Top Etiquette Tips for Your Next Casino Game

Casinos have been around for a long while, and as such they have created their own rules and regulation for proper etiquette.

If you have entered the casino industry through your browser or a mobile application for live casino games, you might not be as familiar with them as one might expect, and as such, you might end up falling behind if you eventually decide to visit a casino.

Make sure that you grab the attention of people as you enter the world of gambling in the real world and follow the casino etiquette.

Be Respectful With Technology

smartphone usage

While we all enjoy the company of our smartphones, there are times when they should be given no attention and should remain in your pocket.

By overly using your smartphone, you may disrespect other players and take their attention and focus away from the main game, as such they will treat you the same way.

The croupier will ask you to turn off your phone while playing in any case, or you will be asked to step away from the table to take your call or do your business on a phone.

Hand Signals

stop sign

In games such as blackjack, knowing only the verbal commands won’t cut it.

You need to also analyze the hand signals, most of which are really rudimentary.

These of-course vary depending on whether the cards have been dealt face up or face down however.

When the cards are face up, you can tap on the table to signal “hit” or wave your hand over the table to signal “stick”, for “double”, you need to place your matching bet next to your original bet and hold up one finger, while for “split” you need to use the same action but this time using two fingers.

When the cards are faced up, you can scrape the table with your cards to signal “hit” and slide your cards underneath your bet to signal “stick”.

Laying the cards face up on the table and placing the next bet to your original one signals “double”, wile placing the bet next to the one of the cards instead signals “split”.

Classy Getup

Most of the Casinos in Vegas currently have a more easy going dress policy, but others, more high class casinos do not.

This really depends on where you are in the world, but you may need to wear a collared shirt or nice socks to enter the casino.

Check the regulations within the casino before going towards it, analyze how the people in the images are dressing, and check if they have any specific dress code you might need to follow, otherwise you may need to go all the way back home and change in order to enter the casino.



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