The Greatest WSOP Players Ever

Whether you are a die-hard fan of poker or just like to play a round or two when you’re bored, you surely know the greatest event in the casino world, the WSOP (World Series of Poker).

This event is officially held every year, and there are many famous poker stars who are part of this.

Of course, the event is a tournament between the individual players who play poker and the winner takes home the famous WSOP bracelet along with a generous amount of money.

The WSOP bracelet is the highest award in the poker world, and once you win that, you become a poker celebrity.

Who are the best of the best players when it comes to the WSOP championship?

Patrik Antonius

The goat of the WSOP tournament is definitely Patrik Antonius.

The Finnish poker player who at first was called ‘Rookie of the Year’ is now the famous name that everyone is talking about in the poker world.

He started his casino career in the 90s when he was just a teenager.

Now, with a legendary place in the poker world, his net worth is $20 million and counting.

No one expected this from him, but this is the result when you fight and want something really bad.

You just win it. 

patrik antonius

Doyle Brunson

Often called the ‘Godfather of Poker’ and the oldest player who is still alive, Doyle Brunson is the star that never stops on shining.

Even though he is retired and is 81 years old, this man just knows his way around the poker scene.

There rarely people who would challenge him to a poker round; he is just that good at it.

Even though he doesn’t play professionally anymore, his career is 50 years old and he says that the poker was the best thing that has happened to him!

doyle brunson

Allen Cunningham

Even though he is the last on our list, he certainly isn’t the least one.

Allen Cunningham is the poker player that is quiet but crushes poker rounds hat he plays.

Even though he is relatively young (he is 43 years old), he managed to win 5 WSOP tournaments.

That’s why he is a poker celebrity because even though he is not after the luxury life, he still thrives when it comes to the poker industry.

Whether you’re his fan or not, you can’t deny that his spot is well deserved!

These are only a few of the many legends of the WSOP tournament.

allen cunningham

There are many others who deserve their glory and high status in the poker community.

But if we speak about the best out of all of them, the ones on our list are the ones.

They deserve everything that they are because the poker world wouldn’t be the same without them!



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