The Richest Casino Players of All Time

Everyone knows that the live casino can bring a lot of money, if you know how to play and have a little luck on your side as well.

Plus, it’s really fun and the casino rooms are always full, and believe me, all of that is for a reason.

But, there are some casino players, whether they are professional or not, who broke records and wrote their own names in world history.

Whether it was luck or long years of practice, they became millionaires and have no regret in their lives.

So, who are they?

Check them out!

Sam Farha – Net Worth: $100 million

Sam Farha is a really well-known poker player from Lebanese decency.

He has 3 WSOP bracelets in his poker career and the one from 2003 was his most memorable one because the game he played with Chris Moneymaker was the one that popularized him around the world.

It certainly was a hard game of bluff, but in the end, it was Chris Moneymaker who won the game.

But, even with that situation engraved in his history, Sam Farha still is one of the richest poker players. 

Phil Ivey – Net Worth: $100 million

Phil Ivey is one of the most famous names in poker history, and even the newbies know him and look after him.

He won the WSOP 10 times in his career and he constantly wins, even today.

Phil Ivey says that he has no regrets and that he would never trade this life.

He started playing poker since he was younger and with a little faith in himself, he became one of the biggest names in the gambling world.

Doyle Brunson – Net Worth: $75 million

Doyle Brunson’s name is famous since the 80s and he didn’t plan on stopping until he became popular.

He played until 2015 when he decided to stop playing and retire. But as he always says, poker and casino are his life and he would be nowhere without them.

He still plays occasionally when it comes to private plays just for fun.

After 50 years of full-on career, there are poker hands named after him as well. Imagine being that good in poker.

It’s the best thing a poker player could ever experience.

Daniel Negreanu – Net Worth: $50 million

Even when he was just a little boy, Daniel Negreanu was an absolute beast in poker and that’s ho he got the nickname Kid Poker.

He plays really well and it’s always a pleasure to be near him because after all, he earned the biggest WSOP prize several times during his career.

He has appeared in multiple Tv shows like poker shows and the Wolverine series, and you can learn poker from him anytime from MasterClass.

These are only few of the many absolute legends that shaped poker and gambling into what they’re today.

Do you know any of them?



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