Vivo Gaming’s Live Craps: How to Play

Craps is one of the games that enjoy high demand in traditional casinos. In tune with the movement of modernity, lots of software creators have worked their mojo on bringing the game out from the normal channel. It is rather unfortunate that despite their efforts, the casino game has not enjoyed internet popularity. Vivo Gaming waded into the problem with the intent of streaming the game live on the internet. It would be interesting to see how they succeed where others failed, wouldn’t it?

Vivo Gaming incorporates the welfare of the players in the game. Players would no longer have to experience the waiting time that comes with card games. Rather than depend solely on the system to solve problems, the game depends on the dealers’ trusted ability. The game is also graphically represented in high definition. Plus, there aren’t too many pockets of time between each round of craps.

Playing Vivo Gaming’s Live Craps

When playing Live Craps, the first thing to do would be to pick one of the coins on hand and drop them on a wager you have got your eyes on. There will be a timer counting while you do this, so you will want to hurry up. Once you have done this, your job is done and you are now in Lady Luck’s court.

Majorly, the Pass and Do Not Pass wagers are accessible to players. The numbers 2,3 and 12 will count as a loss for a player with a Pass wager. If, on the other hand, you place a Do Not Pass bet, the same numbers will give you a win. 7 and 11 are natural winning digits for those that select the Pass wager. These digits are a loss for Do Not Pass bets.

Players can also cash out from placing proposition bets. All they have to do is spin to a particular number or dice combination.

Betting Limits and Their Cashouts

Usually, the lowest betting limit is a constant, while the highest limit differs depending on the casino you go to play. The highest limit we came across when we played in some of our preferable casinos was $1000 for every roll.

Vivo Gaming provides an interface that the players can easily understand. Players can see every wager that is on hand and the reward on them. The highest prize players can hope to leave with is a 50:1 from spinning two sixes at once.

Additional Features

There are a few extra features that the game employs to make the gaming experience extremely pleasant for the players. For instance, some buttons give players the option to either erase all the bets they placed or erase just the last one. There is also a graphical feature that allows the size of the player’s coin to grow with his wager.

Wrap up

Vivo Gaming has achieved groundbreaking feats with their rendition of Live Craps. We have nothing short of tremendous respect and fascination for the milestones they have crossed to create a unique experience. We recommend it to live casino players out there.



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