Countries with the Highest Number of Online Gamblers

Internet-based gambling has become all the rage in the gambling world. Why should it not? It affords players comfort, convenience, and the ability to enjoy themselves while gambling in online casinos.

Rather than go to casinos, which by all likelihood, will be teeming with people, individuals can play comfortably from their houses. On a global scale, the internet-based gambling industry is approximately worth more than 55 billion dollars. And it does not stop here. The industry constantly progresses at approximately 13 percent.

Putting an exact number on the people who gamble in mobile casinos is complex. This is not the same for those who gamble offline because the number of players can be counted. A good number of bitcoin casinos, though based in a specific area, stretch their tentacles to a host of players from a variety of locations.

However, gambling providers have offered research and information that places some countries at the top as it pertains to the number of online gamblers.

Here are some of them:


A great number of Canadians are beginning to pay more attention to gambling in live casinos. This growth in participation is due to the issue of large expanses versus a small number of terrestrial casinos. Since creating a casino in Canada is against the law, the internet-based gambling provider must be stationed in the country, so interested parties in Canada can gain access – this is well within the confines of the law. The dominant casino games players tend to play are poker, slots, and table games. In the case of sports bets, sports in high demand are the UFC, hockey, American football, and basketball.


Offline bets have been a very common hobby in the UK, more especially if sports are concerned. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) supervises internet-based gambling, which is responsible for 38.60 percent of the whole gambling industry. This is according to calculations from the UKGC. Roulette, slots, blackjack, and a variety of table games are in high demand from online players. For sports, it is golf, horse racing, tennis, boxing, and football. The UK also contains a great number of internet-based gambling providers.


Many people take France for a comparably favorable country as it concerns gambling; nevertheless, the rules are severe on online gambling. France made online gambling legal in 2010 and formed a controlling body to that effect – ARJEL (Autorite de regulation des Jeux en ligne) – but left out casino games.

Consequentially, online poker games, online sports betting, and pool betting are legal. But other online casino games that rely on luck are not under license. Poker is taken to be a game that depends on skill instead of luck, so it is allowed. The most common sports that players place bets on are basketball, rugby, volleyball, football, and ice hockey.

The acclaim surrounding internet-based gambling will only progress upwards in years to come. This is as internet-based casinos and sports betting webpages grow safer and more in tune with technological developments. You can gamble freely if you join a prominent internet-based casino.



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