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Pros & Cons of Online Sports Betting

  • Amazing variety of betting possibilities.
  • All the major sports are usually available.
  • It provides extra emotion and adrenaline to an event.
  • Not as many bonuses as in online casinos.
  • Requires high levels of skills and knowledge.
  • Usually involves a lot of waiting.

This is a professional sports betting site for all Indian bettors. Here, you will get every necessary information about sports betting. We will also take you through the best sports betting sites of 2024 and every other thing related to sports betting. You can only get quality information about sports betting on Casinoble.

We at Casinoble are devoted to giving you updates all around the sports betting world and also ensuring that you improve your betting skills. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing more about free bets, casino bonuses, betting options, live betting, odds, among others, and you also want to place the right bet at the right betting site, then read this post till the end.

Casino Selections

Last Checked: Apr 17, 2024

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Top Betting Sites 2024

Before a betting website can be featured in our recommendation list, some laid criteria must be fulfilled. Our team at Casinoble do their best to check, verify and evaluate every offer and bonus a betting site offer to the last detail. Our team consists of experts who have followed and analyze the latest trends in technologies and bonuses over the years.

However, we will also like to share with our readers the basic criteria that we use to determine a very good betting site. See them below;

  • Theme: Theme is one of the significant factors that determine a good online casino website, even though it may seem insignificant in sports betting. The theme of a betting site signifies its environment. The theme of a betting site should be attractive to its customers. Therefore, we at Casinoble always ensure that the main theme of a betting site is attractive before recommending them to our readers.
  • Graphics: The graphics of a betting site is also equally important to that site as it signifies how comfortable a user will be using the site. We also make a proper analysis of the graphics of a betting site to make sure that it meets up the standard in the market.
  • Technology: Technology has to deal with the internet, especially when online betting is involved. We also check the type of technology a betting site uses. We also check if there are web and mobile versions of the website.
  • Entertainment level: The primary aim of betting is to catch fun; therefore an online betting site must offer thrilling experiences alongside its betting activities. This determines if the player will be willing to come back to play another time.
  • Betting Bonuses: In 2024, the best bookmakers offer good betting bonuses. At Casinoble, we ensure that we research betting sites that offer good bonuses and not just those that offer high amounts. We research to know if these bonuses are worthwhile, considering their wagering requirements. Only betting websites that offer good bonuses with fair wagering requirements are featured on our recommendation list.
  • Free Bets: Free bets are the biggest attraction of online betting, and it varies, depending on the bookmaker. That is why we at Casinoble research the internet for the best bookmakers who offer free bets and how they work.
  • Sports Selection: A good sportsbook should offer a wide variety of markets and not just football alone. There are ranges of other sports betting that can be offered, thus meeting up with the different needs of bettors. This is why we like to see some local markets and rare sports.
  • Payment Methods: One of the things that contribute to the reputation and the reliability of a sports betting site or an online casino is the availability of fast and safe payment methods. A good betting site should offer a wide range of payment methods like Bitcoin, PayPal among others.
  • Withdrawal Terms: Bonuses will always be accompanied by withdrawal terms. These terms tend to protect both the players and the betting site from being dishonest. These terms will guide you on how you can use your bonus, and how much you have to play for you to be able to withdraw your winnings. However, we recommend live casino websites in India with fair withdrawal terms at Casinoble.
  • Support Methods: The customer support service of a website will determine how well you will overcome a problem on the site. A good betting website should offer customer support through emails, live chats, telephone support, internet forums, and FAQs.
  • Customer Service: Good customer service signifies that a website is honest and safe. Therefore, a good betting site should be professional in its customer service.

New Betting Sites

At Casinoble, we regularly check and analyze new betting sites because there will always be differences in betting sites. These differences are what make an individual prefer one to the other, which is why we research deeply to know the differences before we recommend them on our site.

However, for you to analyze a new betting site, you don’t start with the odds, but the authenticity of the site – that is the number one criteria to check for. You can know if a site is genuine if it holds a license at least, from a reputable licensing authority. Betting license authorities include the Malta Gaming Authority, the British Gambling Authority, eCOGRA, among others.

Without these, a betting site cannot be featured in our recommendation list. We always want to ensure that we recommend new betting sites that are safe and ideal for our readers to bet on.

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting

Betting with real money is one aspect of online betting which determines how high your profit will be. To achieve this, you need to figure out your own odds and have the right tips to place an ideal bet. You also need to know when and where to invest your money to minimize loss.

Although not everyone is interested in betting with real money, for you to maximize your winnings, especially for those that bet regularly, you have to consider betting with real money.

However, you have to put in mind that real money betting is not about winning high amounts of sports bets. The probability of winning is always 50%, just like a coin toss. At other times, if you place a wrong bet, you may lose quite a huge amount, especially for those that accumulate bets because of its low odds. These situations are imminent in sports betting, but a good punter can decide at which odds to place a bet.

Betting Bonuses


Sport betting sites also offer bonuses to attract new customers, just like online casinos. Majorly, you receive them as free bets when you sign up with a new sportsbook, or when you make your first deposit. In this section, we will discuss with you how you can receive this bonus by depositing on a betting site and also how you can also receive this bonus without making any deposit on the betting site.

It is important that you know which bonus to opt for and which you don’t have to opt for so that you can fully benefit from it. So, you have to know which bonus perfectly suits your budget and your playing style.


Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus is a popular type of online bonus in 2024, and it is usually substantial. It can come in form of a free bet or cash and can vary from a betting site to the other. However, the amount of bonus you get depends on you.

For deposit bonuses, you are usually given a percentage of your first deposit. Most of the time, it usually involves doubling the amount you deposit. So if you deposit INR50, then you’ll be given INR100 as a bonus to place a bet on their site. Generally, both expert bettors and new bettors love this type of bonus, however, this type of bonus helps new users to boost up their budget fast enough for them to decide if the betting site is a good one.

No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses’ are bonuses given to you by an online bookmaker as soon as you register an account with them, without having to deposit money with them. This can be likened to when you visit an offline bet shop, and you are given an amount to spend in the betting house – that is just it. But here, you can only spend it on the online betting site.

However, in 2024, we have two types of ‘no deposit bonus’ namely fixed bonuses and non-fixed bonuses. The fixed bonuses are permanent; they remain in your account until their validity period has elapsed. In other words, you won’t get any return from this type of ‘no deposit bonuses’.

However, non-fixed bonuses are flexible. You can bet with this bonus and get some returns. But you must also comply with its wagering requirement for you to be able to withdraw your winnings.

Free Bets

There are some bets that you can place and then covert your winnings into real money. Here, there are no risks involved; if you lose the bet, your money is untouched. On the other hand, if you win a free bet, then you can simply withdraw your winnings only. It is just like using virtual money to place a bet.

For instance, let’s assume that you have INR100 in your account balance, which is your real money, and you also have a free bet of INR20, then any of the following scenarios will happen when you use your free bet to place a bet;

  1. If you use your free bet to play a bet and you eventually lose the bet, your account balance will still be INR100.
  2. If you use the free bet to play a bet at an odd of 2.00, and you eventually win the bet, then your account balance will be INR120
  3. If you use your free bet to play a bet at an odd of 1.01, and you eventually win the bet, then your account balance will be INR101.

That is just how it is. However, bear in mind that free bet is popular and common in online betting, and it will always be offered in practically all sports betting.


Odds are arguably the most important aspect of sports betting. It is usually represented in numbers and usually signifies the worth of our bet and potential winnings. In sports betting, all bets are represented with odds and after we bet on a particularly odd, will determine our winnings if the prediction is eventually correct.

For instance, assuming you want to bet INR100 on Manchester City to win their champions league match against Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester City are given an odd of 1.65 to win. This means that if Manchester city should eventually win this match, your winnings will be your stake amount multiplied by the odd. Eventually, you’ll be winning INR165 if Manchester City wins the match.

The above-cited is an example of a single odd, however, you can also accumulate bets for you to get better odds. For instance, if you decide to add Chelsea to win their match against Real Madrid at an odd of 1.80, then accumulating both will give you a total odd of 2.97. Therefore if both Manchester City and Chelsea win their matches, having placed a bet with INR100, your total winning will be INR297.

Each odd is set by the bookmakers and the odds of each game depend on the probability that each team will perform. So, if a team has a high probability to perform, its odds will be relatively low and vice versa.

Sports Betting Online

Sports Betting Online

Sports betting markets keep increasing over time as more markets are being added increasingly. This has made online sports betting gained more followers over the years.

There are many markets in the sports betting world which makes it possible for bettors to be able to place their bets on any market in the game. New users may however start by placing their bets on the common bet options which are the match-winner, or the result of the game, but with time, they will learn more to improve their bet

That asides, sports betting entails more than just football betting, it also entails car racing, boxing, tennis, and many more. However, each sport has its unique betting features. You only need to be adequately equipped with information on each sports betting.

Here, we will only give you a summary of the factors that are necessary for you to consider, but, be rest assured, they are more than enough to get you started on your sports betting adventure.

Sports Betting Online
Betting on the Best Sports

Betting on the Best Sports

Betting on the Best Sports

There are various types of sports betting with different and unique betting options to suit each bettor’s playing style. Some prefer football, while some are carried away by the thrills of NBA, some other F1 race. So, there are a lot of sports varieties that can earn you a huge amount in the betting world.

However, we at Casinoble are here to offer you some tips that will help you to choose the best sports to bet on. We will also provide you with some tricks that will help you to place the right bet at the right time so that you can win the money to take yourself on a treat that you have always been dreaming of. Look at some of them below;

  • Football: Football is one of the top sports varieties across the world. Of all sports betting, it has the most passionate and devoted fans. This may be because football as a sport is an exciting sport, and since quite a lot of factors influence the matches, the unexpected can happen which makes the sport more fun.
  • It also supports live betting which allows you to place your live bet while the match is ongoing. Therefore, you can make a good fortune from this sports betting if can take these factors to your advantage.
  • Tennis: The influence of great players like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer in tennis sports has made tennis sport betting to be recognized in India and other countries across the world. We now have quite a range of tennis matches and competitions that are played across the world. So, apart from enjoying the excitement, you can also make some money off the sport. One of its advantages is that it is played individually, thus increasing your chances of winning.
  • Boxing: Boxing betting has been around for a long time. It only experienced a downturn at some points, but with the introduction of ‘super fights’, it is now gaining its popularity as it used to be. In recent years, it has regained much interest from the traditionalists around the world.
  • Boxing betting is also more of individual betting, just like Mixed Martial Arts. You can place your bet on whom to win, how many rounds the fight will last, how the winner wins, and many other betting options. However, bettors that are used to betting on sports like football will have to adapt to betting on boxing due to its unique schedule.
  • Rugby: This sport is not as popular as the other mentioned sports. However, rugby boasts of millions of followers in the world. One thing to note when it comes to rugby sport betting is that rugby is categorized into two namely; rugby league and rugby union. Whichever the case may be, the two categories are fun to watch and is a great option for sports betting.
  • Golf: Golf is also popular in the gambling industry. For those who play the game, it is a great experience, leading them to develop more passion for the game, and as a result, they spend the majority of their spare time trying to practice and master the sport. The sport also offers many betting options and markets for every event to bet on, with many competitions being held around the world.
  • These competitions include the Grand Slam tournaments (which are the US Open, Masters at Augusta, the PGA tour, and the British Open), and the Ryder Cup among others. These are the major competitions which attract lots of interest from the fans. However, fans don’t only have these tournaments to place their bet on, but also some other minor competitions in which they can even accumulate bets in a combination.
  • Horse Racing: This sport is also known as Turf. Horse racing is especially demanded sports betting by the gamblers and the pioneering sector. This sports betting seems to be a little bit more complex than the other types of sports betting.
  • However, what most bettors do is to search for the horse to bet on using search engines. There, they know which horse to choose. Asides, Queen Elizabeth II is also known to be devoted to giving tips on horse racing, you can also follow her tips to get updated information on horse racing
  • Political Betting: One of the surprising turns that we have seen in the online betting world is betting on real-time politics. Indeed, politics is not a type of sport but we have seen bookmakers placing odds on presidential elections that attracted large audiences around the world. In essence, in 2020, the biggest event that happened was the United States general election, and it was featured in the bookies. Although, this type of betting market may be rare in India, but they are gradually gaining some ground in the betting world.
  • UFC: MMA is a contact sport where individuals need to knock down or put their opponents out of action for a while using different skills and techniques. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is gaining more popularity especially because of its recognized championships like the UFC. However, the winner of an MMA fight is not determined by strength, but by techniques. The strongest person doesn’t always win, but a skilled fighter. Therefore, if you plan on winning consistently in Mixed Martial Arts, you have to be adequately informed of this sport.

Choosing a Sport

Choosing a Sport

With all being said, you should observe that each sport has its unique betting feature which suits different betting styles. However, you also have to take into consideration the time at which you intend to place your bet and the circumstances surrounding the bet. What we mean is that you may be a fan of football, but at that moment, there may be better bets on tennis.

Therefore, you have to know how to observe and analyze information, events, and sport betting options. This is why we will discuss how you can maximize your winnings using the concept of hedging bets. This is the only way that can make you become an expert bettor who knows what and where to place his bet at all times. Consider the following factors;

Choosing a Sport

Hedging Bets


A hedging bet implies that you split your bet in different outcomes other than your original bet. This method helps you to minimize the risk involved and maximize your winnings. So, there will always be a guaranteed and consistent profit, even though it may not be huge. So, you may lose the original bet and win subsequent bets because you have predicted different outcomes for different bets.

However, we also have what is known as arbitrage betting which also entails placing different outcomes on different bets. The difference between hedge bet and arbitrage bet is that arbitrage bet focuses on comparing odds between different bookmakers based on all possible outcomes.



You also need to study the event before placing your bet. Sports transforms and changes in various ways, therefore, you need to observe the trend so you can have an edge over the bookmakers. For instance, in a football match, if their main man gets injured and won’t be involved in that match, then it will in one way or the other affect the team, and will definitely affect the outcome of the match. Then you can then decide the best option to go for. You should also continue to observe even after you have placed your bet.




Gather enough information; you need to gather adequate information for you to know the right bet to place. A lot of sport betting sites would even suggest the bet to play for you, however, it is very important that you are adequately informed about the bet. For instance, if you are a fan of a particular football team, you need to be up to date with news for you to be able to materialize your winning bet.

Betting Options

Betting Options

The following options are the most common in sports betting, you need to watch out for them;

  • Single Bets: Simple bets entail placing bet on just one event – as simple as that. Betting on the outcome of a match, usually represented by ‘1X2’ is the most common simple bet. These days, there are other options of simple bets that you can play. They involve the first team to score, half-time result, which player to score the first goal and lots more.
  • Combined bets: This type of bet entails combining several predictions to get an increased odd in total. It is also usually called the accumulator bet and is now common among bettors. However, you need to place at least 3 events with a clear favorite for you to place a combined bet. This method minimizes risk.
  • Live Bets: Live bets are simple bets placed on an event while it is ongoing. A typical example is when a football match has started and a team is leading in scores, you can place a bet at that moment on the team to win at the end of the match. However, some other people also place bets on the match to end in a draw, or no more goals in the match, and many more options.
  • System Bets: System bets are a little bit similar to combined bets, but here, you don’t have to be right in all your predictions for you to win. For instance, we have the 2/3 bet, where you can make two predictions on three different events. Your stake is then split among the three bets, and you win when you are correct in two of your three outcomes.
  • Long-term Bets: Just according to its name, the results of your predictions are not known immediately. In other words, you place your bet on outcomes that will take a while to be known. For instance, at the beginning of a competition, you can place your bet on the overall winner of the competition. Another example is placing your bet on which team finishes second or which team relegates in a league.

Becoming an Expert

For you to become a betting expert, there are factors you need to consider for you to develop yourself. If you ignore these four factors, you can’t be guaranteed consistent winnings. Therefore, take note of the following factors so that you will know how to always place the right bet and then improve your bet.



You need to concentrate whenever you want to place a bet. Although this is sports, anything can happen, but we also have to put our mind to this game for us to minimize any possible loss. Psychology plays a very important role in the gambling sector because we need to totally understand how the odds work. It is only a focused mind that can understand the varying odds in the gambling market. So, you have to focus on the right bet without being carried away by the varying odds. When you achieve this, then you will make profits in the long run. However, to achieve this, we advise that you exhibit these three qualities; Precaution, Patience, and Discipline. These three principles will help you to remain focused and place the right bet.



You need information for you to succeed in betting – just like anything else. Invest your time in getting equipped with knowledge about the current trends, statistics, and news – all these determine if you will make money with sports betting. You have to develop the ability to decide when to go all in for a bet or when to go on a break. This largely determines how successful you will be with sports betting. If your knowledge helps you to win consistently over a period, then stick to your success formula and be realistic in all your predictions, you will be surprised at how high your profits will be. However, it is not advisable that you make sports betting your major source of income, so don’t ever think of abandoning your job for online betting. Sports betting is meant to be fun, not a job by itself.



Time is also very important in sports betting just as it is in sporting activities. Odds of these events are made available long before the event starts, now when is the best time to place a bet? Do we place the bets as soon as the odds are available or when the event is about to start? You have to consider a lot of factors as there is no perfect time to place a bet for all events. However, bear in mind that there are negative betting times, which most times, come as a result of impulse. When we allow our instinct to overrule our decision in sports betting, most times, such bets are not successful. Therefore, we have to remain calm and collected to be able to approach the upcoming bets the right way.



Live bets are bets placed on events that are in progress. One of the advantages of live bets is that the odds changes according to how the event unfolds. For instance, a match is about to end, and the odds for a draw at this time is low, compared to odds for winning. So, anyone who places a bet on a team to win at this time has taken advantage of the odds if the team eventually wins the match. So, you can make huge winnings through live bets even if you bet on favorites. Another advantage of live bet is that bettors can use updates about the event to place the right bet; is the main player injured? Is the team creating more chances? More updates like this can be used to place a successful bet.

Becoming an Expert

Responsible Betting

What we do at Casinoble is to ensure that you have a thrilling betting experience while making money. We give you information on how best you can enjoy your betting experience and teach you how you can put your money and try your luck in betting. However, in as much as some people simply enjoy the game with no complications, we also know that some other people can encounter some problems such as addictions.

Therefore, we have also provided players protection services for our readers especially as it is a key requirement for authorized gambling sites and other sites like Casinoble. We at Casinoble also take responsible gambling as our priority and therefore have put in place the assistance you may need if you think you can no longer keep your gaming habit under control.


As a comparison site, Casinoble verifies each sports betting site putting into consideration the main requirements of the market. Therefore, only safe and secure sites are recommended on Casinoble.


There are lots of bonuses on the internet, but not all are worth it. A good bonus has fair terms and conditions. Therefore always check the conditions of the bonus to know if they are worth it. However, you can check our recommended list to see sites that offer good bonuses.


In sports betting, anything can happen. However, for you to know how and when to place the right bet, you need to be adequately equipped with information about the event, so that you can make a good decision.


Odds vary in sports betting because the sport itself is dynamic. Odds changes according to how the event unfolds. But if you have placed your bet before the start of the event, then be rest assured that it will not change.


The ideal time to place a bet is determined by a lot of factors. The most important is the betting options that are available at that moment. If anything happens during a match, then you should consider that when placing your bet also.


Sadly, we cannot categorically say that a site does offer the best betting services because sport betting activities depend majorly on the match or event. However, some will definitely do better than others. Visit our recommendation list to see betting sites that offer the best markets and odds.


In sports betting, odds depend on several factors. You can find high odds in almost all markets, but they imply that the outcome is unlikely to happen. So, you shouldn’t find high odds, but rather find the best possible odd that will likely give you winnings


In 2024, live bets are the most popular bets. Also, mobile betting is gaining more prominence in the gambling industry. This is because this type of bet is dynamic, and changes during events.


Yes, they exist. But that doesn’t mean that the sports betting site is good. One of the aims of bookies is to also make a profit, which is why they also have experts that analyze their odds before setting the odds. Therefore, you have to be careful of sports betting sites that offer absurd odds.


There is no doubt that there are expert bettors, but the most important thing is that the primary aim of betting is to catch fun. We do not advise that you make sports betting your major source of income, rather we recommend responsible gaming on Casinoble.


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