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Pros & Cons of Call of Duty

  • Classic first-person shooter game.
  • Great bonus events on certain sites.
  • Easy to learn game and markets.
  • Not as popular as other eSport games.
  • Available only on a few betting sites.
  • No major events throughout the year.

Best Call of Duty Betting Sites

Not all sites you visit will meet your expectations. This is bad news we are not glad to be giving you. Nonetheless, this is how things are. The fact remains that there is an exponential growth of eSports and Call of Duty on the internet. This phenomenon has brought good as well as bad events. The excellent effect of the crazy growth of Call of Duty and eSports is betting on Call of Duty has never been easier than it is at the moment. The harmful effect of this growth is that there has also been an increase in the number of betting sites, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. This explains why we are interested in bringing to your awareness the best Call of Duty betting sites. These sites have been tested and verified carefully. This way, we are confident our readers will only be playing on the finest betting sites in 2022. Go through the finest Call of Duty betting sites available to gamers in India and begin afresh encounter in the Cod world.

Casino Selections

Last Checked: Mar 25, 2023

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payment methods

Is there anyone that is yet to play Call of Duty? Then you are missing out. For some decades, this game has existed in the console environment. It has brought us adventures of zombies and wars. However, in recent times, Call of Duty has made the right move by finding its way into eSports. This has created a vital boost for the franchise.

This is the reason we are here. We at Casinoble love gambling and eSports and this explains why we have all the details needed by anyone that is looking to bet on Call of Duty and how the finest bets can be placed.

Do you love the game, and are you an e-Sport fan? You should stick to what we are about to reveal. In no time, you will be ready to become a part of the expanding world of the finest eSports gambling sites of 2022.

New Call of Duty Betting Sites

New Call of Duty Betting Sites

At Casinoble, we provide you with the best betting sites and pay attention to the new things in the iGaming industry. By doing this, we can provide you with something fresh and unanticipated.

It is impossible to locate the innovation and features you will get on the latest Call of Duty betting sites elsewhere. So, there will be no point in searching for new casino sites in India. Instead, look through the sites we at Casinoble have recommended. These sites have been properly evaluated by us and provide various bonuses.

New Call of Duty Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites

Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

There is some level of excitement associated with taking part in the unknown, but there are also times things do not end well. This is the reason we at Casinoble are careful to ensure we recommend only betting sites that are trustworthy and safe.

To ensure that we provide you with betting sites that are trusted, we set up tough requirements, and if any site lacks just one of these demands, you can be certain Casinoble will not recommend it. Together with responsible betting, the well-being and the safety of our readers are our major priorities.

Do you have any interest in the way we ensure we promote betting sites that are trusted? If yes, go through four of our most significant demands. You could decide to make use of them when next you are hunting for a bonus or a new betting site.

  • License

It is now history for sites to welcome gamblers without having a license. At least, we assume this is what the case is. The reason for this is in 2022, any mobile casino that is yet to get a license from the right body won’t be recognized. At Casinoble, we are particularly interested only in online casinos with licenses that are considered most significant in the betting environment. Some of these include the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission. These bodies make it possible for betting sites to provide transparent, serious, and legal betting.

  • Withdrawal Terms

In as much as a lot of people are not willing to admit this; gambling basically involves losing or winning money. Also, we are interested in withdrawing funds into our account after winning them. Due to this, it is expedient that every bookmaker is aware of the process of providing terms of withdrawal that work well with the age we are in. If you are going to be betting in any platform, you need to fully grasp the withdrawal terms of the platform. This is because all the terms and conditions, methods of payment, time, and limits included in the withdrawal terms are essential. You can be sure the sites we at Casinoble recommend are in sync with the present market.

  • Support

No online bookmaker that is dominant in the market has a backing that can be said to be lousy. The reason for this is a platform’s professionalism works closely with the support service it provides. This explains why we constantly make use of the ancient trick of getting in touch with customer support before anything. We do this to discover the type of service we were given. Based on their availability and skills, we become immediately aware of the betting site being dealt with. And indeed, we are only interested in the finest which is similar to what bettors want.

  • Independent Testing Agencies

In addition to the proper licenses, in 2022, betting sites are required to have a seal that indicates that independent testing agencies have approved them. This is because even though providing legal betting is good, it is not all that matters. Every platform must make it through an unbiased exam  that should be done in a laboratory like eCOGRA. We only recommend platforms that have gone through these tests, and you can rest assured that they will only offer what it promised to offer and nothing more.

Betting Bonus

Betting Bonus

Betting bonuses are part of what attract all players to a game because it gives players an extra edge to win. Online casinos are very much aware of this, and that’s why they also offer exciting bonuses. Besides, bonuses have now become the trend of the gambling industry and have been proven to be able to attract new customers. Therefore, online casinos use these bonuses to their advantage, using them to attract new customers to their website and also retain the existing customers.

However, these bonuses vary; so, we will love to discuss the best bonuses available in India with you. There are two major types of betting bonuses that have been existing for decades in the gambling industry. Apart from these, we will also discuss the terms and conditions which come with each of these bonuses.

One thing you should always bear in mind is that bonuses are usually accompanied by terms and conditions, and you need to fully understand these terms for you to be able to enjoy the full benefits of the bonuses. See them below;

Betting Bonus
  • Deposit Bonus: this type of betting bonus is more dominant in the gambling industry. The deposit bonus gives you a percentage of the money you deposit. The amount you get depends on the amount you deposit and it may come in form of money, free bets, and spins. The amount is usually different from a casino to the other, but you have to deposit an amount for you to get the bonus. It is usually between the range of 50% and 200%, depending on the casino. Therefore, if an online casino offers you a 200% deposit bonus, this means that you will be given double the amount you deposited as a bonus. This bonus can then be used to play games on the betting website.
  • No Deposit Bonus: in 2022, this type of bonus is more preferred by players because it does not require you to make any deposit. Bettors can enjoy this bonus by just signing up with an online casino. This type of bonus is aimed at attracting new bettors and encouraging them to patronize an online casino. Nevertheless, existing customers can also enjoy this bonus offer, especially when a bookmaker wants an existing customer to try out a new market. New users also use it to try out a new betting site without having to commit their money to the site before they register with the site. However, this bonus is usually not as much as the deposit bonus, but you can still use it to place a good bet. So, players see the ‘no deposit bonus as an ideal opportunity to embark on a new betting adventure, which is why online casinos offer more ‘no deposit bonus’ to customers.
  • Terms & Conditions: Before you start to place a bet using a bonus, you need to be fully aware of its terms and conditions. For someone willing to win with a bonus, you have to know about everything attached to such a bonus. Through the term and conditions of a bonus, you will know how you will use the bonus, the time and limits, and also how you can convert it to real money.
Free Bets on Call of Duty

Free Bets on (COD) Call of Duty

Free Bets on Call of Duty

Free bets can come in different types namely; ‘no wager free bets’, ‘the mobile free bets’, ‘live free bets’, ‘the classic free bets’, ‘real money free bets, and lots more. However, the most sought after is the ‘real money free bets’ because players can immediately their winning from this free bet into real money instantly. ‘Live free bets’ are used for live betting while ‘mobile free bets’ are for customers that play on their mobile phones.

Therefore, let’s assume that free bets are vouchers that are given by a betting site and can only be spent on the betting site. Just like how free spins are to slots, likewise are free bets to online betting; the money given increases your account balance and gives you another chance to win. However, you can peruse the 2022 best free bets guide on Casinoble and choose the one that best fits you.

(COD) Call of Duty Betting Apps

Over the years, there have been changes in the gambling world, especially in games like BlackjackRoulette, which are casino games, or in games like Call of Duty and League of Legends which are eSport games. These changes have been a result of advancements in technology. Therefore, we now have online and mobile betting which now makes it easier for players to bet on the go. Players can now place a bet from the comfort of their rooms without having to necessarily visit the land casinos and bet shops. This has also led to the advent of mobile betting apps for games, which further enhance the gaming experience for users. Call of Duty also has one of the games with the best betting apps in the gaming market, offering great features and bonuses in its apps.

With eSport betting apps and mobile casinos, you can now carry out a lot of operations and functions, easier and faster. Live betting can now be easily placed using your mobile devices. However, you can browse through our list of the best betting apps on Casinoble to stay updated with information, and then you can start placing your bets on Call of Duty.

Bet on Call of Duty

Now, this is what interests most bettors because here, you’ll learn how you can start placing your bets, and also gives you every necessary information about how you can improve your betting on Call of Duty. We at Casinoble will provide you with tips that can help you become an expert in online betting. These tips include every aspect of Call of Duty betting. Therefore, if you want to know more about COD betting, carefully go through this guide as it entails the betting options, betting systems, live betting, betting odds, and of course, how to improve your betting.

Betting Options

There are four prevalent types of betting available on all betting sites offering Call of Duty. As this seems to be good news, these four betting options are the only betting options that are available in the COD betting market. Call of Duty is still a new game in the betting market, and because of that it still has a limited number of betting options in the betting market. In Essence, you may not find a lot of online betting sites that offer Call of Duty because it is still in its early stage in the gambling industry and has not been added to the market. However, you can benefit from this by devoting yourself to the game and mastering the betting system now that it still has limited options. Below are the four types of bets;

  • Match Winner
  • Outright Winner
  • Handicap and
  • Special Markets (which depends on the bookmakers)

Betting Systems

For you to become an expert, you need to have a betting system in place. Professional bettors also do this to ensure consistency in winnings. A good betting system may not give you huge winnings, but the little winnings can accumulate to give you a huge winning as long as you’re consistent. However, this doesn’t stop you from winning big occasionally. The best way to go about it is to consider the knowledge you have about a game and your skills and then using these factors to develop a betting system. You need to be adequately informed about a market before placing your bets.  Once you develop a betting system that suits your betting style, you will experience a positive difference in your winnings.

Live Betting

Live betting has evolved as a result of technological advancement. Here you can place your bet based on what’s currently happening in a live game. This is a good development for eSports games like Call of Duty. Live betting can also help players gain more knowledge about a sport and also enhance their skills, even as the event unfolds.

Call of Duty (COD) Odds

As mentioned above, Call of Duty is a new game in the gambling world but is gaining ground in the gambling industry. However, you can easily learn everything about COD, just like other eSport games especially as they have the same odds as the existing eSport games. Coupled with the accumulators are some promotions that can be used to boost your winnings on COD betting.

Improve Your Betting

Now, we have carefully gathered the best betting tips that can help you become a professional bettor. These tips are drawn together from our experiences and have helped quite a lot of people. If you utilize these tips on your next betting session, you’re guaranteed huge winnings. See them below;

  • Focus: firstly, you must be focused. Whether in COD betting or any other betting, the focus is key! Your focus helps you to stay on track till you achieve your aim. When you are focused, you will know when and which bet to place.
  • Data/Information: getting adequate information/data is one of the essential tools of betting. Bookmakers also gather enough information about an event before setting an odd. If you also follow this path, then you have an edge over the bookmaker.
  • Hedge Bet Live: we at Casinoble recommend that you split your bet. This is because live hedge bets help you to minimize losses and maximize winnings. You can’t afford to place all your bets in one place if you want consistent winnings.

Online vs Offline

You can either place your bets offline or online. Offline betting signifies betting at brick-and-mortar casinos and bet shops around you. However, online betting, which is what we specialize in, signifies betting on the internet. Therefore, we bring to you updated information and recommendations about online betting.

We want you to know everything about online betting, which is why we keep you informed on bonuses, online casinos, payment and withdrawal methods, sports, and many more.

Responsible Betting

We at Casinoble will always take responsible gaming as our priority. We will always provide you with safe and reliable betting sites because we care about your safety. Our recommendations are only those that promote responsible gaming habits.

Nevertheless, if at any point you feel that you cannot keep your gaming habits under control any longer, we advise that you seek help from professional gambling aids around you. These groups can help you overcome your addiction and help you get back to your desired gambling activities.


There are lots of COD bonuses on the internet today. Therefore always ensure that before you accept a COD betting site bonus, read the terms and conditions associated with it. You should also check the customer support service before signing up on the site.


The free bets you get are determined by the betting site. Therefore check the terms and conditions associated with the free bet to know how to use it.


There are lots of betting options on COD, but the most prevalent is the ‘Match Winner’ and the ‘live bet markets’


To know the betting sites that offer the best markets, browse through our recommended list and choose the one that best suits your betting style.


Over the previous years, the sport has experienced growth in its sector. In 2014, it had its peak and now attracts more players than the NBA.


We recommend that you go through our recommended list of the best betting sites on Casinoble


No! We take responsible gaming as our priority. Therefore we want you to keep your gaming habits under control.


At Casinoble, you can discover the best betting tricks in our guides.


The four best betting options of COD betting are the ‘Outright Winner’, ‘Match Winer’, ‘Handicap Markets’, and the ‘Special Markets’.


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