Tips how to win at Baccarat at an Online Live Casino

The thrill of winning big at an online casino has people from all around the world signing in to play. While everyone has a chance at winning, table games are more difficult to play than slots. For the most part, slots are pure luck, while table games require some strategy and luck. Before you start placing your bets on table games, like baccarat, you should understand the rules of the game and how to actually play. Online casino games are great for people just learning how to play because no one can see you. You are free to make mistakes, take your time, and can learn the rules at your own pace. Even if you are an expert at games like baccarat it never hurts to learn tips on how to increase your chances of winning. Here are some helpful hints and tips on how to play one of the most popular table games, baccarat.

Rules of Baccarat

The dealer will deal two cards face up to the player and two cards face up to the banker. You can either bet on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. The person who has their hand total closest to 9 wins. Since the total of two cards can easily add into the double digits you need to drop the one or the 2 and your total will be the remaining number.

If you bet on the player’s hand your double your money and if you bet on the banker’s hand you win 95 percent of your wager. If the cards in either the player or banker’s hand are a total of 8 or 9 they both stand. If the players total is 5 or less they can receive another card. However, if there total is 6 or higher they stand. When a player stands the banker wins on a total of 5 or less. If the player’s hand and dealers hand ends in a tie there is a payout of 8 to 1. Before trying to play this game you should ensure that you have a deep understanding of the rules so that you have better odds of winning.

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Tips to Help You Win

#1) Bet On Banker

The banker wins slightly over 50 percent of the time, so if you are new to baccarat you may want to bet on the banker first until you are comfortable playing the game.

#2) If There Is A Streak Play It

If you notice that the banker is on a streak you should go with it. Do not switch things up simply because you think there need to be even winnings for the player and the banker. Go with the streak. If it’s hot run with it.

#3) Wait If Banker Losses

If the banker losses take a minute to think about your next move. You do not need to make a bet just because the dealer is dealing cards. Feel free to take your time, weigh your options and trust your gut.

#4) If Player Losses, Bet

If the player losses the reverse of tip number three is true. If the player losses, you must immediately bet on the banker.

#5) Luck

While the game can have tips to help you win, understand that the game is still pure luck. Your chance of winning is fifty percent.

While the game of baccarat can be a lot of fun and the chance of winning can be exhilarating you should know all of the rules before you begin to play. Use the tips to help your odds of winning, but understand that the game is mainly luck, with a little bit of strategy. Do not overthink the game.