Differences in Casino Strategies, Tactics, and Systems

Most likely, you have heard about gambling systems, gambling tactics, and gambling strategies. However, it is not so easy to tell these three methods apart. In this blog, we will tell you what exactly the three terms mean and how they differ. We'll also explore the extremely important question of whether gambling systems work at all.

Strategy and Tactics

For many people, strategy and tactics are one and the same. However, this is not entirely correct if we take a closer look. In general, strategy can be superimposed on tactics and seen as a plan of action on how to achieve a certain goal (important: unlike the system, however, there are no rigid rules). Tactics, on the other hand, refer to concrete steps and are oriented towards the respective (game) situation or challenge.

Gambling tactics do not bring you anything in all online casino games. Let's look at baccarat, for example. Here you cannot influence the outcome in any way. In roulette, too, you can only place your bet – the rest is simply out of your hands and the house edge is basically always the same anyway. 

Next example: Craps. You can't control which numbers are rolled. However, you have a big advantage if you know the probabilities of the sums of the eyes and the house advantages of the various events. This is because you can make a tactical decision and place the best bet based on the best probability.

Basic Information about Gambling Systems

The “developers” of gambling systems promise you that their systems manipulate the odds of winning casino games – usually with some kind of fraudulent trick. The Internet is full of supposedly surefire systems that will bring you untold riches. There's just one catch: none of them work.

“How to trick slot machines” or “With our infallible system, you're guaranteed to win at video poker” – You've surely seen such or similar titles before. They all have the same intention: to cheat. In traditional casinos, one or the other trick may work (such as card counting in blackjack, which we definitely do not recommend!) but you should definitely keep your hands off dubious systems with unrealistic promises of winnings. Almost always, their creators are mainly after your wallet. Please remember that there is simply no fixed system that can be used to increase the chances of winning, especially in online slot machines.

The House Edge

Gambling in online casinos is based on luck and chance, there is no doubt about that. No system in the world can change this. However, the casino wants and needs to make some money and that is why there is the so-called house edge. Of course, this does not mean that you have no chance to win. Surely you have won many times. However, no system helped you, but only chance.



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