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Online Casinos in India

With online casinos popping up every day, it may be tricky to settle for the right casino. Knowing about casinos and making a choice of the right one to settle for are two different things.

Online casinos are the new big thing. They are gradually but steadily disrupting the online gaming space. In contrast with what was obtainable a few years ago, online casino platforms are pulling serious numbers today. With millions of players participating and billions of INR in jackpots, prizes, and bets are thrown in daily, the immense attraction to live casinos isn’t a surprise. 

A brew of mobile casinos and fabulous live casinos makes the iGaming industry seem unstoppable. This is precisely why we’ll be bringing you the best insights into online casinos in India. Follow us as we explore the intricacies of online casinos in 2022 while also helping you discover how you can get a piece of the online casino windfall. Ready? Let’s dig in!

Best Online Casinos Sites 2022

With a seemingly endless number of online bitcoin casinos to choose from, it’s easy to be confused about which one to go for. We are here for you. Using a rigorous screening process, we’ve selected some great online casino sites that we can recommend to any online casino enthusiast. We’ve done the heavy lifting of thoroughly analyzing and verify each site for ease of use, safety, and user experience, among several other criteria. 

Here are some of the best online casinos you can play at in 2022: 

Top Online Casinos with Real Money in India

1Genesis Casino India

🎁 100 % up to ₹8,000

🎲 10% Cashback on Live Casino

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Genesis Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
21xBet Casino India

🎁 Casino Bonus up to ₹100,000

🎰 150 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹100

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Twin Casino India

🎁 100% up to ₹40,000

🎰 400 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4Casino Planet

🎁 ₹30,000 + 20 Free Spins

🎲 Live Casino up to ₹8,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casino Planet

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Casino Lab

🎁 ₹30,000

🎲 30 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casino Lab

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
6Spinit Casino

🎁 100% up to ₹10,000

🎰 20 Free Spins at Starburst

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🏆 VIP Program

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Vegas Hero

🎁 ₹30,000

🎲 20 Free Spins

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Vegas Hero Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8Leo Vegas India

🎁 Casino Bonus ₹80,000

🎲 Live Dealer Bonus ₹80,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
922 Bet Live Casino India

🎁 Casino Bonus up to ₹25,000

🏏 Sportsbetting up to ₹10,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹100

ℹ️Review of 22Bet Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
10VooDoo Dreams Live Casino India

🎁 Casino Bonus ₹10,000

🎰 200 Free Spins at Book of Dead

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, ecoPayz

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
11Lucky Days India

🎁 Casino Bonus ₹100,000

🎰 More than 1,200 Games

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Lucky Days Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
12Casoola India

🎁 ₹30,000 + 20 Free Spins

🎲 Live Casino up to ₹8,000

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

ℹ️ Review of Casoola Casino

🇮🇳 Localised for India

💳 Netbanking, UPI, Paytm, G Pay

✅ CreditCards, Muchbetter, PhonePe

🌐 Website:


VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
13NY Spins India

🎁 Casino Bonus ₹10,000

🎰 200 Free Spins at Book of Dead

🏧 Minimum Deposit ₹1,000

🇮🇳 Localised for India

✅ VISA, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, MuchBetter, ecoPayz

🌐 Website:

VISIT CASINO>Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐

How We Review

When we said we use a strict screening process, we meant every bit of that. We dedicate enormous time to exploring, testing, and verifying several online casinos to weed out poor quality and present you with ones that can offer you some of India’s best casino experiences. 

If you are curious about knowing some of the points we consider while screening our recommended online casinos, we’ll feed that curiosity. Below are the requirements we consider before recommending an online casino to our readers:

  • Theme: this is one feature a lot of people easily overlook. Overlooking an online casino’s theme may be an innocent mistake, but it’s a mistake nonetheless. An online casino theme is usually one of the first things that give you an impression of the kind of vibe that the casino would exude. The theme gives you an insight into how the gaming ambiance of an online casino will be. 
  • Graphics: from inception, casinos have always been colorful. Even when things went online, that didn’t change, and for a good reason. When we are screening online casinos, we lookout for sites that have great GUIs and designs. If an online casino features poor graphics, it’s usually a sign that it is not yet ready to mingle with the industry’s elite. 
  • Technology: technology runs the internet; there are no two ways about it. When it comes to online gaming, how advanced or up-to-date an online casino’s technology gets greatly determines user experience quality. We keep our eyes out for online casinos that are up-to-date in technology while meeting several other requirements on our lists. 
  • Entertainment Level: No one wants to play at a boring casino. That should be a no-brainer, but it seems there are quite a lot of casinos out there that didn’t get the memo. We understand that players want to have a dynamic, fresh, and fun experience in sync with modern trends. This is what we look out for when making the decision to recommend an online casino.
  • Casino Bonuses: casino players love their bonuses. But not all online casinos pay extra attention to this fact. Apart from the obvious, or somewhat standard bonuses offered in online casino platforms, we keep our eyes peeled for online casinos that have a good selection of promotions and bonuses that will appeal to many players. 
  • Free spins: free spins have somehow become an industry standard at online casinos. Different online casinos try to outdo themselves by offering a higher number of free spins than others. We identify online casinos with good free spin deals and how impacting those spins will be to a player’s overall gaming experience.
  • Game Selection: any experienced online casino player will take a special interest in game selection. Getting huge bonuses without a wide range of suitable games to spend it on can be quite frustrating. This is precisely why the game selection is high up on our consideration lists when hunting for the best online casinos in India. We take the time to go through each casino’s game catalog to see how juicy it is and if it stands tall among its competitors. 
  • Software Selection: the software an online casino employs to serve their games is one of the core backbones of an online casino. If it is not top-notch, that casino simply isn’t top-notch. We weed out casinos that use poor quality software in an attempt to cut corners or save cost. We believe every customer that steps up to use an online casino deserves good value for their money. That’s why we only recommend casinos whose software we have thoroughly analyzed for quality. 
  • Payment Methods: while most casinos offer a credit or debit card as means of payment, that’s no more enough in today’s rapidly evolving casino space. There are thousands of players who would prefer other means of payment like Bitcoin or Paypal. We ensure that the casinos we recommend offer alternative means of payments, be it cryptocurrency or E-wallets, to ensure their players can fund their accounts effortlessly.
  • Withdrawal Terms: you might have probably come across online casino sites with ridiculously stringent withdrawal terms. All the bonuses offered will be useless if a casino imposes withdrawal terms that are almost impossible to achieve. At Casinonoble, we take the time to ensure all the casino sites we recommend have reasonable and convenient withdrawal terms. 
  • Support Ways: there’s nothing as frustrating as not being able to get support or assistance from an online casino when you need it. Apart from the fact that it could be a bit difficult to get started, there are also a lot of things that casino players could need assistance with. At Casinonoble, we ensure that all our recommended casinos have multiple support channels, including live chat, phone support, email support as well as FAQs. 
  • Customer Service: an online casino player’s overall experience is greatly dependent on the efficiency of a casino’s customer service. A casino’s customer service is a glance into how that casino operates. It is the real face of a casino. At Casinoble, before recommending a casino to our readers, we take time to probe the efficiency of a casino’s customer service. 

New Casino Sites

While we don’t necessarily put old online casinos in the back seat, we are always on the lookout for new casinos or sportsbooks that are trying to break into the online gaming space. We pay special attention to the innovations they have to offer, and we compare those innovations to what is commonplace in the casino space in 2022. 

While seeking out new casinos, we demand a little bit more from them to ensure they’re not just another casino in an already long list of existing ones. Before recommending them, we ensure they have something that makes them stand out from the crowd and something that beats their competitors. 

This is how we get the information to feed you about what’s new and what’s hot in the iGaming space. As long as you follow us, you’ll never miss out on the best innovations and hot new offers in the iGaming space. 

Top New Casinos 2022:

  1. Genesis
  2. Casino Masters
  3. Casino Lab
  4. 20bet
  5. National Casino

Real Money Casinos

When we think of casinos, we think of money. However, gambling with real money does have its up and downs. As a matter of fact, it can be quite risky. At Casinoble, we try to keep you informed enough to reduce this risk to as minimal as possible. We take special care to prepare our guides, tips, and articles to inform you on how to bet the right way with real money in India. 

Withdrawal Terms 

Apart from knowing how to withdraw your money from an online casino, it’s important to be aware of an online casino’s conditions on the withdrawal of funds. This usually includes the withdrawal limits and what conditions you must meet before being able to withdraw your money. We’ll keep you informed of this and the different methods you can use to withdraw your funds. At Casinoble, we’ll help you reduce the risk of withdrawal challenges by recommending only online casinos with the best withdrawal criteria in 2022.

Make a Budget

Gambling has its pitfalls, and losing an enormous amount of money is one of them. At Casinoble, we help our readers reduce the risk of losing money by sharing information to plan their playing time and how to budget their way through gambling. 

People that are able to systematically limit the time they spend on each gambling session can limit their losses and even improve their net winnings. By following our tips and guides, you can do this as well. As a result, you’ll not only enjoy online casinos much more; you’ll also be able to take control of just how much time and money you invest in gambling. 

Winning trigger

In gambling, there are few things as important as knowing when to leave the table or a game. It’s usually a thousand times more important than we give it credit for. Whether or not you lose too much money or become uncontrollably addicted to the game all depends on your ability to know when to call it quits.

With the hope of winning big or while trying to recoup losses, many players fail to leave a table or a casino game when they should. This puts them at great risk and can easily trap them in gambling addiction. However, when you know what conditions to stop playing, you’ll be able to take control of your online gaming experience. At Casinoble, we are here to help you with that. 

The Benefit of Licensed Casinos

Licensing is a very important element when choosing an online casino to play at. Whether or not an online casino is licensed changes a lot of things. Licensing does not only imply that a casino is safe for people to play at; it also has several other additional benefits to players. 

A license, such as that from the Malta Gaming Authority or the British Gambling Commission, gives online casinos the leeway to offer legal casino and sport betting games that have a reliable and fair RNG to their customers. 

This is why players must check the bottom of an online casino website’s homepage to see if that casino is licensed or not. Also, it’s important to ensure that such a license is from a major licensing authority. If such a site doesn’t have a license or has an out-of-date one, the best thing to do would be to immediately exit the site.

Casino Bonuses

Online casino players are always on the lookout for good casino bonuses. On the other hand, casinos that know what they’re doing are always trying to lure in customers with juicy bonuses. Bonuses have become one of the major pulling forces that reel casino players. With juicy bonuses, casino players get the chance to enjoy their preferred casino games with even more chances or possibilities of winning.

Right now, in 2022, there’s an endless variety of bonuses, although there are some that will always stand out. There’s much more than the good-old welcome bonuses. Free spins, reload bonus, deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, cashback, and VIP bonuses are some of the possible bonuses casinos offer. 

If you’re wondering about what each type of bonus means, we’ll get you through that. Below are some of the best casino bonuses and some things you need to know about them. 

Deposit Bonus

Deposit bonuses are among the most prevalent forms of bonuses in the online gaming space. It is usually a certain amount that a casino is willing to offer you for making deposits. They are typically a percentage of the amount you deposit with the casino. These bonuses could be as much as 100% or even significantly more. If an online casino offers a 100% deposit bonus, for instance, if you choose to deposit INR 1000, you’ll also get another INR 1000 as a bonus to play with on the site. In some online casinos, deposit bonuses are not always limited to giving you a percentage of your deposit; they could also include bonus spins or free spins.

No Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular bonus trends in 2022 is the no deposit bonus. It could be incredibly difficult to make up your mind to deposit your money in a platform you’ve never used before. There are a lot of uncertainties; you never know what to expect. A no deposit bonus can help you rid your mind of such uncertainties by giving you access to funds to play games to see whether a platform meets your taste or requirements.

It’s an immensely useful way to help online casino enthusiasts get used to a casino platform or new casino games without having to deposit their own money. Once you join a casino platform that offers a no deposit bonus, you’ll get the bonus to try out their games without having to risk a single rupee. If you end up winning with the no deposit bonus, you just have to meet some conditions to withdraw your money.

Free Spins

Free spins are a big deal for slot lovers. Although free spins cannot be applied to live dealer table games, they’re popular in online casinos. They are like vouchers that online casino offers their customers to use on games. You can either try out a new game for free or use it to play for rounds. Whether you’re trying out a new game or extending your number of rounds with a free spin, you invariably increase your chance of winning without having to spend a dime.

They are usually offered in competitions, leaderboards, tournaments, or as part of a welcome bonus to help new players start their experience on a good note.

Casino Games

Casino games are the core of an online casino platform. It’s the reason you visited the online casino in the first place. It includes all the games on offer by an online casino site.

Nowadays, online casinos offer their players thousands of casino games to choose from. The sheer quantity of it has even further complicated choosing the right casino platform and which game to play. At Casinoble, we take pleasure in explaining the basics of casino games like slots, live dealer games, and table games to our readers.

In every casino today, these three types of games are the major ones on offer. Without a doubt, you’ll certainly find them at any online casino platform you visit. Let’s look at the basics of those games.


Slots are one of the most popular casino games. They have the most variations, jackpots, themes, and music you can get from an online casino game. Slots are regarded as the most played of all casino games. They are usually the ones that hand out players with the biggest jackpots at casinos.

Casino platforms these days now have at least a thousand different slots served by some of the best providers in the iGaming space. Some casinos boost as much as 5,000 slots. Although those numbers seem quite high, it is usually necessary because slot games are usually in high demand, even more than other casino games.

Table Games

Table games may not pull as many numbers as Slots, but they remain the most respected and most traditional casino game in the iGaming industry. When we say table games, we mean games like Roulette, Blackjack, Three card poker, Texas Hold’em, Dragon Tiger, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud poker, and several others in that category. They remain some of the most played games in casinos globally.

In 2022, there’s a huge range of fantastic live table games to choose from. This allows casino players to have a fulfilling casino experience, irrespective of wherever they may be. These different live table games also have different variations ensuring that casino players choose a flavor they are quite comfortable with.

Live Dealer

Live dealers are the trend in live casinos. They are famous dealers who are available to welcome players to games like Roulette or Blackjack right in front of them. Owing partly to the boom of mobile casinos, people can now play top-quality live dealer games at the comfort of anywhere they are in the world. In order words, live dealer casino game players can experience the ambiance and feel of a real-life casino right on their smartphone.

Online Casino Software

Whichever games you’re playing on an online casino, the online casino software is what powers it. Although most casino players usually overlook this bit of information, it’s usually important. Several online casino software providers are out there, and it’s important to play at casinos that use software offered by the best providers.

Names like Evolution Gaming, Play N’ Go, Ezugi, NetEnt, and Microgaming are the big players in the industry. These companies have understood what it takes to craft software that delivers a fantastic gaming experience to players. Good online casinos feature games that these established online casino software providers provide. Apart from enhancing the user experience, using software from these providers also goes further to demonstrate the trustworthiness and reliability of an online casino platform.

Online Casino Types

It’s now time to talk about the large array of online casinos you can find on the web. Of course, there’s plenty of them. We’ll be looking at some of the types of online casino there is and what they have to offer. If you want to learn the basics of instant casinos, desktop casinos, download casinos, tablet casinos, mobile casinos, and of course, the exciting VR casinos, kindly read on.

Desktop Casino

As long as online casinos are involved, desktop casinos still top the chart. They’ve been around for over two decades and are still doing good numbers. All other forms of online casinos have been built from the foundation laid by desktop casinos. Desktop casinos have an advantage over some other forms of online casinos and can offer a tremendous variety of online casino games. Most online casinos primarily target desktops as their preferred deployment platform. However, it’s important to include that the needle is currently moving towards mobile casinos and fewer desktop casinos in 2022.

Download Casino

Download casinos are much like apps that you can download and play anywhere you are. Even some of the smallest and most obscure casinos offer a downloadable version of their service such that you can download it and install them on your smartphone or tablet.

They are quite quick to download and install, which makes ease of use quite great. They typically give players access to their favorite games at any time of the day without even having to sit in front of a computer. They also offer a wide range of games, jackpots, bonuses, and promotions.

Instant Casinos

Instant casinos work exactly as their name says. They’re simply instant! This means players don’t have to go through long waiting times during games and payments. Instant casinos are famed for their fast payouts, which means players can get their money in a very short period as long as they are entitled to it. Its operating model has made them quite popular in recent years since customers would prefer getting their money immediately without waiting for days or weeks to get their winnings.

Mobile Casinos

While desktop casinos have dominated for a long time, mobile casinos are making their way to the top. They are one of the biggest iGaming trends of 2022. They are usually in the form of apps or mobile versions, which offer all the advantages that a standard online casino offers. This presents players with the opportunity to play whichever games they want to play from anywhere. Mobile casino players also have access to a large range of special bonuses that online casinos offer to their mobile casino players.

Since 2020, mobile casinos have gradually eclipsed other types of casinos and sportsbooks for the first time. This is because players are increasingly interested in playing live, whether in sports betting or with live dealers.

Tablet Casinos

Tablet casinos are what it sounds like. Like mobile casinos that can be deployed and played on mobile devices, tablet casinos can be deployed and used on tablets. Just like mobile casinos, tablet casinos are also gradually eclipsing other types of casinos. Tablet casinos are among the big players of 2022. They provide players with an ideal blend of the mobile-friendliness offered by mobile devices and the wide visibility and playability offered by desktops.

This is one of the reasons for the rapid increase in demand for tablet casinos in India. Some of the leading casino sites have consequently adjusted their product offerings to reflect this new reality.

VR Casinos

Virtual reality is the new big thing. It has spurred innovations in several fields, and online casino gaming isn’t an exception. VR casinos offer a highly immersive casino experience. It provides the closest to an actual real live casino experience any casino can offer. It makes players feel as if they are physically in a casino, sited in front of their favorite table, and served by a live dealer.

Because of the immersive experience it offers, it is expected that most casinos will tilt more towards VR casino gaming in the not-so-distant future.


The online casino gaming space has made tremendous progress when it comes to payment platforms. Dozens of payment options are currently in use, and many more are springing up almost every year. We are not just talking about more traditional payment methods like debit nor credit cards. Several cryptocurrencies and e-Wallet payment options are also currently in the mix.

These alternative payment channels have continued to increase in numbers giving casino players a wide range of choices. These different choices also come with a wide range of benefits, including security, anonymity, and instant withdrawals with little to no commissions.

Below we’ll be analyzing the elements that make a good deposit and withdrawal system at online casinos. We’ll also be discussing the different methods for carrying out transactions on online casinos and the time constraints as well as limitations that each method imposes on customers.


The first transaction you’ll likely carry out after registering at an online casino is a deposit. This involves the process of transferring an allotted amount of money from your account to the casino’s account. This makes it possible to play real money casino games and win huge jackpots all through the internet.

Consequently, an online casino platform needs to have as many payment channels as possible to accommodate players who may prefer to play with other nontraditional payment methods.

This means, in addition to traditional payment heavyweights like MasterCard and VISA, other alternatives like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoPayz, GiroPay, iDeal, and Paysafecard should feature prominently. There should also be cryptocurrency payment channels like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and a few others.

An important thing prospective players should look out for is usually the minimum deposit imposed by a particular online casino platform. This usually varies from casino to casino.


For some online casino platforms, withdrawing your winnings can turn out to be a bit challenging. Withdrawal of funds sometimes drags out to several days or even weeks. To further complicate issues, some deposit mediums make withdrawals even quite more arduous. At Casinonoble, we understand that players want to get their winnings as fast as possible. As such, we pay special attention to casinos with easy and speedy withdrawal methods.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at three major things you need to take into consideration when weighing whether or not a casino has a good withdrawal system:


  • Method: the obvious first thing you’ll need to find out is what method the casino offers for making withdrawals. To be honest, with most casinos, making deposits is easy, but there are a lot of withdrawal methods on offer that might not work for effortlessly withdrawing your funds. You may only have access to withdrawal channels that are not accepted by the online casino platform you choose to play with. That’s why it is essential to be aware of the methods an online casino offers.
  • Time: a key aspect of identifying the right withdrawal channel for you is to weigh the time spent in processing your withdrawal request. Many online casinos use payout systems that take far too long to process and sent you your money. Here at Casinonoble, that’s part of what we guide our readers to avoid. We’ll direct you to use online casinos and withdrawal channels that will help you get your winnings as soon as possible.
  • Limits: just as casinos have minimum deposits, they also have maximum withdrawals as well. It is very important to check the limit a casino places on withdrawals to see if it matches your style of play.


KYC, which simply means “Know Your Customer,” is a very important element of using any internet service. It represents the ultimate support in helping users of an internet service, which also includes an online casino as well.

 This is because millions of INR are moved daily, and of course, the money must be shared between players and the casino. Along the way, mistakes and challenges are usually inevitable. This is why players should have multiple channels to easily reach out to casino platform staff whenever challenges arise.

Now let’s analyze the elements of a skilled, knowledgeable, and excellent KYC. We’ll take a look at the basics of help by phone, customer support, mail, and support through live chat. These are the prevailing channels in use that can help boost a customer’s online casino experience.


Customer support is at the epicenter of any worthwhile online casino support. There is simply no way for casinos to do without customer support as it represents a direct link between customers and the casino company. That’s why online casino customer support staff are usually specialized in a broad range of casino-related niches like bonuses, payments, and withdrawals, so they can help customers resolve challenges they experience in those areas.

At Casinoble, we scrutinize a casino’s customer support before recommending them. Because a casino’s customer support gives you a glimpse into how serious or professional an online casino platform is, we pay special attention to it.


Picking up a phone and calling a casino’s support team remains one of the easiest and popular ways to get your issues resolved. It’s usually one of the first support channels to consider since customers can get real-time support from a casino’s support team. Contacting by phone is another way to receive detailed information about a casino’s features and services. This way, you can personally assess if an online casino is an expert at what they do or merely amateurs.

Live Chat

Thanks to the advancement in technology we’ve achieved on the internet, live chat facilities are now deployed at every online casino platform that knows what they’re doing.  Live chats represent a rapid and efficient channel to resolve small queries in real-time. You can also solicit assistance on bigger challenges as well since the support staff behind the live chat can always redirect you to an expert on the problem you have.

Live chat is now easily regarded as an essential feature in sportsbooks and online casinos.


Mails remain one of the oldest and most traditional channels of communication on the internet. It might not be the fastest way to resolve an issue, but it represents one of the best support channels to request assistance challenges that might seem too complex to explain during a live chat or over the phone.

It is, therefore, necessary for online casinos to have an efficient and professional support service via email to be able to handle a wide range of challenges.

Pros of Internet Casinos

Online casinos offer players an endless list of benefits over traditional physical casinos. It is owing to these benefits that online casinos have continued to experience tremendous growth over the years.

Below are some of the major benefits of online casinos:

Access to thousands of different games and several variants of a particular game

  • It offers players the convenience of playing both on the go using mobile devices or on desktop
  • Offers some of the biggest prizes, bonuses, and jackpot available on the internet
  • Proper licensing from recognized bodies like the Malta Gaming Authority, the eCOGRA, and the British Gambling Commission
  • 24 hours available every day in most parts of the world
  • some of the most advanced gaming technologies like Virtual Reality and live dealers.

Online Casino in India

Gaming laws in India somehow prohibit casinos, although loopholes enable casino gaming to thrive. This loophole or a grey area surrounding gaming laws has given room for casino operators and players alike to get in on a fulfilling casino experience. Online casino players can now play in their different homes without explicitly breaking the local gaming law.

There’s a popularity of foreign-based companies within the online gaming space. Considering this, India has legalized online casino as long as it meets certain laid-down licensing requirements. This means players within the country can effortlessly enjoy online casino games offered by different gaming platforms within the law’s limits.

History of Internet Casinos

When it comes to the history of online casino games, there are around 20 years of history to explore. What initially debuted as basic, low-tech games have since evolved into a huge collection of state-of-the-art online casino gaming technology. Today we have an endless number of online sportsbooks and casinos that are springing up now and then.

The software providers within the online gaming space have acquired so much sophistication that their games can comfortably compete with a lot of popular video games. Gaming software providers have flavored up modern online casino games with hundreds of additional concepts, including trendy technology like Virtual Reality.

As a result of these innovations, it’s safe to say that today’s casino players are enjoying the desirable days of online casino gaming where there’s a possibility for some of the biggest prizes and jackpots.

Responsible Gambling

One of our greatest priorities at Casinoble is enthroning responsible gaming among our readers. We tailor our guides, articles, and recommendations in a way that supports gambling responsibly.

We also want to ensure that people who read our guides and recommendations are directed towards responsible and safe gaming platforms where they can enjoy such platforms’ services to the fullest without the burden of gambling addiction.

While amid your gambling experience, if you feel things are getting out of hand and you’re losing control of your gambling activities, then we strongly advise that you seek professional help. Fortunately, there are many online platforms dedicated to helping gamblers fight their way out of gambling addiction, if needed, in a completely anonymous way. By doing so, you can get back to enjoying your casino games without losing control of your gambling activities.

FAQ: All you need to know about Online Casino!

How do you gamble at online casinos in India?

There are hundreds of ways to gamble online in India. You choose to play live dealers, table games, slots, as well as sports like tennis, UFC, and many more. If you want the best ways to bet, we encourage you to read through our game recommendations for India.

What are the things I need to check before accepting casino bonuses?

Before accepting an online casino bonus, it is important to check the accompanying terms and conditions to know what will be required of you before you can use and withdraw winnings from such a bonus.

When can I use a casino bonus in 2022?

A large number of online casinos will offer you bonuses when you register with them or after you deposit money. Other bonuses are usually redeemed using a casino bonus code or getting across to the casino’s support team.

Why is a licensed online casino so important?

A licensed casino is important because it provides some assurance of security and reliability. Playing with a licensed casino also means you’re playing legally.

When is it best to play at a mobile casino?

Mobile casinos are great when you want to play your favorite casino games on the go. With an endless number of apps and mobile versions of casinos, you can play mobile casinos right from your mobile devices anywhere you are.

Who offers the best online casino games in India?

There are a lot of casino platforms that offer top-notch services in India. They offer various games served by reputable online casino software providers. If you’re looking out for the best casinos to play at, we encourage you to look at our casino noble recommendations.

Where can I play live casino games like Blackjack or Roulette?

Currently, the trending thing in online casino gaming is live dealer games which include Roulette and Blackjack. At Casinoble, we have a tremendous amount of information about the best places to play these games, so you can always check our recommendations to find out.

What are the most played games at online casinos?

The most played games are slots, with the most played titles being Starburst, Thunderstruck II, Game of Thrones, The Book of Atem, and MEGAWAYS games. Others in the mix include several variants of Roulette, Texas Hold’em, and Blackjack.

Are there online casinos that also offer sports betting?

Yes, definitely. There are several online casinos that you can also have access to sport betting on boxing, football, tennis, golf, and dozens of other sports, in addition to casino games.

Can I make a living playing at online casinos?

Although many regular casino players earn a lot of money through online casinos, we do not recommend playing casino games to attain financial stability. Rather, we encourage you to see it as a fun and entertaining activity.

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