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Pros & Cons of UFC Betting

  • Unique betting niche for UFC fans.
  • The most complete MMA sport to bet on.
  • It's becoming more and more popular.
  • Not many betting options compared to other sports.
  • The markets mostly only focus on the major events.
  • Very limited of markets on a lot of sites.

Best UFC Betting Sites

Sites that make it to our recommendation list of UFC betting sites must have met certain firm conditions which we have set. We do not just recommend the first site we come across that offers great promotions or bonuses. Rather, we carry out a detailed analysis of sites that are the best in India in 2024 before we recommend them. Here are the top UFC betting sites you will see in India.

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Last Checked: Jun 13, 2024

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You must have heard of UFC, which is currently gaining ground gradually among bettors and fans. Many popular names are popping up like Khabib Nurmagomedov, Ronda Rousey, Conor McGregor, giving the sports a huge leap from what was obtainable in the past.

At Casinoble, we are here to give you extra thrill and make you have the best betting experience ever. In this article, we will cover information on our requirements, how to make your UFC betting better, mobile apps, and versions.

We will also tutor you on the basics of the top UFC betting sites as well as the best bonuses in India. Don’t miss out on this sport; let’s get started.

New UFC Betting Sites

It is harder for new betting sites to make it to the top of the list because there is a lot of competition out there. That’s why we are here at Casinoble to show our readers the outstanding sites of 2024.

These sites must have modern and innovative features and also meet the requirements we set at Casinoble to reach the top list. Here are the top latest betting sites for UFC.

Trusted Betting Sites

Trusted Betting Sites 2

Trust is a very vital factor when it comes to betting sites because it involves your money. Unfortunately, there are many scams and fraudulent activities on the internet nowadays, such that people now doubt the authenticity of online sites. It is even harder to find a trustworthy site to bet with online, especially with the happenings on the internet nowadays whereby people signup with fraudulent sites and get swindled.

This is why we implement strict (but easy to meet) requirements for betting sites at Casinoble before we recommend them. We usually verify and check all the vital details to ascertain if a sportsbook is worth it. We will explain the 4 most essential points to look out for when choosing a betting site. These points are vital, and we suggest that you also consider them when next you are looking for a trustworthy bookmaker.

Here are the points:

Trusted Betting Sites 2
  • License: This is one of the most important elements in a betting site. If you read reviews about a betting site, you will see that license takes the front stage.  Any bookmaker that wants to offer honest and legal bets must hold a valid license from Curacao, the Malta Gaming Authority, the British Gambling Commission, or another gaming authority.  We will recommend only sites that have up to date license that is well displayed in a visible place on the betting site (usually on the bottom of the homepage).
  • Withdrawal Terms: Players bet with the hope of winning, and when they win, they will have to withdraw their money. However, it is sometimes not so easy to make withdrawals because of the strong terms that are attached. To withdraw your prize or money at a bitcoin casino betting site, you must be conversant with the withdrawal terms of that site. The withdrawal terms include information on what you have to do to receive your money.  This is why we only choose betting sites that offer achievable and fair withdrawal terms.
  • Support: Most betting experts are aware that customer support makes a betting site professional. So, at Casinoble, we ensure that we first contact customer support on a betting site to see how effective they are in assisting customers. Ideal customer support will always be available and ready to reply to inquiries and complaints. With this, we can be sure that such a site will improve bettors and players’ experience.
  • Independent Testing Agencies: Sometimes, a license is not enough to ascertain the legality of a betting site, especially if you do not have prior knowledge of the page. This is where independent testing agencies come in. These agencies are private laboratories that also carry out tests on betting sites to ascertain their legality. eCOGRA is an example of these laboratories. They guarantee players (existing and new) that the betting sites which they have tested are trustworthy. The laboratories give the betting sites certificates after they have passed their test. So, in addition to the license, also look out for a seal from an independent testing agency before you sign up with a betting site. The seal implies that the sites offer what they claim to offer.

Betting Bonus


Every player longs for mouthwatering bonuses because it helps them to play more games and get more wins. There are many other reasons why the bonus is good; for example, it improves the overall gaming experience. Betting sites know the importance of bonuses, and they also know that players sought after it a lot, so they have also released varieties of bonuses to match their customer’s preferences.

Today, there are lots of bonuses on betting sites that attract players to a casino. This bonus comes in various forms, which we will explain below. Bonuses are hot cakes for casinos; it makes the competition even better. Every casino tries to outshine the other with massive bonuses to convince players to choose them over competitors.

Now, let’s get started as we explain the top bonuses you will find for UFC betting in 2024. We will focus on the primary bonuses that are available on the internet in India and can improve your betting. Also, we will give you additional information on bonus terms and conditions, free bets, no deposit bonuses, and deposit bonuses. Carefully read along.

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus is everywhere on the internet. Virtually all online casinos and betting sites offer a deposit bonus, and there are lots of them. A deposit bonus is a form of bonus that a player receives as a welcome gift when they join the site. In this case, several bonuses are usually divided into different parts. Just like the name implies, a deposit bonus is largely dependent on the amount of money a player deposits.

Normally, a certain percentage is fixed for the bonus; this percentage ranges from 50% to 300%, depending on the betting site. So a player is given that percentage of the money he deposits as a deposit bonus.  For instance, if a player deposits 20INR and the casino offers him a 100% bonus, he will receive an additional 20INR as a bonus to play on the site. Deposit bonuses also include free spins and free bets.

  • No Deposit Bonus: This bonus type is in contrast with the deposit bonus. It is smaller than the deposit bonus, but it is enough to be used to test a betting site. Many players love this bonus because it does not require them to make a deposit. Players receive no deposit bonus when they sign up on a betting site; they can use the bonus to test new games (old players) or to generally explore the betting site (new players) to know if it’s worth it.Like the deposit bonus, this bonus even attracts more customers to the sites and reduces gambling risk since the player does not have to deposit their money.
  • Terms and Conditions: We have been able to establish that terms and conditions are very vital, especially in a bonus. You need to know the terms and conditions of a bonus before you accept it. Terms and conditions include important information on how you should bet so that you can receive a bonus or withdraw your money, among other vital information. A player must pay attention to these terms and conditions, read them well, and understand them before rushing to agree to them. If you fail to do this, you might not be able to receive your money or a bonus from the site.

Free Bets on UFC

You must have come across free bets one or more times when you visit a site to bet on UFC. Free bets are like the official currency of a bookmaker, which they offer to a player to use on their site.

Although free bets may seem like a marketing strategy to appeal to bettors, it truly helps to boost a player’s bet. This is why there are more promotions with a focus on free bets.

It is easy to find free bets; simply check the UFC betting site’s welcome offer. Once you sign up with them, you start to enjoy the numerous free bets available through their promotions.

UFC Betting Apps

UFC Betting Apps

Advancement in technology has led to the emergence of apps which exists for all kinds of services, games, store, activities, etc. Thus, there are apps for UFC betting sites as well. Players bet more using apps on mobile devices than on a computer or traditional bookmakers. Therefore, UFC betting sites have targeted the app market in a bid to make players enjoy the comfortability that comes with mobile betting.

People love to bet on UFC betting apps because they have a lot of advantages. Players can bet anywhere and anytime on the go on every casino game (e.g., roulette or blackjack), odds, sports, or markets. The same thing applies to mobile casinos, which are already reigning supreme in the gaming industry.

UFC Betting Apps
Bet on UFC

Bet on the UFC

Bet on UFC

With the increasing popularity of UFC and the general growth of sports over the years, betting on the UFC is gradually becoming royalty. Sports betting now attracts more followers and fans.  However, many people find it hard to understand UFC betting because of its complex nature in comparison to other sports. This is why we at Casinoble will explain the basics of UFC betting to you. You will also learn how to improve your betting.

Our focus is on the best UFC betting in India. Knowledge of this information will get you ready to bet anywhere and anytime. Let’s get to it.

Betting Options

UFC betting boasts of many betting options that are similar to other sports. New fans and bettors of UFC will embrace this news because they do not have to learn new betting options again. For beginners on the most dominant and renowned UFC betting sites, there are betting options such as the iconic ‘Moneyline,’ ‘Round Betting’ (which determines the fight’s rounds), and the ‘Method of Victory’ that determines who wins the fight. Knowledge of these three basic betting options will give players a good head start that will propel them into other UFC betting options.

Betting Systems

You must be well versed with the betting systems in a game to become an expert in that game. The same applies to UFC betting, where players are encouraged to have a betting system that is unique to them. The betting system will allow the player to have a plan which will help him/her to reduce risks and improve winnings. It makes no sense to bet only on fights that carry high odds. Only with an easy-to-use practical system will a player have the consistency that will catapult them to a higher betting level.

Live Betting

Almost everything is done online nowadays. The world is now global, connected by the internet. This has had its effect on betting as well with the introduction of live betting. Players love live betting because it feels so real. It balances the playing field between the players and the bookmakers.

Live betting is even made easier with smartphones and tablets. Players find it easy to bet in live casinos from the comfort of their homes and still get big wins anytime.

Boxing Odds

Odds often vary in UFC, especially in live betting. There are several types of odds available depending on the site and the time. However, things might change before a tournament or fight.

There is usually a high interest in promotions and odds when many people are interested in the events. This is why we at Casinoble advise our readers to keep the odds under control.

Work with what you know!

Improve your Betting

Players need to improve their betting from time to time to make them even better bettors. Here are three vital tips that will help you become an expert on bets and get larger wins.

  • Focus: Focus is everything. You have to be focused on odds, markets, and happenings on the betting sites. This will put you at an advantage and help you place better odds.
  • Data/ Information: Information is very vital. Players must collect information on events, training sessions, fights, tournaments, and athletes themselves. This will help players to know the outcomes that will benefit them.
  • Hedge Bet Live: This is a trick used by expert bettors to increase their chances of winning and reduce risk. It involves a player splitting their bets and not placing them all on only one odd.
  • This type of betting is ideal for UFC as it allows a player to analyze the situations on ground.

Online vs. Offline

Online vs Offline

People can place bets offline or online, but online betting is gradually displacing offline betting. Offline betting refers to those traditional bookmakers in brick and mortar casinos, while online betting is the new trend where people bet using mobile devices anywhere and anytime.

At Casinoble, our focus is on online betting, which is why we provide information and guides for our readers on bonuses, payment methods, casino games, sports, and lots more.

Online vs Offline

Responsible Betting

Our primary concern at Casinoble is to always create a responsible and safe domain for our readers. We give attention to responsible gambling, write articles, create guides and tips to aid online betting and gambling.

If you think you need assistance in putting your gambling habit or money under check, we advise you seek help. You certainly do not need to be fearful since everyone is capable of losing control.


UFC betting in India is quite simple. The UFC sport is very famous that a lot of betting site offers a deal of special variety. Check our recommendations at Casinoble to find out the finest ones.


All that is required for a wonderful online UFC betting experience is a good site. Good sites endeavor to offer the very best possible experience. Check the betting site features on Casinoble to get a better understanding.


It is easy to find UFC bonuses in India because they are very common. The customary way of getting these bonuses is by signing up on an online betting site, fund your account, or taking part in promotions.


The requirements to redeem bonuses are critical, not just with UFC. This is because they give you information on what must be done to withdraw your funds and bonus.


The ideal time to place your bet on UFC is during a live event. When you go along with a fight closely and are abreast of the happening, the market moves in your favor.


History records the most viewed fight had about 2.4 million Pay-Per-View buys. This feat was achieved during UFC 229 fight between Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov.


To know more about UFC betting, visit Casinoble to read our articles and guides. We explore and clarify every single detail regarding UFC betting.


In a similar way to most combat sports, UFC also has several main events that are well developed. There are three betting choices which include ‘Method of Victory,’ ‘Moneyline,’ and ‘Round Betting.’


Certainly, there are several betting sites with special bonus offers and dedicated events just for UFC sport. This is why at Casinoble, we recommend top-rated sites with amazing UFC offerings.


Although there are experts who specialize in online betting, however, we do not advise anyone to attempt to gain financial stability through online betting. We at Casinoble desire our readers to take pleasure in online betting just as they enjoy other activities. They must derive fun and can control their habit.




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Lukas is one of the leading authors at Casinoble. He entered the casino world through his passion for online poker. Lukas is also a dedicated sports betting fan. At Casinoble, Lukas usually writes about Live Dealer Games, Sportsbetting and Betting Strategies.

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