💰Top 3 Casinos with Best Pay Out 💰

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Leo Vegas Live Casino India

🎁 ₹80 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
💰 97,9% Pay Out

Genesis Casino India

🎁 ₹30 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
💰 97,8% Pay Out

Lucky Days Casino

🎁 ₹100 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
💰 97,7% Pay Out

Top Online Casinos with Live Dealer in India

At Casinoble you find quality online casinos with premium live casino sections. All casinos listed at Casinoble have licenses to operate and are proven fair in independent audits. We make sure that your choice of a casino is a safe and secure choice.

Jackpot City Live Casino India

🎁 ₹100 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ MicroGaming

Jackpot City Review

Spin Casino India

🎁 ₹100 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ MicroGaming

Spin Casino Review

Royal Vegas Live Casino India

🎁 ₹20 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ MicroGaming

Royal Vegas Review

Royal Panda Live Casino India

🎁 ₹10 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ Own Live Studio

Royal Panda Review

Euro Palace Casino India

🎁 ₹60 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ MicroGaming

EuroPalace Review

All Slots Casino India

🎁 ₹150 000 Bonus
💳 Credit Cards
🕹️ MicroGaming

AllSlots Casino Review

Criterias to be listed at Casinoble

  • The casino must be licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority.
  • The casino has to be proven fair in independent audits like eCogra
  • The casino has to support the Rupee
  • The casino has to have an English speaking support organisation
  • The casino has to support bank wire transfer as a withdrawal option
  • The casino has to have a Live Casino section

Online Casinos with Rupee and Live Dealer

To gamble at a casino that supports your local currency makes it easier to make fast informed decision and don’t be disillusioned of foreign currency. We work hard to explore new casinos with the rupee and live dealer and promise to build this section really extensive.

All you need to know about Online Casino!

What methods of withdrawal can I use?

It depends on the casino game. There are many options to choose from. Some of the popular ones are bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and e-wallets. Most casinos require the player to use the same method for depositing and withdrawing.

Is there a limit to withdrawals?

Yes, there is a limit. Every online casino game has limits in 2018 and range from daily, weekly to monthly. The amount is also restricted at one time. High roller players may withdraw more since they are spending more money than a regular player.

Can I withdraw my bonus money at any time?

If the player has met the bonus offer requirements then the money can be withdrawn. Some games have a time limit before money can be dispersed. Some the player will have to put their own money in before the bonus earnings can be withdrawn.

Do I need anything to play an online casino game?

Check to make sure the proper age limit first. The games cost money so a credit card is needed and the player will need to have an account opened with the game. Some casino games off welcome bonuses upon registering. Just make sure there are enough funds to play.

How old does a person have to be to play the online casino games?

Anywhere from 18 to 21. The law is different in many countries and the player should do research before playing the online casino games. For example, the age is 18 to play in the United Kingdom while the US is different in each state.

What is the definition of an online casino?

This is a gaming system online where a credit card is entered to play and the player has a choice of which games they want to play and they can win money placed into their accounts. The player can play on a desktop or a smartphone at their choosing.

What are my options for different casino games?

All the classic games are available. Some sites have exclusive games that have better odds of winning and makes the games more fun to play. Some examples are hundreds of slots, multi-ball roulette, and poker. Some have live dealer games and progressive jackpots.

What are progressive jackpots in online casino games?

They offer players a chance to win the pot prize which pays out in money. Some go as high as thousands to a million. Progressive jackpots are the best option for life-changing amounts of money. Every player has a percentage that goes into the jackpot until someone wins.

What does it mean by payout percentage?

This is what the casino pays the player for winning versus the deposits of players over a time period. 95% or higher is a good winning rate. The average is 70%. Casinos must publish the payout percentage to winners so they can retain their license.

Which casino game is the most profitable?

The games that offer the best playing odds and those that are perfected through strategy and skill are the most profitable games. Roulette is the most profitable since the odds of winning is a 50/50 chance of winning. Black Jack and Poker are other games to mention.

On wagering amounts are there any limits?

Yes, there are limits. On every 2018 casino game, the limit is noted within the game. This is to protect from losses. The casino will place the limit on the betting to stop players who win every time they play, so the online casino can make some profits instead of losing everything.

What makes live dealer games different?

This gives the player the real experience of gambling. The devices needed to play are a camera, a good internet connection, and an audio card. This is all done by live streaming as it is happening. It is also possible to have conversations with the dealer and the players.

Why do RNGs matter and what are they?

RNG stands for Random Number Generators and they are very important to make sure the outcome of the games are fair each time they are played. If there is no RNG then the games will be rigged and the players will not win.

The game says it has a welcome bonus. What does this mean?

This is how they get new players to register and play. It is an incentive and is usually money or some kind of reward such as free spins. All casino games are in competition and they make money everytime someone new joins. Their intention is to grab the attention of the players.

The game says it has a no deposit bonus. What does this mean?

This means that no deposit is required in order to play. None of the players’ money is used to play the game. This is a great way to get the feel of the game for newbies so they don’t lose their money for trying out the game. There is still a chance a player can win with this option.

What kind of rewards will I receive?

In the lower levels, there is a limited amount of free spins or tokens to continue playing. The more the player plays the games, the better the rewards get. Some of the highest rewards are allowing the player to play in tournaments and can win luxury holidays.

What are the requirements for wagering?

Each game has terms and conditions that apply to decide a bonus. The fine print which should be carefully read and understood before playing. Some of the topics covered are about how soon the bonus cash should be spent. It concerns deposits and how to qualify for bonuses.

What are my options for banking methods?

Every casino game is different. It is at the player’s discretion once they view the options but many use credit or debit cards. They are the most accepted on online casino games. Some others accepted are Paypal, e-wallets, Skrill, and AMEX.

What is the earliest I can cash out?

Every casino game is different. Each has their own terms and conditions and players will not receive the entire amount as the casino keeps a percentage for fees. The reported time is two to six business days and it depends on the choice of banking method used.

Is it possible to track my withdrawals and deposits?

Yes, it is. Inside the account, there are records kept for every transaction. Also on debit and credit cards, the online banking will also keep records that can be traced and compared with the player’s online casino account. This is one of the upsides of internet banking.

How do I know deposits are safe in online casino games?

If a casino online game is licensed and has recognition from the gambling authority then they are deemed safe. Another thing to look into is if there is a third-party certification. An example would be eCOGRA. Finally, the last thing to look for is a secure encryption software.

What are some ways I can tell if a casino is safe to use?

If the casino is licensed, then it is deemed safe. The player can find this information at the bottom of the page. If the page has a published payout percentage, or if there are security credentials. The reviews can also have this information as well.

How does a rogue casino look?

It looks identical to a licensed casino. Only a legitimate gambling association will issue a license to a casino. If it is not licensed then it is in the player’s best interest to leave the site and look for a casino that is legit and licensed.

Is it safe to make a deposit?

Yes, it is safe as long as it is licensed and has a security encryption of 128 bit. If the player feels it unsafe then there are options such as prepaid cards or e-wallets. These types do not share the cardholders personal information

What do the words playthrough requirements mean?

This is better known as wagering requirements, and they are terms and conditions of meeting the requirements of receiving the bonus. It explains to the player how many times a deposit is required from the player’s cash. This is the time period to meet for the reward to be offered.

What does the term gamblers fallacy mean?

This means the player believes the result comes from outside factors instead of the odds of the game. An example of this would be in roulette, the ball would land on the same color 6 times straight. Then the player will bet a different color because they believe it will not happen again.

What are the signs of gambling addiction?

Players with addiction will hide their habits. The results could be maxing out bank accounts and raising the debts. If a player has the game on their mind all day and night then, there is an addiction. Finally, if duties falter over the game is another sign of addiction.

Is there help for a person with a gambling problem?

Yes, there are many places that can help a person with a gambling addiction. In the US there is the NCPG The National Council on Problem Gambling. In the UK there is GamCare and there is also NHS. All these locations offer free advise to beat the habit.

Is it necessary to download an app?

That is at the discretion of the player. There are good and bad issues with using apps. The app is limited while the site is full function. Some of the apps don’t offer real money. There are some apps that are worth it but it takes research.

Should I have the latest phone model or is my phone suffice?

No, not for the majority of the games. If the phone can handle the sound and graphics then, it is good to use. Also, the phone must hold a good internet connection to play. Most phones already have these features so there should be no issues.

What does the term downloadable client mean?

This is also known as a casino client. It is a version that can be downloaded to a laptop or a desktop computer. These use quite a bit of memory but saves in the long run from annoying ads and it has exclusive bonuses. Downloading also adds to the security of the game.

I have a Mac device. Will this work?

Yes, Mac devices are compatible with any online casino games. A player can use Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome. Any web browser will support the online casino games. As long as it is legal to gamble in the location of the player then there will be no issues.

For gameplay, which devices work the best?

Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPad work really well and they are easier to view with the bigger screens. The touch screens also work great for raising and calling. Some tablets do not have an option to connect to the internet and those cannot be used. Any new device should work.

In what way can I get in a loyalty/VIP program?

Upon opening an account with a game the player is considered a VIP. These offer bigger rewards upon reaching the higher levels. This is determined by the quantity of games played with real money. Points are added everytime the player plays the game to bring them to the next level.

What are the benefits of playing online?

It is more convenient to play in a remote area. These games can be played anywhere. There is no traveling to a casino, and the whole casino is right in front of the player with the privacy. There are also welcome bonuses and constant prizes to be awarded.