Guide to choosing the best online casino

Online Casino Reliability

If you go into a Las Vegas Casino and put down $100,000 to bet the New England Patriots win this year's Superbowl, and Pat's win, you can go to the casino the next day, and cash your $80,000 winnings plus your original bet within 15 minutes of presenting your winning ticket. That's because the casino is heavily licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission.

However, if you happen to bet on an online casino based in Costa Rica, which has absolutely no regulations concerning gaming at all, you could be banking actually betting against one of Mexico's or Columbia's drug cartels, and if they steal your deposit, so what? You can't complain to the Costa Rican government or count on the mythical owner of the internet to save you.

So, the number one rule is to deal only with a live casino that has a gambling license that is trustworthy. At present, there are two:

There are places where online casinos operate only from residents of those countries,
but for the most part, online casino's can be broken down into three distinct categories:

  • Totally unlicensed and regulated casinos
  • Casinos operating in a grey area, they meet a minimum of regulations but the word minimum is the norm
  • Malta and the UK licensed casinos, that emphasizes fairness and accountability

If gambling online with any casino other than that which is licensed by Malta and the UK, players are begging to be cheated on by the casino.



Welcoming bonuses and promotions play a great factor in which online casinos people gamble at. So read their terms and conditions carefully. Gamblers may find that the most they can claim on free spins are $100, so even if winning a $10,000 slot on a free spin, they won't collect a dime. Deposit cash bonuses, sometimes given on a one to one

basis, may require 35, or even 50 times that in actual gambling to collect.

Game Selection

Game collection is important, as is the company which designed the live casino games. Be on the lookout, in particular for live, online gambling such as blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and poker.


Most online casinos are open 24 hours, but you never know.

Payment options

A good online casino should have no fewer than 20 company options to deposit money with.

Cash-out processing times

Most casinos have a minimum of 48 hours, some 72, or more in which to payout winnings and deposits. Be informed in advance by reading the terms in service. Also, before you deposit, check out a few review sites to see if the cash-outs are prompt.

Mobile Friendly

Online casinos have long figured out many gamblers want to access online gaming on a cell-phone. Be sure there is mobile access, and also determine if it's necessary to download an app to play.

Customer Support

Look for 24-hour customer support. If it's necessary to send an email or text and wait for a reply, the chances and issue will be resolved promptly plummets.

Good luck and enjoy the best gambling experience possible by choosing a casino carefully.



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