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What is Live Blackjack Online?

Blackjack is played in casinos throughout the world, so what is live blackjack online? Well, it’s a game of blackjack where none of the players are physically present, but where there is a real live table and dealer. One benefit is that it saves you having to travel to join in.
Using clever software and camera technology, a live online blackjack game captures all the atmosphere of a real casino. You'll often be able to chat to the dealer. All you need is a good internet connection and a device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. Oh, and don’t forget, some skill and luck.

How to play Blackjack

The object of the game in blackjack is to score 21 or as close as possible to it without going over and “busting”. Players never play against each other, but instead play against the dealer. The dealer begins the game by dealing two cards to all players.
All the cards dealt by the dealer are face up, but one of his/her own two cards is face down. In clockwise order, players will then play their hands according to the card the dealer is showing. They will elect to draw further cards (hit) or not (stand) based on probability.
Live Casino Blackjack India

Basic Rules of Blackjack

Once all players have played their hands, the dealer flips over his downturned card and plays his/her hand. Once the value of the cards reaches 17 or more, the dealer must stand, so any player with a better hand at that point wins. A two-card hand of 21 is a natural blackjack hand.
There are other options open to blackjack players: doubling down and splitting. The former allows players to double their bet based on the turn of just one more card. This is common with a hand of 10 or 11. Players can also split a pair and play two hands, thus doubling their original bet.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

Although blackjack relies heavily on luck, of course it’s also a game of numbers and probability. There are certain strategies that seasoned players will use. For instance, a pair of aces or 8s will often be split. The first offers a chance of two blackjack hands and the second is deemed undesirable.
When doubling down on hands, players usually bet on a winning single card with a value of 10 or 11. If the dealer's card is high value, players tend to draw more cards to gain a better score. When the dealer’s card is low value, they’ll stand with a lesser score and hope that the dealer busts.

Playing Blackjack in India

Playing blackjack in a physical casino is possible in India, but you might have to travel to do it. There are three states that permit casinos: Daman, Goa and Sikkim. At the last count, there were eighteen casinos in Goa, five in Sikkim and one in Daman.
Since gambling laws differ from state to state, the legality of online gambling varies in India. There is no explicit law in most states (except Maharashtra) that makes it illegal. Several international online casinos welcome Indian players and accept rupees as currency. It's therefore possible to play blackjack online throughout much of India.

All you need to know about online blackjack!

Does blackjack have the better odds of any game?

Blackjack have the best odds of any game that someone can play. That distinction also belongs to a European form of Roulette that has only one zero. However, blackjack has better odds because of the way that it is played where players can split hands and play only against the dealer.

What are Las Vegas rules?

These are the rules that are used in downtown Vegas on the Strip. This means that the dealer will hold on soft 17, and there is insurance allowed. These are the basic that most other people copy just because Vegas is the most popular place for people to go.

What is the best strategy for blackjack?

The strategy is not always going to be the same because there are a lot of people who will have to learn how to play based on the rules from these other places. The player who is trying to use the best strategy needs to know the numbers of decks that are used first. This is the only way people can make the best choices.

Do other players impact your long term results?

Other players at the blackjack table are playing their own game. There are a lot of people who try to play the other players, but that will never give you any good results. This also means that you need to ignore these other players. You will lose money if you try to copy their game or outplay them.

When would I take insurance?

You should never take insurance because the odds are not very good. Someone who counts cards might make money because they know the odds, but the standard player cannot make that calculation.

What is the worst common play?

You should never hit on 19 or 20 because that is just not a good idea. These are things that cause you to lose 70% of the time. That also means that you are taking your chances when you could just take the money that you are more likely to win.

Are single-deck or multi-deck games better?

Single-deck games are usually better than multi-deck games because you have a half-percent disadvantage in multi-deck games. However, you are not ask tempted to see patterns in the game or hope to get a card you have not seen yet when there are multiple decks in the hand.

If Blackjack can be beaten, why are you not winning more?

The blackjack that people are playing is a beatable game, but that does not mean that they can win all the time. The strategy is easy to use, and it can help people win more often than not. However, a game like this is still random. This still means that most people will run into bad luck here and there.

What are the best blackjack books?

Beat The Dealer and The Theory of Blackjack are both wonderful books written by men who were trying to give people the best strategy to win in this game. The books have very simple strategies, and they make it easier for people to learn how to play this game and become profitable.

How much can you make counting cards?

Counting cards actually causes most people to lose money. The people who count cards and make the news are savants. People who are counting cards as a hobby will lose money because they lose count here and there. That also means that people who are counting cards have a lot of trial and error before they get good at it.

Is card counting illegal?

Card counting is no illegal, but it is frowned upon in most casinos. People get kicked out or banned in casinos when they are caught using it.

What is the best way to count cards?

There is no better way to count cards because there is no system that will make people rich. Someone who is trying to make money counting cards has to come up with their own system that they can repeat because the process is very complicated.

What are the top play variations for card counters?

The top play is to take insurance and stand on 16 when the dealer only has 10. Everything else is not as profitable to the player.

If blackjack is beatable, why do casinos have it?

Most people cannot beat blackjack, and that is why the casinos will host it. They know that they can make money from people who are just playing for fun, and they will make even more money from people who are not very good at the game even if they are convinced that they will be good at it.

Is card counting the only way to play?

Card counting is only one way to play, and there are a lot of people who would not card count because they know that they do not have the mental capacity to do so. There are many strategies that people can use to win in the game, and they will find that they can make more money on their own system instead of just feeling like they are supposed to card count.

What are the best factors for a blackjack game?

The casino is supposed to have a liberal policy, and there are many people who will want to be sure that they can go to a casino that will make it easier on them. This is why people need to look carefully at the rules of the casino before they start betting.

I want to learn how to win? What do I do?

Winning in this game is a very simple thing to do when someone has a strategy that works for them. There are a lot of people who are trying to learn by studying, but they also need to be sure that they have found a strategy that will work for them.

Do casinos ban card counters?

Casinos ban card counters in most cases, but they cannot ban people if they have not been detected.

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