The Golden Chip Roulette Casino Game Offered by Yggdrasil

A new roulette game is keeping players excited and glued to their seats as they wait for the big jackpot to hit. Golden Chip Roulette, the first roulette game offered by Yggdrasil, is becoming one of the most popular live casino games ever. One of the most exciting features it offers is when a chip is placed as a straight bet, it turns gold.

The classy new Golden Chip Roulette allows a player the flexibility of playing on a desktop or mobile device. The graphics deliver refined elegance. The graphics offer classy simplicity which makes the spin smooth while delivering intuitive satisfaction for when the player launches the game. The Golden Chip Roulette wheel spins in the opposite direction on alternate spins. Players are delighted when seeing the wagering possibilities. These include odds and evens, split, six-line, column, even, odd, low or high.


After a chip is placed as a straight bet an inner wheel starts a random multiplier. The multiplier starts at x10 if it does not hit there it might go to x50, x100, x250, or an unbelievable x500. All but one of these multipliers, the x10, are much higher than on the standard roulette which is x36.

The Golden Chip Roulette offers innovative and thrilling features. Some of these are the pinch-to-zoom and random multipliers which bring never before seen features to the action-packed game. Another thrilling feature of the Golden Chip Roulette game is that the spin speed was created to perfectly mimic the live-action a player would experience on the casino floor. It also makes the near misses and huge jackpots more thrilling.

Golden Chip Roulette is supported by BOOST. This addition allows operators to provide several gamification tools Prize Drops, Missions, and Tournaments to level-up each player experience.

Just when a player thinks the Golden Chip Roulette game has everything possible to offer they realize one additional feature. They are taken by the luxurious backdrop of carefully selected smooth jazz music. The classy jazz offers a relaxing atmosphere for the discerning player.

Product Owner: Table Games, Yggdrasil's Johan John explained that Golden Chip Roulette is the companies first roulette game. He said that Yggdrasil is proud to offer this packed full of new features game with a focus on offering each player an enhanced user experience across all devices. He said it will keep players engaged, over an extended period of time, due to the excitement and many features it has to offer.

Yggdrasil is an igaming software company. It is based in Malta. Fredrik Elmqvist, a former NetEnt CEO founded Yggdrasil in 2013. His company started out and continues to offer fresh games including the most technologically advanced games available.

Yggdrasil has become a leader in the gaming industry. By offering the most productive content they are striving, and succeeding, in keeping players enthralled with their online casino games by offering each player a unique casino experience.



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