Lambouchere’s Roulette Strategy

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Last Checked: Jul 11, 2024

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Lambouchere’s Roulette Betting System

The Lambouchere is a gambling system for roulette that wactually invented by a French mathematician who was murdered in a duel very young. He asked his friends to keep up with his work, and some of that work has been proved in the modern day. He also came up with this simple number system that allows the player to create a number line, bet on the number line, and use the number line to determine what their next bet will be. Someone who bets in units of ten will see all they need to see when writing down their number line and scratching off each number that has been eliminated.

The First Bet

The player will make their first bet of 10 units, and they will see if they win. If they wan, they will add another number to their number line. For example, the player who has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 will add a 6. The player must now add the outside numbers. They are going to bet 70, and they can eliminate those numbers if they win. If they lose, they go right back to the first bet. Players who win two bets in a row will erase the numbers that were won. Someone who bet 70 to eliminate 1 and 6 now much better 70 to scratch out 5 and 2. They would do the same with 3 and 4. Because they are winning on every spin, they are adding numbers to the end of their list.

The Bets Can Go Very High

The bets can go very high because the player has an option to add higher numbers together. Someone who has been successful could have 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 on their number line. They are now adding together 8 and 12 to bet 20. These bets get very large, and they could continue to grow if the player is winning. If the player loses, they need to start over. This allows the player to win money without betting all their winnings on a new hand. They are building a pile of chips that they can use to start over, and they tend to have good nights because they always have something left over.

The Bets Are Systematic

The bets are not dependent on any feeling at all. The player does not use their instinct to decide how much to bet, and they are not going to make emotional decisions. They simply use the number that is on the list to make their bets. People often lose money because they get emotional, and they need to have this system written down so that they do not make poor decisions.

How Far Does The System Go?

The player can go as far as they want until they reach the table limit in that game. They could end up betting a lot of money without putting all their chips on the table. The player has a reserve that they can use to continue betting, and they have money to start over if they go back to one.


The Lambouchere system is one that many people will use when they want to take their heart out of betting. They do not have to think at all because the system does the thinking for them. The system is one that remains positive, but it could require very large bets if the player has made a lot of progress. This is not the system for those who do not want to risk much money, but it is one for people who believe that they can multiply their winnings.



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