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Pros & Cons of eSport Betting

  • One of the fastest growing sports.
  • Most of the most popular games are available.
  • Great focus on the most important tournaments.
  • Only a few betting sites offer eSports.
  • You must know the games before you bet.
  • Only major tournaments have great odds and markets.

Top eSport Betting in 2024

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Last Checked: Apr 17, 2024

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eSports has taken the betting world by storm. Despite been a fairly recent sport, its betting has recorded tremendous success, especially in patronage. eSports is a revolutionary game-changer for the betting world at large.  Players love eSports, and they bet on it well, such that it has now gained more recognition than NBA betting globally. eSports has only been in existence for a few years, but it has managed to become the favorite of most bettors.

This is why our betting experts at Casinoble have been tasked with the responsibility of gathering vital all the vital information about eSports and bringing it to the knowledge of our readers. This information will tell you how betting on eSports works, the top betting sites available, markets, odds, top tips on the most common games, and any other questions or inquiries you may have.

Carefully read along with this article, and don’t miss out on eSport in India, as it could be the beginning of your next betting quest.  Additional good news for all eSports fans is that we at Casinoble will keep on bringing the best analysis and reviews of games, tournaments, events, and much more to you in 2024.

How We Review

Unlike other comparison sites out there on the net, Casinoble is different because we put so much effort into offering our readers the best results from top bookmakers around the world. To do this, we have an experienced expert team who do not rest on their oars as they keep pushing to actualize our goal of bringing you unique offers in 2024. At Casinoble, we use several requirements and factors to guide ourselves to ensure that our selection process is always transparent and honest. All the esport sites we recommend have passed all our tests and met our criteria and requirements. So, here’s how we test these sites. You can also look out for these things when you analyze an eSports betting site.

  • Theme: Certain things attract players to the interface of a betting site. One of such things is the theme. The theme of an online gambling site is very sensitive and important; it tells a lot about the fun that the site has to offer.  The theme helps bettors to appreciate the environment. eSports is a very modern and active sport, so players expect to get an outstanding proposition from the sites.
  • Graphics: Graphics is similar to theme, as they serve almost the same purpose. The graphics of a site is the design of the interface. Bettors will choose betting sites with modern design over those who look like they are from the olden days. Good quality graphics make eSports betting more appealing.
  • Technology: We all know that technology has advanced so much, especially in this 21st century, and it surrounds us in all aspects of our lives. This applies to eSports betting sites too. eSport sites are expected to have the latest technology trends in line with modern standards. This is why we test the sites we recommend on different browsers and devices to see if they work well. It also helps us to be sure of their fluidity and efficiency.
  • Entertainment Level: Although people bet because they want to win, there must also be some level of fun in betting. If players get bored or lost on a betting site, they will not love to visit such a site again. This is why entertainment level is a vital factor to consider when choosing a betting site. A good eSports betting site will know how to entertain those who visit the site. The site often does this through various bonuses, odds, or markets.
  • Betting Bonuses: Like we mentioned earlier, the primary aim of betting is to win something in return. In this case, it is not only about the betting section. It also encompasses bonuses for all bet types; it could be a cashback or a deposit bonus. Bonuses increase bettor’s interest and trust in a sportsbook and attract new customers.
  • Free Bets: This is the most sought-after aspect of all bookies. Some bookmakers go as far as advertising-free bets on TV and the internet, while others make it a little more challenging. At Casinoble, we always look out for the top free bet offers to recommend to you. This is because we know the importance of free bets. It allows you to play with more money that exceeds your expectations.
  • Game Selection: A betting site must offer a good game selection. This does not only apply to eSports games only but casino games in general. Experts bettors know better about this. Game selection distinguishes qualified sites from immature ones that just want to follow the online casino trend.
  • Withdrawal Terms: This is another important factor to look out for because it entails information that concerns your winnings; after all, you are playing to win. Withdrawal terms include information about how you can withdraw your winnings. Betting sites always require a certain amount before a player can make a withdrawal. This amount is usually contained in the withdrawal terms. Withdrawal terms vary from one casino to the other, and they are usually more favorable than one another. So we choose sites that have favorable withdrawal terms where bonus conditions do not surpass specific wagering requirements.
  • Payment Methods: A good site must have a variety of payment methods available so that bettors can deposit with ease. The site must accept modern payment methods like MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, among others.
  • Support Ways: Communication is important in betting; communication between the sites and the bettors. It’s even much easier now to communicate with many available channels. A good bookie should have an efficient and functional phone number, live chat, among other modes of communication. They should be readily available 24/7, even on public holidays. An efficient means of communication helps players to trust the sites since they are sure that they will get help when they want to make inquires or ask questions.
  • Customer Service: Every honest and good betting site must have competent customer service. The customer service provides help and support to bettors and ensures a fraud-free and safe environment. On the other hand, bettors value good customer service because they assist them in getting a bonus and also help them during withdrawals.

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

New eSport Betting Sites

New betting sites keep coming up every day on the internet. While this is a good development, the bad news is that not all these sites are safe and genuine, especially those who major in eSports. That is why we filter the sites at Casinoble and separate the bad ones from the good ones while recommending only the good eSports mobile and betting sites to our esteem readers to guarantee them the best betting experience.

All these betting sites also have their requirements which include odds, markets, and a variety of games. However, the most essential feature of all is license. A good betting site must carry a license from a gambling authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the British Gambling Commission.

Some countries are very strict with betting site requirements. Every betting site that offers legal bets in Britain is mandated to be licensed by the British Gambling Commission. You are advised to avoid any new or existing site that does not have a license from the appropriate authority because they cannot offer trustworthy betting.

That is why we are always vigilant than usual in India so that we can recommend only eSports betting sites that are trustworthy and that carries a license.

Real Money Betting

Real Money Betting

Well, there’s no point betting without money on eSports. Like any other sport, betting on eSports is always a thrill. The tournaments and games are made in a way that makes it enjoyable to bet with money.

Over time, more eSports betting sites keep introducing new bets and allow players to bet on specialized details of the game. In the past, almost everything was ‘Handicap,’ ‘Outright Winner,’ ‘Match Winner,’ but there is nearly everything now. There are also specific-game bets for fans of eSports, such as first map bets (CS: GO) or Dragon or Tower bets in LOL (League of Legends).

As time goes on, we will expect to see complete markets on eSports betting sites, just like football, especially with the way games like Dota 2, Fortnite, or Overwatch are enjoying rapid growth. Besides, we must also consider the money involved in eSports. The amount of money in eSports has tripled over the years, all thanks to the high patronage the sport receives.

The current tournaments even broke Guinness records, and now, the biggest prize pool is up to $100 million. This implies that eSports is a top sport and is not going to fall with the rest.

Real Money Betting
Betting Bonuses eSports

Betting Bonuses

Betting Bonuses eSports

eSports equally attracts big bonuses for single matches and the entire tournaments, just like all other online gambling. Some eSports betting sites have their specialty on formulating events that are about eSports alone.

This development has given eSport a weight that some other sports have to carry. Free bets are one of the most popular bonuses, closely followed by deposit and welcome bonuses. Free bets fit in well with most eSports bettor’s styles, and this has made them gained massive popularity in the online gambling world. However, what you will see on some other sites are the welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonuses include an amount of bonus or money that can only be used to play this sport. Then we also have the no deposit and deposit bonuses.

The no deposit bonuses are the fastest-growing type of bonuses as they are well sought-after by players who do not want to risk their money on gambling yet.

This is exactly how a no deposit bonus and a deposit bonus work.

  • Deposit Bonus: This bonus is the most fundamental of all. All that is required is for a player to make a deposit of a certain amount, and he/she will get a percentage of that amount back as a bonus. This percentage can range from 50% to 200%. A deposit bonus is easy to come by on the internet. For instance, if a player receives a 200% bonus, it implies that he/she will get double the amount that was deposited. The bonus can come either as free bets or in bookie credit. A practical example is a player that deposits 100 INR, and the betting site offers a 200% bonus and another 50 INR in free bets. Then, the player will get another 200 INR in bookie credit and 50 INR in free bets. The player can then use both the free bets and bookie credit to bet on that site.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Like the name implies, no deposit bonus is a different type of bonus, but it is equally sought-after by players. This bonus type is different from the deposit bonus because it does not require a deposit. Most new players love this bonus type because it allows them to test the betting site without spending money. Existing players also use no deposit bonus to test new games that are offered from a betting site. The way these bonus works is that players are given a certain amount to use to play games for free on a betting site. Although this amount is usually small especially compared to the deposit bonus, it is enough to try out the site and see if it is good or not. Note that no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses have wagering requirements and bonus conditions.

Free Bets

Like we have mentioned earlier, free bets are the major focus of all sports betting. All bookmakers offer free bets because they know the importance, and they do not want to lose their customers. Thus, you will find free bets everywhere on the internet, especially on popular eSports tournaments. It is very easy to understand free bets at a sportsbook.

You will be given an amount of credit by the site, which you can use on the same site. You cannot withdraw the free bets; rather, you must play with it on the site. To understand free bets, see it like a voucher you have to cash in at your preferred shop. Free bets are a great way to boost your bet, although it is not real money. They particularly help you when you want to spread your bets into various stages or when you place multi bets in an eSport tournament or games.


We suggest that you look at a sport that you are already accustomed to in the betting world to understand how eSports odds work. Betting sites are gradually adapting to the constant growth of eSports.

So, we may not have all the odds we want to have yet, but we can slowly see that the market is flourishing and is becoming a hotspot for fans of eSports.

eSports Online

eSports Online

It is not surprising that eSports is focused on the online market with the surge in the number of online bettors. eSports is the first-ever completely virtual sport whereby players work purely on their skills which they will see on the screen, rather than working on their qualities and physique.

eSports has attracted a lot of attention from popular betting sites across the globe and also streaming sites like Twitch. Bookmakers around the world have managed to gradually incorporate the happening in the largest eSports environments.

They have also enabled betting on all big tournaments of the different games. eSports is a huge market in India, with thousands and hundreds of fans of top games making a move to betting sites. This has made eSports one of the most famous betting sites in India.

This is just the beginning; eSports is bound to blow up pretty bigger with the introduction of more games, while more odds and markets will also come up.

We will show you the existing impressive game line-up

eSports Online

Biggest eSports


Biggest eSportss

Here are games that have taken the industry by storm, boasting millions of fans from all over the world. Note that eSports also have large prize pools that are more than several million dollars in addition to several special events, divisions, rankings, leagues, and tournaments.

Below is a list of the top 11 popular 2024 eSports games

LOL (League of Legends)


This eSports game enjoys a very high level of patronage of up to 100 million players every month. LOL is in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) computer games.

In MOBA, 2 teams of 5 players each fight against each other to destroy the opponent’s base. Players can choose from the over a hundred characters available in the game.

The map in LOL is always the same. It is usually crossed by 3 roads connecting the 2 bases. Some creatures referred to as minions appear from time to time.

When minions die near an opposing champ, they give the player experience. If the champ gets the last hit, minions also give the player gold to upgrade their inventory.

Some other uncontrolled exists, and they also provide bonuses and gold, which have been dispersed around the map. Both competitive and casual players are familiar with League of Legends, making it the most followed eSports in the whole world.

LOL has a system of franchises and leagues that allows professionals to be stable.



Otherwise called Counter-Strike, this game is the oldest eSports ever. Surprisingly, the game was created almost by accident. It has been in existence for more than two decades now.

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter game that has recorded success in the gaming world. Twenty years of existence have rubbed off on this game, serving to polish the gameplay to make it perfect like the original formula.

Now the formula has come to life in CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive), which is the most recent release in the series. It is also the official ‘Counter’ to all purposes and intents.

The Counter-Strike approach is straightforward. It entails two teams, counter-terrorist and terrorist. One team tries to plant a bomb to blow everything up, while the other teams do everything within their power to prevent the bomb blast. In this game, one does not have to specify who is the robber and cop; instead, it is usually decided in a 15-rounds best.

Games have 2 possible outcomes in CS: GO. One possibility is if the anti-terrorists neutralize the bomb and take a drink to celebrate their win. The other possibility is that the terrorists can take everyone out.

This implies that once the terrorists have planted the explosive before they die, the cops can prevent a blast by fast-tracking.

Dota 2


This is a free-to-play game in the Action Real-Time Strategy (ARST) genre. Dota 2 is currently the most engaging video game on the net, with 40million players on the daily roster.

The game made it to the Guinness World Record in 2014 for the amount of money offered and a high number of users in major eSports competitions. The game set the record at its tournament called The International, where $10 million was on offer.

The game went on to break the earlier record and set another one a year later in 2015 with another offer of $18 million. Dota 2 didn’t stop there as it offered $21 million again in 2016, which was divided among the professional teams.

Dota 2, as an eSports video game, distributes the largest share of money in all official competitions. Dota 2 video game often includes a map and an ancestor that the player must defend so that the game will not end when it is knocked down.

Three major lines with two central towers and three towers each protect the ancestor. Each line has 2 barracks, one with melee Creeps (soldiers) and the other with distance creeps (soldiers).

Similarly, there are alternative paths where players can collect natural Creeps and gold in a place called Jungle. The main aim of the game is for the players to destroy the towers, which will then allow the player to reach the other ancestor (the enemy) and break it down to win.


Call of Duty


This is a recent game launched and developed by Activision at a time when there is a strong battle for the release of video games.

The game was titled Call of Duty: Warzone. The game dropped in the hot genre in 2020, and it enjoyed so much fame and success. Six months after its launch, Activision has announced plans to make Call of Duty an official eSport. The new release will form a part of the 2024 Call of Duty League.

Johanna Faries, director of the Call of Duty League, recently spoke concerning the future and goal of the competition, both in terms of format and variety and competitively.

However, Johanna did not release information as to how Call of Duty: Warzone will play out in the Call of Duty League.

StarCraft II

For many years now, StarCraft has been the king of eSports maintaining surprising popularity in Asia. Long before League of Legends came into play and revolutionized the industry, StarCraft was the king of eSports.

StarCraft is a sci-fi real-time strategy title from Blizzard, and it continues to enjoy the full support of the company for competitions. They have their world finals at the annual Blizzcon in Anaheim, California, and it is usually dominated by players from Korea.

The last expansion on StarCraft took place about a decade ago and was titled StarCraft II (Legacy of the Void). The game still enjoys patronage from a large number of players, especially as it had become free to play since November 2017 (only applies to the Wings of Liberty which is the original game and first campaign)

The other two campaigns and the two expansions are still paid for to date. The free-to-play has encouraged many newbies to take up this vast strategy epic.


This game has a long and rather awkward name; hence it is commonly called PUBG in short. It proposes a game in a group (maximum of 3 to 4 players), with a friend, or alone.

The aim of the game is for the player to be the only survivor. A player will join about 100 other players who will all be dropped on an island straight from a noisy plane without any objects or weapons. This makes the game even more interesting and establishes it as one of the most fascinating eSports games ever.

The game basis is good, but it is the influencers that make it famous among players. Influencers are on the rise now; they are everywhere, creating content for the latest PUBG.

The most notable ones are popular YouTubers, famous streamers, and professional gamers from various backgrounds who create content in their leisure time.

No one wants to miss out; the community has also fed back into it with the social network collapsing at the first moment. Now, it is common to see so many screenshots every day with the popular ‘Winner, chicken dinner’ that you see when you win a game.


This is one of the most essential video games in the world. FIFA’s annual version always makes it the best-selling game of the year, as shown in the sales statistics.

The Video Game Association monthly ranking is a good example where FIFA always appear in the best-selling video games list of the month,

However, FIFA knows that making the best-selling videogame list does not make them one of the best out there. FIFA seems to be have been relegated to a secondary player in eSports.

Top video games in eSports usually accumulate followers and championships. One stand-out factor for FIFA is that there have been many important investments to make the competitive version of the video game climb up in the eSports ranking. Famous influencers and football players sponsor these investments to make FIFA more popular.


In 2019, this game was said to be the best. This was also confirmed by judges of several shows and awards and also by members of The Game Awards jury.

Overwatch is popularly called the ‘Oscars of videogames.’ It was the Game of the year several times. Overwatch is an exclusively multiplayer game specially made for eSports.

The company responsible for Overwatch has a long history in eSports. Although the company Blizzard has not been involved in eSports to a large extent, their games have always been in top contention for a long time.

Blizzard is a sort of latecomer to eSports, but their games keep shining because of the amazing features it adds to the sport. This explains why it is gradually becoming one of the strongholds in the industry.


Yet another top game from the stables of Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone, is an online collectible card game. Heartstone was launched in March 2014, after which it began to be played on the professional stage.

Heartstone is played as an eSport. It features competitive tournaments like the official Blizzard World Championship, which has a total prize pool of about $1million US dollars.

Also, live streamers can earn money on this championship when they broadcast the game on Twitch. Live streaming is the primary source of income for many expert Heartstone players rather than earning from tournaments.

Giovanni Varriale, the coordinator for the Kinguin project, stated in 2014 that Heartstone was one of the most famous games on Twitch, having thousands of people spend their time watching the top players in action.


Fortnite is a battle royale developed by Epic Games, which got onto the PC just a few years ago. The game was often said to be a sheer clone of Player unknown’s Battleground, which is the first great colossus of the genre.

Despite the wear and tear that even successful games go through, today, we can say that Fortnite is a mass eSport phenomenon that is well-grounded, unlike the old trend that existed back in 2017.

The latest report attests to this assertion that gives Fortnite success in terms of profits and revenue in the video game industry. This game recorded a whopping income of $1.8 billion in 2019.

Well, that’s an impressive figure, but it is overshadowed by the significant decline the game recorded when compared to 2018. Fortnite set a new record in the market with $2.4 billion in revenue in 2018. No other game has ever gotten close to such high income before.

So, you see why it overshadowed the 2019 income with a 25% decline recorded.

Rainbow Six

A lot has changed in eSports, especially since 2015 when Rainbow Six: Siege by Tom Clancy was released. The eSports scene has moved on in bounds and leaps with the merger of some games, and new alternatives have also emerged.

Over the past 4 years, Ubisoft’s game, Rainbow Six, has kept on earning a top place in the competitive scene on the international stage in its own right.

2019 was a special year for Rainbow Six as the game made it into the top ten most prominent PC games of the year. The game’s manufacturer is capitalizing on these wins to push the game to the top of the market.

Ubisoft recognizes that Rainbow Six’s time is now in the eSports, so they seek to take advantage of the stagnation of Overwatch League to get Rainbow Six to the top where it belongs together with CS: GO.

No doubt that CS: GO leads the genre as it continues to perk up its numbers over time despite its age. Everyone would like to see how the shooter from Riot Games called Project A will overrun CS: GO to the top.

Project A promises to blend the best of Overwatch with the secrets to the success of Counter-Strike.

How to Choose an eSport

How to Choose an eSport

From our list of eSports, you will notice that there are quite a number of them, with each promising to be the best over the other and offering an attractive gaming experience.

It can be quite confusing for a player to make a decision on which eSport to finally choose. This is where we come in at Casinoble. We help you to choose the right eSport that is just best for you.

We do this through 4 factors that we apply to eSports, and we are confident that the factors will also be of help to you when you are placing eSports bets.

The factors also apply to other online and sports betting. So, take a good look at them.

How to Choose an eSport
  • Hedging Bet: You must have heard of the phrase ‘do not put your eggs in one basket, such as the case of hedge bets. Experienced bettors will know better about hedge bets because it helps them to reduce their losses. A hedge bet is made by splitting one’s bets into smaller amounts. Then you can place them on bets with lower risk. This betting strategy will eventually help players to improve their bet in the long run, although it might seem slower.
  • Observe: Betting requires experience and skill. Do not just bet because you feel like betting or because the odds look good to you. You must observe every event, game, and bet to fully understand the odds and decide if it is worth betting or not.
  • Data: All eSports professionals know that performance is the most essential thing in sport. eSports teams often lose and win, and that can alter the outcome of a result. This is why a player must check previous and current game data to understand the bet.
  • Betting Options: Do not limit yourself to your current knowledge or something easy. Try to learn about available options because eSports is comprehensive, and there are lots of options in the live betting arena. A player will be at an advantage if he/she knows what will happen at a given moment during a game.

Become a Bet Expert

Everyone wants to become a professional bettor, but every gambler knows that it is not easy to achieve that. There is a lot to learn and several other factors to consider in the process of becoming an expert.

At Casinoble, we will explain what you should consider that will improve your betting skills, particularly in eSports, and usher you into the expert betting world.

Take a look at the following 4 points and apply them to your bets wherever and whenever you can. You will surely witness a turnaround in your bets.



Focus matters a lot in everything we do. Our luck and abilities change depending on where we place our focus. Betting also requires focus to achieve improvement on the sites. Focus helps players to see short and long-term improvements, and it changes everything.



You must be well versed in what you want to bet on so that you will not just end up wasting your money. We recommend you always watch the happenings in the eSports environment closely. This will enable you to stay ahead of market outcomes and odds.



Acknowledge that betting takes time; it’s rare to become millionaires with a single bet. However, some players have mastered how betting time works, and they use it to their advantage. The result is always impressive wins. So, do not bet impulsively or in a hurry; always think it through using knowledge and focus to your advantage.



The focus in eSports is live betting. Many players prefer this to a normal tournament or game because the latter can change at any time. Live bets are versatile, although more complex because the odds must shift depending on the current happenings.

Become a Bet Expert

Responsible Betting

We prioritize responsible gambling at Casinoble, so we want our players in India to be safe and bet in a controlled way.

This is why we ensure that our guides, recommendations, and articles are aimed at only people in the right category. Thus, we can create an honest and healthy betting environment for our readers.


You can also bet on eSport like every other sport. Despite being new, eSport betting is available on the top besting sites in India. To get more updates on these sites, view our suggestions at Casinoble India.


The first step to finding where you can bet on eSport is to know if the site has a legal betting offer in India. To offer legal betting, the site has to be licensed by the British Gambling Commission. Be rest assured that every eSport betting site on Casinoble fulfills all requirements in terms of features and licenses necessary for legal betting on eSport.


eSport market is always functioning on betting sites as there is usually a sport going on daily. This means you will find a tournament or a game that will tickle your fancy every time. This is why you can start eSport betting on a site when you wish.


Over the past few years, eSport has grown tremendously, and 2020 being the most notable year. The reason is that video games have a large fan base which translates to a huge sum of money. Betting sites find this high revenue potential attractive, making eSport a major betting in India.


You can find the eSport tournament available all through the year. Betting sites sometimes highlight certain events or tournaments or choose not to, depending on its interest. Focus and place bets on the eSport main tournaments because they offer the juiciest odds.


A lot of betting sites have eSport as part of their main market. This is why we recommend you take a look at our eSport betting site list to identify the ones that offer different kinds of games and the best bonuses.


Before you begin eSport betting or register on a site that offers bonuses, it is advisable to first check out our suggested bookmakers’ bonus offerings. We have picked from the top in India to present you with the ideal bonuses you need.


CS: GO, and League of Legends are the two top games with the biggest community in eSport. Both games are currently the most popular in eSport and are where you should be placing your bets.


Bookmakers are adding more games to the 2024 betting schedule. This is why you will certainly see many more popular games. One surprising example was Fortnite, owing to its large global popularity.


At the moment, the future of eSport is uncertain. However, we can say that, like Bitcoin, eSport has been growing this year. ESport may become as famous as football or even more famous.


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