New Casinos 2022

The year 2022 has witnessed the emergence of brand new casinos in addition to the old and fairly old ones that have come up over the years. These new casinos can be found everywhere now, even as more of them keep coming up.  Numerous new gambling and gaming platforms are opening up day by day. Players are happy with this development, and they see it as coming at the right time.

This is because new online casinos often come with new mouthwatering offers, which they use to attract players. These offers and bonuses allow players to get more wins. New casinos have some aspects that traditional casinos find hard to incorporate quickly. This is why the new casinos distinguish themselves from the old ones, and they attract interest from fans of online gaming.

In this Casinoble article, we will teach you about 2022 new casinos in India, the basics of the new casinos, benefits, and trends. We will also bring you information on what to look out for when starting your new adventure, the bonuses in new casinos, and how we compare new casinos.

Let’s get started!

Best New Casinos in 2022

1Genesis Casino India

🎁 100 % up to 8,000

🎲 10% Cashback on Live Casino

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Genesis Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


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2Casino Planet

🎁 30,000 + 20 Free Spins

🎲 Live Casino up to 8,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casino Planet

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Casino Lab

🎁 30,000

🎲 30 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casino Lab

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Spinit Casino

🎁 100% up to 10,000

🎰 20 Free Spins at Starburst

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🏆 VIP Program

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:

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5Vegas Hero

🎁 ₹30,000

🎲 20 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Vegas Hero Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Casoola India

🎁 30,000 + 20 Free Spins

🎲 Live Casino up to 8,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casoola Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


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New Casino Trends

The stand-out factor of most new bitcoin casinos is often those new features that players cannot get from exisiting casinos. These new features are not only limited to games but also other focus areas like live support, live dealers, eSports, and the possibility to offer fast casino banking to players.

Well, let’s carefully go through these aspects one by one to let you in on the strengths of the emerging strengths in new casinos.

  • Live Dealer Games: Live dealer games have taken the focus of most online players because of the top gaming experience it offers. The high patronage that live dealer games enjoy can also be attributed to the current demanding situation around the world. Live dealer game is a perfect simulation of the real casino table experience. They are usually played on mobile devices or tablets via live casinos, and they have gained prominence in the gaming industry.
  • Sportsbook: When talking about live games, sports betting is the right answer. They are the major market for many bookmakers, casinos, and betting sites because they can cover about 90 sports per platform. Sportsbook attracts many sports fans and replicates a new betting environment with a better reputation that supersedes others.
  • eSports: eSports is another major trend in the gaming industry today. Its prominence is unmatched, and it keeps growing at a very fast pace. Despite being a fairly young sport, eSport is enjoying a lot of patronage from online players. eSport is now said to be the star of betting sites, and it does not seem likely that any other sport will overtake it anytime soon. Now, the game has the biggest tournaments with millions of prizes for the pro teams.
  • Live Support: We are in the 21st century, communications have been made easier. Players and casinos can easily communicate through different means now. It can be through email, live chat, and live support, among others.
  • Live support involves a standby customer service/support team that is ready to help customers with questions or queries they may have.
  • Instant Banking: It is very easy to deposit money at online casinos now, and the same applies to withdrawals, too, which is instant. New casinos are particularly keen on this instant deposit and withdrawal. In the past, withdrawals usually take weeks, or sometimes days, but things are far better now. Players can now move their money via the new Fast Pay out casinos without having to wait for too long.

·       Benefits of New Casinos

  • You might think that new casinos are only focused on following new trends. Well, that’s not the whole truth because new casinos bring fresh air to the gaming industry. Let us take you through each of the following points to explain the advantages of new casinos.
  • New Theme: The theme is the most refreshing thing you will notice in an online casino. It encapsulates you and draws you to the interface of the casino site. New casinos are particularly focused on creating a beautiful theme to attract players.  The players, too, are thrilled with the fact that the new casinos bring them the feeling of a fresh new environment. So, they are focused on the attractive facets of the casino site. The theme of a site will entertain players and get their attention to keep them glued to the site.
  • New Graphics: Just like the theme, the graphics of a casino cannot be ignored. Apps and video games all have certain graphics to them. The graphics make the casinos to be eye-catching. This is why new casinos invest so much in getting the best graphics to boost their players’ game experience and also demonstrate their talent and seriousness.
  • New Roles: New casino sites also mean new staff. Some people might argue that these new staff does not have the required experience, but we see things differently at Casinoble. We see new staff as stronger and better receptive because they have a stronger desire and motivation to work. This is a good development for players who love to receive a warm response when they contact customer support. When you deal with new casinos, you can be sure that they will be efficient in replying to your queries, questions, or inquiries because of the fresh zeal they have.
  • Mobile First Feeling: New casinos are focused on meeting the needs of their customers. One of such needs is the mobile casino experience. Since mobile games are the current trend and many players demand it, new casinos have equally stepped up to the game. New casinos give a possibility to their customer and users to go mobile with their casino games.
  • Updated Game Selection: New casinos will have new games on offer. Customers love new games because of the experience it brings. These new casinos are aware of this, so they ensure that the new games cover up the lapses of old games on old websites. They tend to offer new games that improve on the deficiency of other games from other sites. So, players will find games like Roulette, Blackjack, or classic slot and also new games that have not been in existence before.
  • Advanced Technology: If you are looking for the most sophisticated technology, new casinos should be your destination. After all, their website was created with the new advanced technology. Players will find new casino sites that have a standard and unparallel interface for a great gaming experience.
  • New Bonuses: New casinos boast of new mouthwatering bonuses, which they use to set themselves apart from older casinos in the competitive iGaming market. There are now lots of new bonuses which are exclusive to new casinos. Players love bonuses, so they opt for these new bonuses in the new casinos. The bonuses include the cashback bonus, the deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus, and much more.
  • Instant Payment Methods: One of the complaints against the old casino is that it takes ages before players can withdraw their winnings. Many players have often expressed dissatisfaction with the situation, but not much has been done to improve on it. New casinos use this opportunity introduced new withdrawal methods, which are instant such that players do not have to wait for too long before they can withdraw their money. Now, a variety of cryptocurrencies and E-Wallets are available, making it possible for players to withdraw and even deposit money quickly and with lesser fees.  
  • Customer Service: The key to a casino’s trustworthiness and reliability in customer service. An attentive and eager to work customer service is proof that they will be able to effectively attend to customer’s needs. Customer support of a new casino must always stand out and be able to give a touch that was lacking in classic online casinos that are in existence.

Real Money Casinos

You will eventually have to use your money when you gamble, be it a new or old casino. This is why real money casinos attract most online gamblers.

At Casinoble, we will focus on the 3 most essential points that a player needs to know, respect, and control so that they can have the best winnings and experience when they play with their money.

Withdrawal Terms

In the past, once a casino offers casino bonuses or games, players will seek after them. However, such is not the case again; a casino must also have different methods and limits for players withdrawing their money to please them. Many existing online casino sites parade low withdrawal limits, unlike when you visit a new casino, and they offer you different payment methods like EcoPayz, Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. New casinos are mandated to have different payment methods so that they can widen their reach.

Make a Budget

Our advice to players who play with their money at new casinos is to set a clear budget and time limit to discourage addiction and overspending. The new casinos, on the other hand, must also introduce scheduled gaming sessions to enable their player to enjoy the games and improve their winnings. The sessions can be monthly, weekly, or daily to align with responsible gambling. It is a bad sign for any gambling site to ignore controlled and responsible gambling.

Winning Trigger

Unfortunately, many gamblers are still unaware of the winning trigger. The winning trigger is that key moment when a player walks away from a game or table. As small as it seems, the winning trigger can make a huge difference to a player’s casino experience. At Casinoble, we encourage our readers to learn the winning trigger, master it and put it to use in their game so that they can enjoy the game while playing with their money.

The Importance of Licensed Casinos

We cannot overemphasize the importance of licenses in online casinos. A casino can only offer legal and safe gambling when it is licensed by a respected authority.  The two primary licensing authorities in the gambling world are the British Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority (the most famous). Any online casino that does not carry a license from these authorities is unreliable and will have a huge dent in its reputation. At Casinoble, we only recommend old and new casinos that are licensed to guarantee the security of players.

New Casino Bonuses

We have mentioned casino bonuses many times in this article; this is to establish their importance. Players love bonuses, and they know that they can get new ones in new casinos. New casinos too, offer bonuses that are different from the current ones on the market; all that players have to do is to sign up with the new casinos and discover the innovative new bonuses on the casino sites. We will explain the three most famous bonuses available on new online casino sites, which also double as the most famous among players.

New Deposit Bonuses

Players who sign up with casinos usually expect something in return. Online casinos are aware of this, so they offer the players all sorts of deposit bonuses. With a deposit bonus, a player gets a percentage of their deposit to play on the platform. Players love this bonus type because it is a reward for their deposit so, they are encouraged to make higher deposits. 100% bonuses with free bets or free spins are the industry standard on both new and old casino sites.

This implies that players will get the same amount they deposited in return as a bonus together with a particular amount of free bets or free spins to use on the site.

New No Deposit Bonuses

In 2022, the no deposit bonus is the most sought-after bonus by most players. Players love this bonus type because they do not have to use their money to play before they get it. This bonus type is in contrast with the deposit bonus because it does not require players to give anything before they can enjoy it. This bonus can be used to test new markets or games and explore new casino sites. Now you see why it is the most coveted bonus of 2022. It also eliminates the risk of losing money while allowing players to win. All that is required of players is to meet the bonus conditions.

New Free Spins Bonuses

This is the last type of bonus available in new casinos. This bonus is for lovers and fans of a slot game. So there are now free spins bonuses, especially as many new casinos now specialize in slots. Free spins bonuses allow players to play their most loved games for more money, thereby opening new possibilities for players to play for longer or hit the jackpot.

How Do We Compare New Casinos?

It is not easy to compare new casino sites that are not yet widely known; however, at Casinoble, we put so much effort into testing, discovering, or verifying a new casino.

We will explain below how we compare new casinos so that you can also apply the knowledge if you want to do the same.

  • Personal Information: As you know that online is the new deal, but it also poses many dangers, so one must be careful. One of the dangers is the issue of defrauding. You can only be defrauded if the fraudster has your personal information, and you might then wonder why websites often ask for your personal information. Well, they need it for security purpose, but you should be careful about the website you put your information. So, first, check if the casino site takes care and respects your personal details and how they use them.
  • Banking: You do not have to opt for a new casino site that offers the same thing as the existing ones. This is why at Casinoble, we compare 2022 new casinos with a major focus on banking and payment methods.
  • Support: There are several ways by which players and casino sites can communicate effectively. So, a casino site’s customer support must be aware of these means of communication and also offer professional support ways to players.
  • Casino Bonus: A new casino must have a new bonus. So we analyze the new casino bonuses which a new site offers and see they interest the players.
  • Wagering Requirements: The bonus terms and conditions are important because they decide the requirements of the bonus. So, we value only new casinos with wagering requirements that surpass others and give customers a unique feeling.
  • Casino Software: There are so many software providers like Microgaming, Ezugi, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, and more. New casinos must parade games from only the top software developers.
  • Slots Selection: The quality of a casino’s selection will always speak for itself, especially now that it is quite easy to have several slots in a game catalog considering the several online games available now.
  • At Casinoble, we differentiate between the quality and quantity of slots in new casinos.
  • Withdrawal Limits: Casinos often set maximum withdrawal limits and minimum deposit limits. A new casino will only be given a seal of approval or if it has a decent withdrawal limit.
  • Withdrawal Time: We have said it earlier that new casino usually offer instant banking, but yet there are still some that are not that fast. That is why it is important to compare the time which each casino site takes to give players their money.
  • Online Reputation: We search for the rating of new online casinos through reviews, and we only recommend only casinos with a high reputation on the internet so that players can have confidence in them.

How to Know if a New Casino is Fair

There is a lot of fun when you venture into a new casino, but keep in mind that the casino must be fair and safe. This is why we have some criteria at Casinoble, which we use to assess and evaluate to know if a new casino is fair.

The new casino must:

  1. Have a valid license from an appropriate authority.
  2. Have adequate and fair wagering requirements to confirm that the site is not greedy but generous.
  3. Be shorter than average withdrawal times to show that they are up to date with technology.
  4. Carry a seal of approval from eCOGRA or another independent testing laboratory to ensure that the online casino has been verified and tested.
  5. Have SSL encryption must be available to protect banking and personal details.
  6. Have a good reputation that allows them to deal with regular online casino queries to show the efficiency of their customer support team.

Once we have approved all these points, we usually make a little deposit to try out the new casino so that we can get a personal and direct feel of the platform. Then, we can be able to tell you if the casino is worth investing your money in.

Responsible Gaming

Nothing is more important to us at Casinoble than responsible gambling. Whether sports betting sites or online casinos, we ensure that all our articles, explanations, guides, and recommendations encourage our readers to play in a fun and safe environment. It is crucial to us that our players keep their gambling habits and money under control. So, we always prioritize responsible gambling that does not affect the players and their families.


How do I know if a casino is worth it?

You have to check the features, technology, and license. What’s more, they tend to offer more than what you will find in typical casinos.

How do you know if a new casino has a license?

You can visit their homepage or contact their customer support if you don’t find it on the homepage.

Where can I cash in a casino bonus at a new casino?

You can get your bonus once you register with the site. These bonuses come in different forms so you need to check the promotions page for what the casino you are choosing offers.

Why are some new casinos better?

There is a lot of benefits attached to new casinos in 2022. But, their staff, design, and technology determine the online experience that each casino offers.

When is the right time to try a new casino?

You can check out new casinos if you love live dealer games like Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and others.

Which sites offer both sport and online betting in India?

If you love to play slots or bet on boxing, tennis, or football, you can go through our Casinoble recommendations, where we offer you the best platforms.

Where can I get the best new mobile casinos?

Take a look at our Casinoble list of new mobile casinos and choose from the wide range of options available.

What are the top new casinos in 2022?

It’s quite hard to find the top casinos in the market, especially with so much competition in the industry. But at Casinoble, we bring you the very best casinos and bonuses.
Browse through our lists and find out more.

Are there any unique bonuses at new casinos?

Yes, there are lots of them, both new bonuses and bonuses for other payment methods such as Bitcoin.

Can I make my living from gambling online?

We strongly advise against this at Casinoble; rather, we promote responsible gambling so that our readers can enjoy healthy gambling.