Online Slots

As far as it relates to online casinos, online slots have been the order of the day. These casino games are available in various categories and all over the world. These games can be found both in a brick-and-mortar casino and online casino.

Online slots have been in existence for about two centuries now and have now turned out to be one of the biggest casino games in the gambling industry. There’s much more to online slots; however, we have brought some of the most important information about it for your perusal. In this post, we will talk about the features of online slots, including jackpots, scatters, wilds, multipliers, return to player, innovations, and lots more.

All of this information will be provided for you on Casinoble, and you will experience the very best online casinos. Stay tuned.

Slot Sites

Slot games come in various categories, and choosing from the wide array of games can prove daunting. However, if you know the benefits of each of the games, we believe that you will be guided to choose one and make money off it. Take a look at these benefits below;

  • These games are easy to play, and you can win yourself some real money.
  • There are various games available to choose from. These games are developed by the best game providers in the world. So if you aren’t satisfied with one, you can check another one.
  • There will always be a bet size that fits your budget. You may decide to play with as low as INR10 or with as high as INR10000. You have the opportunity to decide for yourself.
  • Slot games offer the most fascinating bonuses and promotions for you to enjoy.

Best Slot Sites in 2021

In 2021, new websites offering slot games keep emerging online; however, not all of them are reliable and good. This is one of the reasons we have decided to devote ourselves to ensuring that you have the best experience playing the slot game online. At Casinoble, we do not only give you a list of recommended slot sites but, those that offer the best games and bonuses that currently dominate the market.

Therefore, you can browse through our recommended list, and choose one which perfectly suits your playing style, and enjoy.

How We Review

Due to the numerous numbers of online slots in 2021, we know that it can be quite tasking to choose the right one. That is why we have decided to bring you all the necessary information about online slots. As a matter of fact, experienced players also search for information and reviews online slots before they decide on the right one to go for.

At Casinoble, we bring you details about a game and every bonus and promotion it offers. However, we ensure to have carefully analyzed each bitcoin casino site before featuring them on our recommended list based on some features. We focus on the competitive edges of these sites and what to watch out for. Let’s examine these features below;

  • Theme: the theme of a game has now been flexible in 2021 as opposed to before, which used to be the same setting for different games. Now, themes that are cropped from television shows and movie-based themes are being used for slot games, cartoons, video games, and many more. Themes contribute to the thrilling experience  and also attracts  more casino audience.
  • Graphics: in 2021, graphics are also an important component of slot games. Graphics make the games stand out, which is why software providers always ensure that they make the graphics of their games something fascinating for players. They also make sure to add some finishing touches to give you the thrilling experience a slot game gives. An example of the finishing touches is the soundtrack which also made to offer an amazing experience that makes you always want to come back to play more.
  • Technology: generally, you need to install Flash player on your device before you can play an online slot. You can’t play these games on the web browser because these media were created in Flash. However, most browsers use HTML; so, games built with HTML5 can be played using any browser.

Also, with the HTML5 technology, software providers can now add new features like mobile gaming, great graphics, high-quality games, and other innovations which make each software provider stand out. The HTML5 technology also allows players to enjoy the great and clear audio sound. It also detects different screen sizes and adjusts its quality for more sophisticated devices, providing the best graphics according to the type of device used.

  • Entertainment level: fan’s love can be won by the amount of entertainment a slot game offers. If a slot game is fast, rewarding and full of fun, fans will love it more. Therefore, these three features have become the standard of all software providers that want to hit big in the market.

Over the last decade, new features have been introduced to the gaming industry, and this has been a result of an upgrade in technology. That doesn’t stop there; with the daily increase in technology, there are possibilities that in the nearest future, new features will be updated with spectacular games.

  • Slot Bonus: bonuses are the biggest benefits that attract the majority of online slot players. Of all casino games, slots offer the most bonuses. In addition to this, slot games also offer leaderboards, tournaments, and, to cap it all, free spin as a way to please their customers.

The slot bonuses are of different types, namely deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses, and VIP bonuses. However, you shouldn’t just be tempted by the big figures a bonus may offer. You have to check through the terms and conditions surrounding these bonuses to know if it suits your style of gameplay. Once you accept the bonus, then you must fulfill these terms and conditions before you can withdraw the bonus as real money.

  • Payment Method: you also need to check the means of payment that are available on the website. You can know this by checking the banking section of the online casino, bearing in mind that you can find one or more banking methods you can always use. However, if regular payment methods fail, then you can also use payment methods like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized currency, hence a guaranteed and safe payment method. Also, withdrawals shouldn’t take long before you get them. An ideal online casino should be able to process withdrawals at a maximum of 48 hours.
  • Slot Game Selection: due to emerging new technologies, slot game selection has been remarkable, and it keeps developing more than other online games in the iGaming industry. We now have games that are created based on movies, novels, histories, and even TV shows. What’s more, these games also offer various types of fascinating features, and this has made players from all over the world love online slots.
  • Withdrawal Terms: withdrawal terms are the conditions attached to withdrawals at a particular online casino. These terms are usually imposed by online casinos to prevent signing up and withdrawing the bonus immediately without having to play some games on the website.

Therefore, a good online casino should clearly state its terms and conditions, explaining how you can use the bonus given and when you can convert it to real money. Also, we always advise our readers to go through these terms and conditions thoroughly before accepting them. You can also contact the customer support of the website if you don’t know how to go about it or any other questions.

  • Customer Support: before choosing an online casino, you have to check the customer support service of that website. It is very important to always check this as there will always be a time when you will want to ask a question or encounter a problem. And to avoid disappointment in this type of situation, you need to consider the customer service and the reputation of the online casino.

You can’t know what customer service is like if you don’t contact them by yourself. Chat with customer support through its various channels and ask simple questions. The quality of their service can then be rated with how fast and how satisfying their responses are.

  • Support Methods: if you can reach the online casino through different means, then you can rest assured of a great experience playing the slot game. In essence, the majority of the reliable online casinos offer various means of reaching them, which include customer support and even the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. The customer service can also be reached using the live chat service, sending an email, and even though a telephone call.

Even though individual issues may not be completely solved in some cases, it helps a lot, especially when it comes to issues regarding slot features and bonuses.

New Slot Sites

You can expect new offers and competitive markets from new slot sites. New casinos want to be able to contend in the competitive market, so they offer attractive bonuses for their customers and a wide array of games that can contend with the existing ones. Therefore, content-wise, new casinos offer quality content, not just that, but that these contents are updated and recent.

There are little or no chances that you will find an outdated game on these new casino sites. What’s more, the games offered are compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

At Casinoble, we only feature slot sites that have their full European license on our recommendation list. These slot sites are thoroughly analyzed and verified to be genuine. Part of the things we check is the software being used, how the casino manages the players’ money if the winnings claimed by the game provider are what the machines deliver, and many more requirements.

To cap it all, the website must have something different to offer in the market. Existing websites can also come up with an updated bonus as incentives for their customers or new software.

Latest Slot Sites

Casinoble does not only seek new slot sites; we also watch out for the latest slot sites. We will go to any length to verify the latest online casinos in Europe just to inform you if they are worth a trial. Here at Casinoble, you will know the difference between online casinos that are worth giving a trial and those that aren’t worth it.

Moreover, these latest slot sites also have the same requirements as other slot sites. Overall, you are guaranteed a thrilling experience at these latest slot sites.

Slots with Real Money

In slots, you can either play the slot games for free in the demo version or play with real money. However, you will enjoy the best of casinos by playing for real money. With varieties of bonuses, rewards, and jackpots, slots have now become money bombs, which can bring fortunes to you at any time.

To start playing slot games for real money, firstly, you’ll have to create an account with an online casino, claim your bonus, and read through the terms and conditions attached. You can then look for the games that are offered by the casino; if you’re lucky enough, you’ll find your favorite games. Bonuses like free spins that are offered in slots can also be converted to real money.

What makes the game so popular of all casino games is that it offers a million chances to win. Even if you play without money, you will still enjoy the thrilling experience it offers. You will also enjoy the wide variety of games, themes, and other amazing features that come with slots. However, you may not win a reasonable amount with bonuses.

Highest Paying Slot Sites

The possibilities of winning real money in an online casino greatly depend on the payout ratio. The payout ratio varies in different casinos, but there are a few factors you always have to bear in mind to find slots that offer the highest payout odds. You can maximize your winnings with these factors; check them below;

  • Test certificate from renowned testing laboratories. An example is the eCOGRA, GLI, or iTech Labs. These laboratories guarantee that a casino is safe to game with. They also certify game providers that abide by their rule of fair payout ratios and fair play.
  • If you have a favorite game, you can also compare the payout odds for the same type of game at other casinos; you can then choose the best for yourself.
  • Also, if you can easily find an online casino’s average payout ratio, then it shows that the online casino can be trusted. Honest casinos can boast of their services by posting their average payout ratio on their sites.

Slot Bonuses

Bonuses are sensational offers given by online casinos. The amounts of bonuses casinos offer are part of what separates the best casinos from other casinos. Apart from welcome bonuses, each slot player is usually offered bonuses that are targeted and tuned to their style of play.

However, when you come across a slot or multiple slots, and you don’t know what to look out for, then check its bonuses. The bonuses can serve as a boost to your online casino experience. Below, we list some of the four of the best slot bonuses offered by online casinos in 2021. Check them out;

Free Spins

You’ll always find free spins at online casinos. Free spins and online bonuses are juicy offers that make one enjoy the very best of online casinos. Free spins can be given to customers as a welcome bonus, or as offers in tournaments, and many more. It all depends on the casino.

No Deposit Bonus

In 2021, the “no deposit bonus” has been one of the most popular bonuses of online casinos. These bonuses are usually used as a welcome bonus for new players and also offered to existing customers to try out new slots. Existing customers can then try out these new games without using their money. This type of bonus is more common on new slots and helpful in convincing players that wouldn’t have naturally tried out a game.

Cashback Bonus

No one wants to lose his money. How about getting some percentage back after losing your money in around? That is just what the cashback bonus offers.

Peradventure, you have lost some money in a game round; a cashback bonus offers you some percentage of the money lost back in the following round. Although this doesn’t increase your winnings, however, it ensures that you still have something to play with after you might have lost your money in the previous round, thus ensuring continuity of gameplay. The cashback bonus also is one of the most popular bonuses in 2021.

High Roller Bonus

This type of bonus is specialized for high roller customers. This type of bonus focuses more on customers who want to deposit more money into their accounts with the casino. Such a commitment is rewarded with higher prices, of course, and thus attracts more groups of top players, rewarding them for their commitment and loyalty to the online casino.

Slot Apps

These days, online gaming has gone past visiting the online slot’s webpage; it has moved to easily accessing these games on a mobile app. So, a mobile casino app or a web version at least is essential for online casinos. Mobile casinos have become the competitive factors of an online casino.

Therefore, online casinos endeavor to always provide their customers with the updated versions of their mobile apps from time to time. Some of the best slot mobile apps in India are listed below;

Online Slot Machines

Slot machines may look so simple by looks, but it is one of the most sophisticated things found in an online casino when you examine them closely. Nevertheless, slot machines give you the rewards, coupled with the thrilling experience you seek in an online casino. Let us, therefore, take a look at how you can use some of the most important features that are available in the slot to your advantage.

Once you know how to use these features to your advantage, then you can rest assured that you’ll have an amazing gaming experience. Finding the slot that best suits you will also be easier; See the features below;

  • Bets: this is a very important feature in slots, and they are determined by your budget. There’s always a minimum amount and a maximum amount you can deposit at every slot. You can either choose a low bet size for your budget or invest huge amounts in bet for you to hit the jackpot.

Generally, the minimum deposit is usually around INR100; however, the maximum deposit may vary in slots. Nevertheless, the higher the maximum deposit of a slot, the better it is for the player.

  • Reels: the vertical positions seen on the playing field rotating after a bet are known as the reel. Each time a symbol lands, it lands on this reel. From the onset, slots usually come with three mechanical reels, and these reels had symbols that are fixed unto them and are spun by pulling a level by the slot machine.
  • Paylines: on each reel, we used to have 10 symbols. So with three reels available on the mechanical slot, it implies that we can have 10 000 different combinations. However, as time goes on, slots evolved from being mechanical to being more sophisticated and more interesting.

This day we now have standard slots in place of mechanical slots. However, reels are still an important feature of slots. For those that are still new to slots, there is no moving part in video slots, and the whole game runs on microprocessors.

  • Symbols: symbols help you to win. They are a very important feature of the game as they make the game more interesting to play. Without symbols, games would be boring and unappealing to players.

Unlike before, we now have slots that have a wide array of symbols for each reel.

It used to be a maximum of two per reel, but you can now fill them up and win more prizes. However, all slot games are built on the same symbols, even though they may be different. They all offer wilds, jokers, and scatters.

  • Wilds: This is a type of symbol in slots that appears on the reels at random. It is so common that you can find them in almost all the video slots. It can be used to form a winning combination by substituting it for a game symbol.
  • Scatters: this symbol isn’t as common as the wild but is also a rewarding one. This symbol brings you money by just appearing on the reels and also activates free spins for you. It can also activate a multiplier; it only depends on the slot.
  • Slot Volatility: this is also known as the variance or the spread of a slot.  The volatility of a slot is the risk involved in playing a casino game. For slot players, this information tells them how frequently they can cash out at a slot and how big the payout can be.
  • Return To Player (RTP): RTP determines how much will be returned to a player (just as its name implies). The amount is randomly chosen by the software based on the RTP of each game.

Categories of Slot Machines

Slot machines are classified into different categories as discussed below

Classic Slots

The classic slot is built just like the original slot machines. They have 3 reels and are much easier to play than the mechanical slots. They are also equipped with uncomplicated symbols which will match the bottom, middle, or top line to win. However, the classic 3-reel slot is no more being offered by the majority of online slots.

Slots have now been made more interesting and visually attractive, thanks to advanced programming. Furthermore, modern slots are now equipped with more reels which also means that there are more payline combinations and then more opportunities to win.

Video Slots

Video slots are a special type of slot, and they are exceptional of all online slot machines that we have in land casinos. The features they possess, the graphics, winning opportunities, user interface, and to cap it all, the storyline all distinguished the video slots from other slots. For instance, you can only find a playing field that comes in various forms and sizes in a video slot machine.

In a video slot machine, you will also find between four to six reels that spread over three rows. However, you can also find those that spread over a larger number of rows. Another unique feature of the video slot is that you can have an expansion in the matrix, thus increasing the paylines.

A typical example is the Megaways video slots which have a constant size for their playing field but has different sizes of the symbols, thus, giving a different number of paylines per spin.

Progressive Slots

On progressive slots, you can enjoy jackpot, and this is how it works. For each bet you place on progressive slots, a small percentage is taken to the jackpot, which grows into a huge amount as you play the game. Above the machine, you’ll find a jackpot meter, which you can use to monitor the amount you have in the jackpot. So, you can watch your jackpot grow larger and larger every time you place a bet on this colorful display.

Progressive slots can be single machines or networks. On single machines, the jackpot grows only on that slot. Network machines, on the other hand, span across several slots in a casino and even beyond just one casino.

On network machines, the jackpot grows bigger and bigger across the whole slot machines connected to that network, whether in that casino or also in other casinos. A typical example of this game is the Megabucks because it can be found in various casinos.

Progressive slots are not only offered in brick-and-mortar casinos; they are also offered by online casinos. You’ll always find the jackpot meter on the casino website. You can also find this jackpot meter on other websites that offer information about the game.

Cascade is also a very popular feature in video slots. This feature clears up the winning combinations and generates new ones which fall from the top of your screen and thus generating more wins. Therefore you won’t find the same game style for all online video slots, they are unique in a way or the other, and that is the exciting part of the game.

Slot Jackpots

Jackpots are the ultimate prize a slot can offer. As a matter of fact, this is the ultimate goal of every slot player. For you to win a slot jackpot, you must have fulfilled these two conditions;

  1. You need to play the slot jackpot game first,
  2. And then you leave the rest to luck.

If you’re lucky, and the symbols that appear on your game line matches with that of the jackpot, then you win – just like that. Because of this, many game providers offer huge rewards for their jackpots, which can be unstable in some cases, hence resulting in a huge amount of money. However, you also have to bear in mind that there are two different types of jackpots, namely, the fixed slot jackpots and the progressive slot jackpots.

  • Fixed Slot Jackpots: the fixed slot jackpot has a constant amount to win at all times. The reward at stake does not change, it does not vary, and it is constant. If you play countless times, the reward is still the same.

Therefore the best thing you can do is to place your maximum bet on each spin of the game since you already know the reward at stake. You can then rely on luck to hit that winning line that corresponds with the jackpot.

  • Progressive Slot Jackpots: this type of jackpot is more common and accumulates more as you play the game. For each game, a percentage of your bet is added to the jackpot, and it is distributed when you don’t expect it. If it is a single machine, it may take a little while for the jackpot to accumulate to a huge amount; however, if several machines are connected to a network, then the amount of jackpot will accumulate faster.

However, the rewards are distributed randomly – when you don’t expect at all. No one knows when the slot will dispense the rewards, so you don’t know what to expect for the reward. It may only be INR1000 when the jackpot system decides to dispense the reward, and it may have accumulated to millions, and the reward wouldn’t be distributed yet, hence, increasing the players’ excitement.

Slot Software Providers

Slot game providers are also one of the main factors of casinos. However, we have those that have already made names for themselves through the thrilling experience they offer in their game software. Check some of them below;

  • Evolution Gaming: Evolution Gaming has been in the gaming industry for a while and is still in the game of providing a thrilling experience for game players up to date. They have developed several popular slot games in the industry and have been at the top of the game in Europe. Apart from slot games, they have also developed other games like blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and some live dealer games.
  • Microgaming: another top gun in the gaming industry is Microgaming. They have developed about 600 casino games which include video slots, blackjack, texas hold ’em, video poker, dragon tiger, roulette, and many more. They have also been dominant in the gaming industry.
  • NetEnt: since 1996 that Net Entertainment has been established, they have majored in offering Flash-based games. You don’t have to download the casino software; you can stream their games as long as you have a flash player-enabled browser. According to claims, NetEnt does not have any financial stake in online casinos. This is because they wouldn’t want any sort of conflicts with the interests of their customers. However, we can say that that statement is a little bit overstated after all.
  • Playtech: Playtech can boast of games that are equipped with some of the best beautiful designs. Their games offer free spins and a lot of bonus rounds. They also offer progressive slots which promise huge prizes and exciting experience for their online casino players. Not only that, for those that would love to go mobile, they also have mobile apps through which you can access their games on your android or iOS devices. When you talk of the gaming software with one of the biggest offers, which include casino rooms and bingo, then you can talk of Playtech.
  • Novomatic: Novomatic has been providing games for online casinos for over three decades. It is still considered the oldest gaming provider in the industry. They specialize in online video slots, and due to popular demand, they have developed exclusive versions of some of their slots with great themes. The software provider also has some free-to-download skilled-based and e-sports games. Examples of these games include mah-jongg and baccarat.


How are slot sites analyzed at Casinoble?

At Casinoble, we analyze and compare sites, carefully checking these sites and the games they offer. We concentrate more on the essential features a slot has, and after a thorough examination, we recommend only the best online casinos in 2021

Will a slot site that doesn’t meet up with the requirements be recommended?

The first thing a slot must have is a valid license; without this, we cannot recommend it even if it offers the best bonuses. A valid license ensures that the casino holding it will offer a safe and thrilling gaming experience. If an online slot holds a valid license and it offers the features that the best casinos offer, then it will be featured on our recommended list.

How do you know a good slot?

This depends on the taste of the player. Not all games in an online casino will be good; there will always be bad games also. However, if you know how to represent slots on paper, then you’ll know which is good or bad for you.

What is the reason behind online slot’s popularity?

Online slots are popular because they offer a wide variety of bonuses, rewards, technologies, as well as great themes and thrilling experiences. Online slots offer the latest update in terms of technology due to popular demand. These games can be accessed and played from anywhere in the world.

When is the best time for me to look for a bonus?

You can actually get the best of a game only if you know how to use a bonus. There are numerous bonuses out there; however, if they don’t suit your gaming style, they are equally useless. Therefore, watch out for bonuses that fit your game style. Furthermore, you have to check its wagering requirements if it’s something you can achieve.

Which slot software providers are the best?

Undoubtedly, the big names in the gaming industry include Microgaming, Novomatic, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. These software providers have done their very best to stay atop their game.

Where do I get the best slots In India?

We at Casinoble have prepared a list of the best online casinos that offer slot games in India. If you’re interested, you can check our website to see the best slots sites in 2021.

Which slots are the most famous in history?

Mega Moolah, Starburst, Immortal Romance, Legacy of Egypt, Thunderstruck 2, Gonzo’s Quest, Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot, and Jack Hammer 2 – these are the most popular slot games in history.

Is it safe to play slots?

Slots are safe to play as long as the casino holds a valid license and has been verified by the appropriate authorities. However, there are rumors that slots can be manipulated, but slots protect every player by putting some mechanisms in place.

Can I make a fortune at playing slots?

If you are lucky, you can make a fortune from playing slots. However, that’s not what slots are designed for; rather, they are designed to entertain you. Nevertheless, quite a number of people have won huge rewards from playing slots.