Why Is Gambling not allowed in Some Countries?

If you an avid gambler, you may probably know that gambling is illegal in some countries. Sometimes, it may be due to the culture of the individuals in that part of the country.

For example, people may avoid mobile casinos because they feel gambling is a form of addiction. Other cultures may see it as a sin to gamble.

All of these can cause gambling to be illegal in a specific country. This is especially the case when a huge chunk of the country’s population shares this belief.

Knowing this, let us examine a few reasons why gambling in bitcoin casinos is illegal in some countries.

Reasons Gambling Is Illegal in Some Countries

  • Gambling is associated with debt, addiction, and other serious issues
  • There is an unfair casino edge which allows the users to win
  • There is no game of chance because someone manipulates it
  • Gambling is for the richest alone
  • Gambling is not legal because it is a means of laundering money, and they have no regulation.
  • Some religions completely forbid gambling. Doing so means going against your religion.

Gambling in online casinos can be illegal in countries because of the reasons above. They are usually sealed by the cultures and believes of people in the country too.

Countries Where Gambling Is a Taboo

There are many countries where gambling is illegal in live casinos.

Below are a few of them:


Cambodian citizens used to be popular for their gambling problems. In 1996, the government stepped in by banning all forms of gambling. However, private lotteries with government sponsorship are legal. They come in five various forms that players can choose from. There are also specific casinos where you can play.

United Arab Emirates

Most Islamic countries don’t support any form of gambling. However, some countries don’t enforce it as much as the UAE. Here, the law is harsh, and you can face a prison term of up to two years if you are caught gambling.


Here,all types of online casino gambling are not legal, except there is an exemption. Some gambling operators were able to get exemptions in 2016, and they are Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. Asides from these, land-based gambling are not legal.


The Lebanese law does not allow any of its citizens to engage in any form of gambling. The government has the capacity to block all live casinos that they find disobeying this law.

However, Lebanon does have one land-based and online casino with the authorization to operate.

North Korea

The government of North Korea has huge control over the lives of those who reside there. This extends to any form of gambling, as it is not legal in this country. However, as a tourist, you have the freedom to gamble. But you need to be on a guided tour and do in the Pyongyang, which is the only casino in the country.



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