Cashback Bonus

If you are one who plays in online casinos, you may have probably heard about Cashback Bonuses. In fact, many punters choose specific casinos because of the bonuses they offer.

This makes it important to learn everything about this bonus and how to get the best offers from casinos.

On this page, you will find out about this bonus, including the best casino cashback bonuses in India.

What is a Cashback Bonus?

Casino cashback bonuses are a proportion of total losses in a particular time frame. To put it differently, you’ll enjoy this bonus if you have a gross loss for the duration of this exact period. Occasionally, even though infrequently, casino cashback bonuses can also be estimated on net earns rather than net losses.

The casino cashback system is a reward system that is available for players playing in mobile casinos. But in conventional casino houses, these programs are offered in comp points, VIP services, or game clubs.

There is a higher chance that you’ll enjoy free meals, upgrades, or treats in a conventional casino house instead of enjoying some cash benefits.

Best Cashback Casinos in India

NoBonus Casino India
NoBonus Casino
♠ Est. 2014
♥ EvolutionGaming
♣ 10% CashBack
CasinoCasino India
♠ Est. 2013
♥ EvolutionGaming
♣ 10% CashBack

Cashback at Casinos

You may have heard of casino cashback deals, but what doe sit all really mean? Casinos that operate online may sometimes participate in offering cashback to their user base in order to incentivize playing.

This can mean that your bonus comes in the form of actual cash, bonus funding to your account, or even free spins on certain games that are decided by the casino. These methods of cashback become credited to your account, often as a way to keep you coming back and playing at their casino.

Most types of cashback allow the player to feel rewarded while also not receiving any actual cash that can be withdrawn from the account.

What Are The Rules On Cashback Bonuses?

Going through the terms and conditions is a necessity with receiving or claiming any form of cashback bonus. Check to make sure of what you need to stake to make you qualified for this bonus and take note of the games that this bonus applies to.

Also, check to see if there is a limit to this offer. A piece of information like this is most likely to be included in the terms and conditions section. Some casino providers have a limit of about $100/month, but a lot of other casinos out there will present you with something better.

Prior to signing up for any online casino program that offers a cashback reward system, it is pertinent that you check to see if the program will be of actual benefit to you. Also, check to see if earning a cashback reward will terminate your entitlement for other bonuses that the casino outlet offers. Lastly, check within yourself to know if this feels right for you. If it does, then go for it!

How Cashback Works

Users of casinos that offer cashback can earn it by completing requirements or tasks. For instance:

  • Depositing a set amount
  • Participating in certain games
  • Opting yourself into the offer
  • Refusing to claim a bonus

Remember that if you want to be as lucrative as possible about these deals, it’s important to read the fine print.

Different Types of Offers

There are many different types of offers that may occur with casino cashback. Some types of cashback may occur when the player has won overall, has deposited money, or even may be offered as a rebate when the player has lost all of the funds in their account.

For instance, cashback can sometimes be offered when you deposit a set amount of cash, such as depositing $200 to get 10% cashback. In other instances, cashback is offered as a rebate, such as getting back a certain percent of your losses at the end of each calendar week.

Cashback that Offers Money You Can Withdraw

Although casinos that offer cashback for real money are hard to find, you may still stumble upon them once in a while. No matter the reason for the cashback, your account balance will then be credited with a set amount of money that can actually be withdrawn from the account.

Even though these offers may be extremely low, look out for offers that include percentages of cashback. This means that the more you play, the more you can expect to receive.

Bonus Funding as Cashback

One of the most common types of cashback at these casinos is known as bonus funding, which can sometimes just be another smart marketing tool to keep you playing. These offers are similar to welcome bonuses or even reload bonuses.

Often, the casino will match or add a percentage of your funds to your account. However, when it comes to bonus funding, there are often strict rules set in place as to when or if you can withdraw the money.

Free Spins as Cashback

This method can often be a little misleading to members of casinos. When it comes to playing slots, free spins can be offered to the user. Sometimes, the free spins are often tied up in the deal with cashback and the entire idea can become a little complicated or misleading. Keep in mind that you may win nothing off of these spins, meaning that this offer may not be cashback at all.

Casino Cashback Comes With Terms and Conditions

Because each casino is set up differently, it’s important to look over the terms and conditions that go over the rules of the cashback deal they are offering. However, some terms and conditions are usually standard, and may include:

  • Entering the appropriate promo code
  • Abuse of the system will cause revocation
  • The player must be of age 18 or older
  • Maximum cashback amount is set in place
  • Deposit bonuses are not to be used alongside cashback offers

Pros of Cashback

When casinos are not trying to be misleading about their cashback offers, it feels good to receive it as a bonus. Casinos allowing you to earn back percentages of your spending can feel like incentives that allow you to keep playing without further risk.

Cashback is an instant way to feel rewarded for playing at these casinos, and the money is yours to participate in more games at the casino.

Cons of Cashback

If you’re looking for real cash to withdraw from your account, the amounts you are offered could be minuscule. For instance, some games will only allow a value of cashback that equals 0.5%, meaning that to get even a few dollars back will require you to spend quite a bit of your own cash.

Often, you may receive an offer for 20% or more cashback, but this will require you to keep depositing money into your account and keep playing.


When wanting to participate in cashback offers at the casino, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must remember to opt into the offer, which often means entering a promo code that will load your cashback to your account. Alternatively, remember to opt-out if you do not want to participate.

Do your research on what deals are right for you, and pick and choose them wisely as to which one will provide the best reward. Avoid playing just to receive the cashback, as this may result in counter-productivity.

How do I earn cashback?

Once you have opted-in, you will notice that a percentage of the money you use to play at the casino will be deposited back into your account.

Is the cashback automatic?

Any amount that you receive as cashback is your responsibility to withdraw and will be available in your casino wallet until then.

Are bonuses better than cashback?

If you are an active user of your account, cashback will seem to add up quite quickly. However, if you don’t play as often, bonuses may be more lucrative in the long run.

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