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We've all been there before. You're at the office water-cooler and someone is talking about sports. You get the jargon, you know the lingo, you're an active participant. Heck, maybe you even played before, back in college or during high-school. But then things change. A buddy starts talking about some new stuff, some online stuff. And as the topic changes so does your level of knowledge. Sooner or later they say it: 3-Card Casino Hold'em. The new craze that's sweeping the nation. A craze that is too new for you. So you're out of your depth. But hey, buck-up kiddo. You've got us to help you make sense of this new trend.

The main appeal of 3-Card Casino Hold'em from Play´n GO is that it's designed to help you win and to ease beginners into regular Hold'em. In 3-Card you get three hands at once which triples your chances to beat the dealer.

The process starts off by giving you a chance to place an ante bet on any of the hands. You can also place an AA Bonus bet alongside the Ante Bet. After the bets have been placed you get two cards dealt, face-up, to you for each active hand and two cards face down for the dealer. Then three community cards are dealt face-up on the table. This is your chance!


If these cards combine with any of your hands to form a pair of Aces or better, then the dealer immediately pays out our AA Bonus bet! But that's just the beginning.

After this initial encounter, you have the chance to Call or Fold your hands. If you're feeling lucky or if you're feeling confident in a hand then you can Call. By Calling on a hand you are placing a Call Bet on it which is equal to twice the amount of your Ante bet.

By folding a hand you are taking that hand out of play and therefore not risking it getting beaten but you also lose a chance to win money off of that hand. It's at this point that the round enters its final stage.

The dealer deals the final two Community Cards face-up. From here your hands get a boost, and for each of your active hands, you automatically get the strongest possible combo using the 5-Community Cards and the 2 Card you have in that hand. For each hand, you have in play that is stronger than the dealer's hand you win! For each hand that's equal to the dealer's then you get what's called a “Push” and your bets related to that hand are returned to you. If the dealer's hand is stronger, then you lose.

Seems straight-forward right? We agree! And now we bet you're wondering “But WHO are you?” and honestly, that's a fair question.

We are Play' n GO, a group of computer geeks who believe that gaming can be more fun even when done on the go. We've been around since the mid-90s doing what we love, which just so happens to be making cutting-edge gaming accessible to as many customers and clients as possible. We were the first online gaming developer to move into the mobile arena and we know not just from our own success but the success of other mobile games and mobile game developers that our move was the right one. We hope to see you very soon! We know you'll be positively enchanted by not just 3-Hand Casino Hold'em but the full library of live casino games we offer.



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