Some of the Wildest Las Vegas Casino Robberies

Las Vegas as both a tourist and casino attraction is a really wild place.

It's big, so naturally, all kinds of things happen on a daily basis there.

Millions and millions of people are going in and out of it every day.

So naturally, of course, there will be all kinds of troubles, winnings, and accidents going on there.

Its Vegas!

But, what happens when a man, or a group, find themselves so brave to actually rob a world-popular casino?

Has this ever happened? Of course, more time than you can count.

But, what are some of the most legendary robberies that will forever haunt the sin city, adn will never be forgotten?

Let’s check them out!

Bellagio Cash Robbery (2000)

Bellagio is the most popular casino in Las Vegas.

So, naturally, it is a big target that everyone is aiming for when it comes to the robbers.

As the new millennium has approached, the number of casino robberies have increased.

But, none of it was as remembered and talked about as this one.

Oscar Cisneros (23 at the time) and Jose Manuel Vigoa (40 at the time) decided to take it as all or nothing and they entered the famous Bellagio.

But, they got in with full-body armor and firearms.

Long story short, they robbed $160.000 out of the casino and left.

Poker chips, cash, you name it!

No one was injured, and they got away with it.

Kind of.

When they finally got caught, one of them committed suicide while the other one was sentenced to a life sentence of 360 years in jail. 

Treasure Island and The Robberies (2000)

The robberies in this casino were increased as the new millennium began, and no one knows exactly why.

But, a group of two brothers just couldn’t wait to bust open into the casino and take the money.

Multiple times.

Reginald and Donnell Johnson were the ones who tried to rob the Treasure Island on multiple occasions, and none of them were successful.

The last time he approached to an action like this, he was caught and was empty-handed at the same time.

Not exactly a fun way to end a robbery, right? 

treasure island casino

Bellagio Biker Robbery (2010)

Yet another one of the famous Bellagio robberies is the Biker Bandit one.

In 2010, Anthony Carleo (29 at the time) stole $1.5 million worth of poker chips out of the Bellagio casino.

He was with his stolen motorcycle and managed to escape before the police arrived at the scene.

Later on, he tried to sell the poker chips on an online site.

bellagio casino

But, 7 weeks after the robbery he was finally caught by the police.

His father was a former judge, and maybe that’s why he got only 9-27 years in prison.

Whatever it was, it takes a lot of courage to do what Anthony did. 

There have been attempts and robberies through the history of Sin City. but, none of them are as legendary and big as these few ones.

It takes a lot of courage to do something like this, and after all, it’s really not a cool sight.

And, since them, there has been extra security and caution so it doesn’t happen again.

Its a lesson, and the casinos all around the world are learning from it!



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