Top 3: Slots with the Best RTP in Online Casinos

If you are an online casino player, you will know that all games whether they are slots, roulette, or video slots, have a number expressed as a percentage and accompanied by the letters RTP. These acronyms, which stand for Return to Player, indicate the theoretical percentage of money or prizes that players get with their games with respect to the amount invested in the game. 

In today's Casinoble post, besides offering you all the necessary information about this data, we are going to show you the online slots with the highest RTP.

What is the RTP?

In short, we can say that the RTP is an indicator present in each of the casino games that exist in a casino that provides information, in the long term, about the winnings that a player can expect from the slot, roulette, or online blackjack game.

This percentage is calculated based on the last 1,000 games played. So if you start a session on a slot with an RTP of 90% and place a thousand bets of 1 rupee, the theoretical payback would be 900 rupees, while the casino would add 100 rupees to its bankroll. In regulated markets, these return figures have been tested by independent laboratories and approved by the competent body.

There are different degrees or types of RTP that you should know. Since this can be one of the factors to consider when choosing a game, although not the only one. The developer, its theme, the volatility, or the number of reels of a slot machine are other aspects that must be considered when choosing one option or another.

  • Low RTP: The RTP of a game is considered low if its percentage is lower than 95%, although this should not be a reason to discard it. Volatility, which is the characteristic that determines the amount and frequency with which prizes are distributed, can offer you numerous opportunities to opt for winnings.
  • Medium RTP: Above 95%, the return on investment is medium.
  • High RTP: The expected return of prizes amounts to percentages between 95 and 99%.

Slots with higher RTP

After briefly explaining the concept, it is time to discover the slots with the highest RTP percentage that you will find in India. Take note!

1429 Uncharted Seas (RTP 98.60%)

Explore the world by crossing seas and oceans with the help of an ancient nautical chart. This adventure is on a par with those lived by Christopher Columbus. If he achieved glory, so can you! The deep sea is full of incredible creatures and some of them will help you achieve your goal. With a low level of volatility, 5 reels, and 3 game rows, in the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot you will be able to place minimum bets of 0.10€. It has 25 fixed paylines.

Wild Stars (RTP 98,20 %)

Surround yourself with stars with the online slot that shines the most in the casino. Its simple design, but at the same time effective, presents 5 reels with 3 rows in each one. In them, the classic fruit symbols are mixed with the wild symbols represented by the same stars. Which offer fantastic chances to win prizes and give access to special functions. Volatility is low and the minimum bet allowed is 0.10 rupees. In the Wild Stars slot, 10-win lines await you. 

Fruit Box (RTP 97.87%)

The fruits of the slot machines present a totally new shape. Now they are square! Although their appearance is not the same as always. The way they work is the same and the fun is always there. Form colorful winning combinations to win prizes. And if you manage to access the bonus function, your chances of success will increase considerably. Fruit Box slot has medium-level volatility, 5 reels, and 50 paylines. You will be able to place bets starting from 0,10 rupees.



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