Dragon Tiger with real money

Playing the card game, Dragon Tiger, for money can certainly be profitable and can sometimes reward you with money and satisfaction. However, one should be careful and not too eager to win because as with any gambling game, there is a chance to lose as there is a chance to win. First and foremost, one should only play with an amount of money that they are willing to lose. In other words, do not gamble with an emergency fund.

Always set a winning target in mind. It is easy to get sucked into the game with higher risks after multiple consecutive wins, but it is also important to cash out when you have reached your goal. Lastly, never play when under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol affects the mind and may affect cognitive and rational thinking. While playing Dragon Tiger, have fun but most importantly, be smart.

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Play Live Dragon Tiger for Free

When a game is played for free, that is the best time to learn the basics. The casino software can be tested extensively and there is no rush or pressure because money is not on the line yet. It’s a good time to learn how to play, the rules of the game, and anything else that must be known.

Not only that, free play is the best time to improve one’s skills at the game. That way, when a player plays the paid version, they know what they’re doing and they will be good at the game when they play it. Plus, there doesn’t need to be money on the line to enjoy playing the game itself.

What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Live Dragon Tiger is a fast, simple yet extremely fun game that those who like Baccarat often enjoy. It only involves two cards – the dragon and the tiger. Players then guess which card will be highest or whether it will be a tie. The players are provided information to aid their decision.

The information that players are provided includes statistics and roads. This helps players understand and predict the outcomes to, in theory, enhance and improve their chances of guessing correctly and winning.

Essentially, Live Dragon Tiger is a two card version of baccarat and is most popular in Asia, but is becoming increasingly popular across the world.

Basic Rules of Dragon Tiger

As previously mentioned, the two card game involves dealing two cards, one of which is deemed as the Dragon and one as the Tiger. The player makes a bet as to which card will be the highest or if they will be tied. If the player is right, they win.
The king is the highest card, the ace is the lowest card and the suit does not matter, except in the case of the tie. Ties have different payouts depending on the suit(s), the casino or the website. The house rules can differ depending on where you choose to play.
Live Casino Dragon Tiger India

Basic Dragon Tiger Strategy

A side bet is made with Dragon and Tiger being equal, no matter their suit. If you choose to forego the Dragon or Tiger and choose the tie bet, in the event of a tie, half of the main bet is returned and the payout ratio is paid out.
The average payout is typically 11:1 but is dependent on whether or not you play on or offline and where you choose to play. The nature of this game makes it perfect for counting cards. It presents a great opportunity and strategy. It is a great way to learn how to count cards.

History of Dragon Tiger

The game is based on Baccarat as well as the card game of War. It uses the betting system that is the same as Baccarat but the rules and game itself is based on Casino War. The game started in Asia and quickly gained popularity but has since become popular worldwide.
Since it made its debut in land-based casinos, the game has been modified, like many other casino games, to be an online game as well. Many online casinos, especially Asian casinos, allow players to access this game online or from their mobile/ portable devices from anywhere in the world.

Play Dragon Tiger in India

India was and still is one of the places where Dragon Tiger, the live casino game, is and has been the most popular. There a number of casinos where you can go and experience this exciting game in person, or you can play online if you prefer.
The game originated in Cambodia and made its way to other countries, like India. It is important to be aware, however, that the regulation in terms of gambling in India is complex and requires one to understand and be well researched in order to gamble legally and legitimately in India.