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If there is a legitimate way for an avid gambler to determine whether or not their next card hand would be a winner, they would definitely practice it. Blackjack is one of those card games where the numbers on the cards do not always line up favorably for the player. They pay close attention to the previous cards that were dealt but sometimes find it difficult to remember which ones they were. Counting cards in Blackjack is something that has been done for quite a while by professionals as well as by those who just love the game, and want to win.

Counting cards in Blackjack is a game strategy used by players to determine if the next hand would be more advantageous to the player or the dealer. This is not an illegal strategy, but there can be no outside counting devices used, nor can there be any person who is not playing the game assisting the player in the counting of the cards. This technique differs when it comes to using it at brick and mortar casinos. Many of these casinos may have a player removed from the premises for resorting to this practice. It is also virtually impossible to count cards while playing Blackjack at online casinos. This is mainly due to the number of decks of cards used, the automatic shuffling, and shoe penetration.


When counting cards in Blackjack, the player is keeping count of the cards that have already shown up. Then, they wait for just the right time to place a large bet for the big win. If this is repeated every few rounds, the player will end up with a win. Years ago, when card counting was new to casinos and players, there were quite a few big wins due to the strategy. That was then, and not today with more advanced technologies. The difficulty in card counting while playing live Blackjack is because of the software monitoring that casinos use that can detect the counting patterns that players exhibit.

It is also hard to count cards while playing live Blackjack because the tables use six to eight deck cards, and the shoe penetration is 50%. With all of the modern, up to date software, counting cards in Live Blackjack would take a genius too long to figure out. The player would be totally focused on counting instead of what they have in their hand and the betting. Card counting worked well at one period in time, but not today. It is no myth that card counting took place, it would just be difficult to find players who would take the time and energy to even try it today. It has not been declared obsolete as yet, but it is not being attempted as it once was.

Avid gamblers and those who are fairly new beginners are always looking for different strategies that may reap a big win, but card counting may not be one of them. It sounds appealing and doable, but it is time-consuming plus the player must have a good memory for keeping numbers in their head. The reality about card counting is that it is not the best strategy for playing Blackjack online or live casino Blackjack. For those players who are inquisitive, and just want to know more about how to do card counting, practicing the skill would give them a heads up how it is done, but trying to use it in a game of live Blackjack is not advised. Go for an easier strategy that can surely be used for live online casino Blackjack.



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