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Pros & Cons of Boxing Betting

  • Huge tradition in the betting culture.
  • Higher limits than other sports.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Less markets and events than other sports.
  • Driven mostly towards the major events.
  • Bonuses are only available during events.

Best Boxing Betting Sites

Numerous boxing sites all over India desire to be listed among the best boxing betting sites in 2024 but, the problem is that; Casinoble has a standard of excellence so high that only a few can attain it. Don’t be shocked if you do not find some popular betting sites on this list, our extremely knowledgeable personnel have selected only the very best for your money’s safety in India.

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In the heat of a boxing bout, no words can describe the thrill and frenzy that envelops the spectators in the viewing arena. While they watch the legendary performance, many of them are usually unable to sit still as they go around sticking out their monies as bets favoring their deserving boxer. But why all this drama, you may ask? The simple truth is, when we speak of betting, a sport like boxing cannot be far behind. This is because even during the times of our least sophistication, boxing thrived greatly, and many made fortunes off predicting the courses of boxing matches.

In our present-day, anyone could still earn substantial treasures from boxing betting; all you need do is stick with a pro-betting site like Casinoble. We shall take you through the basics, such as finding the best boxing site in India, what makes a site good enough to bet with them, and many other things you need to know to become a master at boxing betting.

New Boxing Betting Sites

Our experts at Casinoble have also considered the new betting sites and put them to the same standard as the old ones. The new betting sites listed here met the requirements of bettors and technology. Here is the list of the new best-betting sites in India:

Trusted Betting Sites 2

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

At Casinoble, we furnish our readers with all the information they could need to enjoy betting while guaranteeing their wins as they bet. We undertake the task of searching out top-notch betting sites, bonuses, online payment options, games e.t.c We do all these just for your wellbeing. Perhaps you might see how competent we are by knowing the criteria via which we inspect betting sites. They include;

  • Support: What happens if after betting your money, you discovered that a bookmaker doesn’t really operate as you were earlier told they would? You would end up feeling cheated and withdraw from your ambition altogether. This is why Casinoble looks into the customer support system on that site, which can tell a lot about whether a site is trustworthy.
  • Withdrawal Terms: We cannot ignore the withdrawal terms described on a betting site because it is one of the possible reasons for hatred in the future if not laid out or understood. Problems that might arise from the withdrawal term require that you pay a huge sum later before you can get the money you won. This is why we look critically into this term before declaring a site good enough for your use.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Besides the general licenses given to every functional betting site at the start of operations, certificates of approval given by independent testing sites are also another factor that we consider when clearing a betting site as good or not. These testing agencies check the particular betting site and certify that they deliver their promises to bettors.
  • LicenseOnline casino betting sites usually obtains licenses from the government to guarantee safe and constitutionally supported gambling. So, if a site doesn’t display its licenses on its home page, our experts at Casinoble cannot add such a site to the list of trustworthy boxing betting sites.

Betting Bonus


It is very likely that in the past, you have most probably sought out a bonus to begin online betting because there is a feeling of pleasure that accompanies receiving an additional sum from betting. This is the reason why we shall be running you through a list of the kinds of bonuses to look out for in this new year.

The matter at hand does not border only on choosing a casino bonus. Still, it involves finding out some other information about the bonus and deciding if such a bonus is truly important enough to invest your time and effort in it.

  • Deposit Bonus: The deposit bonus is the most popular and most desired type of bitcoin casino betting bonus because it provides new bettors as much as a 100% bonus in addition to their 100 free bets. This is a fantastic way to begin betting compared to what is obtainable on another site that doesn’t offer new gamblers deposit bonuses. Even though this bonus is only given as a welcoming package for new bettors, it is still an amazing deal and one worthy of the stress.
  • No Deposit Bonus: The no deposit bonus deals ensure you do not have to invest your own money but provide you with an avenue to still bet on games. Surely, you should not expect the bonus to be a large sum, but at that, you would have nothing to lose even if you didn’t win on your first bet. If you did win and are truly interested in remaining with that betting site, you would have to comply with whatever bonus terms operated on the site.
  • Terms & Conditions: Usually, most persons skip through the terms and conditions in many other enterprises, but this will be an inevitable task you would have to undergo for a bookmaker. You will have to digest the T&C stated by the betting site you have decided to stick with because you can only access the money you have won after fulfilling the matters raised in the bookie’s terms and conditions.

Free Bets on Boxing

Like Deposit bonus which provides you money immediately, you sign up for bonus spins, and free spins also provide you currency to bet with but in a mega way. Bonus spins, however, allow you to bet on many different aspects of fights that a deposit bonus would not afford you. So, bonus bets function as online money that allows boxing lovers to bet more. This also attracts the play-safe bettors who do not wish to risk losing their monies.

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

Boxing Betting Apps

Imagine a world without cell phones or one without sports; what a bore that would be. Well, since technology joined in, betting could not have been better. Now, from the comfort of your home, you can access the experience of live betting at any betting site or mobile casino through the designated apps. Also, all thanks to technology, the live betting industry has increased greatly and is ruling over the world of sports betting.

Betting on Boxing

Bet on Boxing

Together with horse racing, boxing-betting goes way back in history as much as centuries ago. Boxing was one of the first sports on which people began to bet on and to date, boxing is still one of many bettors’ favorites. This isn’t unusual because considering the forcefulness and magnitude of the sport, placing a bet here is a sure means to earn; this is for those who understand the ‘clouds,’ of course.

This is where a platform like Casinoble comes in; we teach you exactly how to place ‘killer’ bets on boxing. We hope to help you internalize strategies that will guarantee your success in whatever betting system you choose. Beginning at the fundamentals, we will help you enhance your overall betting methods if you wish it so.

Bet on Boxing

Betting Options

If you are new to boxing terrain, we would have to inform you of some ‘powerful’ concepts that govern the game. Only to the extent to which you are aware of these determinants can you best use them in your favor. Your knowledge of  KO, DQ, TKO, TD makes you a potential winner or loser because they are the factors to be played with to decide the game’s fate.

Betting Systems

You would rather wish to reduce the frequency of losses than even secure more wins in the long run. This can be achieved be if you have a betting system that would assist you in monitoring your betting trends. These expert betting systems would help you win less money but more regularly.

Live Betting

In live boxing betting, the best bets are those that are done at the eleventh hour. Since the combat would have reached the final round at this time, the bout would be fiercest, and the odds highest as emotion rises. At this point, if you make a bet, considering your most powerful system and option, your win would be massive.

Boxing Odds

As with the odds of any other sport, boxing odds are very dicey and cause discomfort for most bettors because, by the second, they change dramatically. With these in mind, it would be wise to keep up with the game before the game begins and as it goes on. This is to help ensure that you do not lose too much.

Improve Your Betting

You might already be a pro in boxing betting, having a firm hold on your systems and options, but definitely, there is more that you might need to learn. There is but more on the horizon, and you can take advantage of these hints we have discussed here and improve your career in boxing betting.

  • Information / Data: When we speak of data, we refer to facts, accumulate as much information as you can about the game, the state of the boxers, the most likely odds, the likely outcome of the game e.t.c Find out anything that will provide you with a measure of safety, and provide you with a winning edge. Having a strategy and implementing it, no matter how basic the plan is, is always better than betting on intuition. Not just any strategy though, your strategy would yield results when you have sound knowledge obtained from accurate data. Do your research, your money is involved in the bargain, and when you do win, you’ll feel fulfilled that your strategy paid off.
  • Focus: No one has ever won by betting continuously without calculating properly. Even after seeing that the websites’ odds are favorable, attention should be paid to all the game’s nitty-gritty. Know what your expected target is, and unlike most bettors who would be taken by surprise at the turn of events, you would be in a vantage position to win.
  • Hedge Bet Live: Live hedge bet means to divide and conquer. Contrary to what you think live hedge bet provides opportunities for you to increase your odds of winning. It entails spreading your bets and reducing your risk of losing while increasing your chances of winning. A hedge bet is a sure way to guarantee minimal losses.

Other ways to Improve your Boxing bet

  • Study recent form: Do a study on the current form of the boxers participating in the duel you would be betting on. Ascertain if they have recently been beaten, defeated, or drawn a fight. Know if they have won any match recently too. It will also help determine if the combatants have been running an active career or been out of the ring in a while. One may possess a terrible record of the two fighters, truly unbeaten records might look great, but most times, the boxer who owns that record might have been overworked and lose to another world-class opponent.
  • Know whether you are betting on a puncher or boxer: If a fighter has more KO’s in his history, then he is an aggressor and a puncher who is likely to win inside the distance. A fighter who has a low KO percentage and tends to go the distance on points is a hitter or boxer. This group focus on hitting their opponent but not getting hit themselves. For example, in May 2015, there was a duel between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. Millions of bettors placed their bet in favor of Manny. They expected Floyd to get the beating of a lifetime, but this was not the case as Floyd’s finely honed defensive skills prevented Manny from planting a single punch successfully. So, when placing a bet on any athlete, determine the type of fighter you are supporting and whether their skill can match up to and defeat the opponent.
Online vs Offline

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

Although online betting sites have taken over the betting market in our present days,  they still do not take away that the offline bookmakers who reside on the streets in our cities are the main betting centers.However, the online betting sites like those recommended by Casinoble have an advantage over the offline bookies in that they can expand with any sport, bonuses, odd e.t.c

Of the two avenues, if we speak of the one that offers more customer service, provides a wider market that a vast diversity of people can access, isn’t limited by payment methods, then online betting takes first place. Some betting sites can accept payment in cash, bitcoin, transfers, Paypal, and so on. So you don’t have to miss a chance to bet on a game because of the currency barrier.

Responsible Betting

Gambling can become addictive, which is why at a place like a Casinoble, we provide a responsible and expertly controlled environment for betting. We achieve this by offering the very best counsel on sites, games, payment methods, bonuses.

We ensure our customers gamble responsibly by counseling them solely according to the trends prevalent in the Indian gambling world. Peradventure, any of our clients, are suffering from an unhealthy gambling habit, we let them know they can ask our help to get their habit under control while still enjoying their participation in the games.


This is quite simple. Take a look at the list we compiled at Casinoble, and from all the sites mentioned, choose one that you can stick with for a long time partnership. We would also advise that picking a site goes for one that gives a deposit bonus to new customers.


Betting sites can be very deceptive because there are numerous sites out there. On surface value, it’s quite difficult to tell which site is genuine and trustworthy, but we shall mention some things telling tale signs of a dependable boxing betting site.
• Check that the site has been legally certified to operate
• Look through the tests that the sites have passed successfully.
• Consider the qualities like services, odds, bonuses, markets e.t.c

You could come across coded promotions from the betting site or the net as you browse, but besides all these, you can get your boxing bonus immediately you register with a betting site. You can then go on to use your deposit bonus to bet on a game.


As a newbie on a particular boxing site, it would help if you are intimated about the terms that apply to the site. This includes how the bonus is applied, how you can withdraw the bonus, and how effectively you can use it.


Boxing is an extremely violent and unpredictable sport. This is why you should place your bets live as the game proceeds. It is even more advantageous to place your bets on an online betting site as the game goes on.


Talk about the game with the most bets; it is none other than the bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor. This game had over $60 million in wagers.


You can surf the internet to discover more, but Casinoble is a great place to find trustworthy information about boxing betting and other games in the world of betting.


The most commonly known boxing betting options besides win by a decision are; KO, TD, TKO, DQ.


Definitely, on the best boxing sites, there are specified bonuses and promotions like cash backs, no deposit bonus.


Generally speaking, unlike many other sports, boxing is a great space to bet and win by a landslide. For many reasons, it is more probable that you would win your bet and repeatedly earn when you bet on boxing, but caution should be applied to everything, gambling inclusive. Some expert bettors earn big from betting, but at Casinoble, we don’t advise you to make gambling a means of livelihood. Rather, you take betting as a fun activity that you won’t get obsessed with or frustrated with time.




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