Famous roulette cheats that have succeeded

What Is Roulette

The game in which a ball is dropped onto a revolving wheel is known as roulette. The wheel also has different numbered compartments and players place a bet on one of these numbers trying to guess where the ball will come to a rest. Wherever the ball comes to rest the person who picked that number they will win a substantial amount of money depending on the odds. The word roulette originated in France and is a French word. The live casino game was first played in Paris and it is said by historians that it was first played as early as 1796. The game has really gained a head of steam in the 19th century and has quickly become one of the most popular casino games throughout Europe and the United States.

Live Roulette Online India

The use of the French double zero wheels started being used and New Orleans and Mississippi. Then this wheel eventually worked its way up west to the western casinos. When playing roulette there are many different options and many different ways of winning. The game of roulette also has betting limits and the wheels number sequence goes from 0 to 36. The odd numbers are always red and the even numbers are always black. The game is basically summed up that the ball spins in one direction, the wheel spins in the opposite direction, and the ball takes a few random bounces making the results a fair and random process.

How To Cheat In Roulette

When gambling whether online or in a physical casino it is very difficult to cheat and be successful at it. It has been said that casinos have not just caught the players cheating but on some occasions, the dealers are cheating as well. Any time money is involved no one can be trusted not even casino employees. The two most common forms of cheating are mechanical cheating and digital cheating. Mechanical cheating is when the ball or roulette wheel is being manipulated by the use of tools such as magnets and padding. When magnets are used they are put on the roulette table and on the ball. This allows the cheaters to possibly control what number the ball will land on. The purpose of padding is to allow the ball to bounce on a certain number more than other numbers.

In today’s time with the use of technology digital cheating has become very relevant. Some people use computers and the laws of physics to try and predict where the roulette ball will land. There was a gentleman by the name of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo who used a computer program that analyzed how the ball was landing on the roulette wheel and he made millions but he was eventually banned from every casino in America.

The most impressive cheat was Monique Laurent she used a hidden controller in a package of cigarettes that controlled the roulette ball. She was able to win over 1 million dollars with this cheating method. The reason why it was so impressive is that there were no computers and no technology during this time it was actually back in the early 1970s. Other successful training methods that are used when playing roulette are sleight of hand and a biased the wheel.