Tips about how to act like a classy live casino player

Spending a night at a live casino is one of the most exciting experiences imaginable. However, you need to dress and act the part in order to truly make the night a success for yourself and all the other casino patrons. While there aren’t necessarily uniform dress codes across casinos, it goes without saying that you want to avoid wearing flip flops or offensive shirts. The goal is for you to make yourself presentable and noticed for the right reasons. Casinos want professional looking gamblers and openly give incentives (“comp’s”) to those that they want to encourage to stay longer and come back. Generally, you will only be comp’d rooms, chips, or drinks when you are dressed to get respect. You have to earn the casinos respect by looking and acting like a classy individual who is worthy of incentives.

After you set foot in the casino looking dapper, you must immediately shift your focus to knowing the live casino games that you are playing thoroughly. Understanding the rules of the games that you want to play is a very important component of live casino etiquette. Every casino game has a unique set of written rules and some unwritten rules that you should be aware of when playing. There is a litany of books and websites to visit that detail out rules and instructions, but really the best way to learn is by playing the games that you are interested in online first so you get used to the rules and start to feel comfortable with the way that you want to wager. There are a number of free websites that will allow you to get your feet wet gambling without actual money being put on the table. It is a lot easier to learn the rules without your skin in the game.


Once you are actually at a table in a live casino, it is very important to understand and follow table etiquette. Your fellow players will often let you know if you aren’t playing the game the right way and you will get the cold shoulder for the rest of the night if you don’t make the right move and it hurts your fellow players. The first piece of advice to avoid this fate is to never, under any circumstances, make insulting remarks to either the dealer or your fellow players. Once the game has started at your table you are not allowed to take any photos or videos. In addition, card counting of any kind is strictly prohibited and could get you banned from a casino for life. Don’t count cards even if you are the second coming of the Rain Man! Smaller offenses like touching face cards are generally prohibited as well.

Lastly, if you have a dispute on the results of the game, the dealer is the first person who will sort it out. The dealers aren’t in the business of being unfair or cheating people so they will generally resolve any dispute before the next hand commences. However, there is a specific protocol that is followed for dispute resolution which allows you to escalate your dispute to the pit boss, floor manager or even register a complaint in a worst-case scenario. Hopefully, you are able to follow all of this advice and you will enjoy an incredible evening like most patrons of the casino. Regardless of whether you win or lose, it is good to be aware of and follow all the rules so that you want to come back and you are welcomed back as a valued guest. If that happens, loyalty and trust will be built both ways and everyone will win.