What is Live Three Card Poker?

Live three-card poker is an online version of the casino table game that has players participating remotely but able to see card dealings in real time. It is a game that has joined the online fray just recently but is quickly overtaking other games in popularity.
The game uses Ante and Play wagers, which pit the players against the dealer. Live three-card poker online is pretty much similar to the version played in brick-and-mortar casinos. It is, however, a simplified form of ordinary poker that allows the game to end quickly and has easy to understand rules as required in casino games.

Basic Rules of Three Card Poker

Players are each dealt three cards, which they use to play against the dealer. There are two popular formats on which punters place their money: The Ante wager and the Play wager.

Players place wagers before the cards are dealt. After dealing, Ante wagers are allowed to either fold or continue.

An Ante wager willing to continue playing after the hand is dealt must place a Play wager that matches the Ante. The continuation of the game depends on whether the dealer plays or not. The result is either a 1 to 1 payout for one wager, both wagers or no action at all.

Basic Strategy of Three Card Poker

Three-card poker is a fast game hence the need for a swift strategy. The simplest trick is to begin with an Ante wager so you have the option to fold early if the hand looks unfavorable. Staking pair-plus odds also increases a player's winning chances.
With pair-plus, a player is set up for up to 22,100 card outcomes. It becomes possible to win on pairs (e.g. two hearts and a diamond), straight flush (e.g. 6,7, 8 of diamonds), three of a kind (e.g. three tens), flush (e.g. three diamonds), straight (e.g. 8, 9,10 of different kinds) and No Pairs.
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History of Three Card Poker

The earliest version of three-card poker was the 16th century's ‘three-card brag.' The casino version of the game is however relatively young having first been introduced in 1994. Derek Webb created the game with the aim of eliminating the slowness of poker to make it acceptable in casinos.

He also sought to make it lucrative enough for players and house owners by introducing attractive payments and equally pleasant house edges. Casino owners in both the UK and the US were reluctant to adopt the game at first.

The game first took root in a Mississippi casino around 1998 and has grown exponentially since then.

Play Three Card Poker in India

Indian casinos have been relatively slow in introducing three-card poker online, with most lovers of the game having to play the flash version online. Land-based casinos are further ahead in offering three-card poker. The game is quickly gaining popularity over games like Paplu and Teen Patti.
Online, Dafabet is the most popular place to play live three-card poker online in India. The iPoker network gaming site allows players to deposit their cash in Indian rupees. These are then exchanged into US dollars which can be used to place stakes when playing. Dafa does not charge currency exchange fees and is free to join.

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