, his odds of making a pair are minor, or if in addition to A-K you have a high card like a Queen.
Live Caribbean Stud Poker India

History of Caribbean Stud

The game was popular in the casinos of the Caribbean cruise ships, but soon its fame spread all across the world. According to the famous history, the game was born in the 80s in The King International Hotel, a Dutch hotel in Aruba, an island in the Caribbean sea, near Venezuela.
According to the famous gambler David Sklansky, he invented the game in 1982 under the name of Casino Poker, with some small variations, such as the dealer had to have 2 cards facing up. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he did not get the paternity of the patent. There is still a controversial ongoing judicial case about that.

Play Caribbean Stud in India

Currently, online casinos are not available in India due to government laws. But Indian players are welcome at many international online casinos, which have a regular license and offer secure transactions. It's very easy to start playing, because all the websites are multilingual and they accept different currencies, including the Indian rupee.
All players can top up their account via online banking systems or use other online payment methods popular in Asia. Thanks to the high competitiveness due to the wide choice of online casinos available, many of them offer high welcome bonuses, doubling up the first deposit made, and giving numerous bonuses and various promotions.

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