NetEnt live casino games; Roulette and Blackjack

When you partner with NetEnt Live you will find yourself partnering with someone that is driving and innovating change in the market of live gaming. They push the changes with customized digital solutions that will allow your online casino to offer an amazing experience to your players. The mission at NetEnt Live is to work not only with the owners of casinos, but their customers as well to develop amazing mobile live casinos. Their “mobile-first” approach was designed mainly to get close to the players. It is also based on their insight and is focused on the player's demands and needs. They have worked in the players' passion and experiences into their products in order to create the user experience that is truly unique.

NetEnt Live's strength is the result of several different parts. They have chroma key technology that gives their customers infinite possibilities when it comes to bespoken branding. They have a complete range of mobile games, and they have the best user experience that the industry can offer. This along with their dealers that are both outgoing and professional they are the partner that any casino company should want to have.

They are starting to change the world of live casinos by partnering with the operators to drive new innovations. They are relentless when it comes to their quest to find the newest and best ways to create and become the player's favorite mobile live casino. This is what they like to call Better Live Gaming.

They have already taken the classic game of roulette and put their own twist on it. Their roulette game comes to an interface that is easy to use, perfectly synchronized audio, outstanding streaming, and their video ability guarantees a seamless player experience. Players are able to enjoy roulette in either portrait or landscape mode. They also have the freedom to switch between the felt stream and the video stream during the game. The player is also able to place bets during the spin just like in a land-based casino. This is a feature that most other companies do not offer and it is very much appreciated by your seasoned players. NetEnt Live's version of Roulette is available in several different languages with a very wide range of branding options to help compliment a fully localized gaming portfolio.

Netent - Live Blackjack

There is no doubt that Blackjack is a true casino classic. NetEnt Live's blackjack is chock-full of beautiful graphics and an innovative user interface. Blackjack is available with a very wide range of table limits with several tables in order to guarantee seating. Like all live casino games, they also have low latency, good crisp streaming quality, and interaction in real-time. All of these features make NetEnt Live casino the number 1 choice of most players. Live Blackjack also has table statistics and even an on-screen history of the dealers previous 10 hands. These are just a few examples of how innovative features can really create an enjoyable and fair experience for the players.

They have a Common Draw Blackjack table that is anything but ordinary. You are able to have hundreds of people playing with multiple different currencies all at one time. One of the best parts is that you are able to cater for an UNLIMITED number of players at every table. This helps make sure that no player is disappointed. This very scalable version is available as a low limit blackjack as well. This gives the players the perfect opportunity to enjoy other card games while waiting for a seat with the standard 7 box Live Blackjack table, isn't that amazing!



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