Playtech Follows the Modern Gaming Crowd with Triple Launch

Venerable software developer Playtech has just launched three new titles for its live casino catalog. The triple launch follows an initiative to supply content for modern gamers. According to Playtech's Head of Innovation, Kevin Kilminster, the modern generation is focused on experience-led gaming. At this behest, Playtech has created two new variations of Roulette and rebooted an older classic. The updates were released July 15th. Here is a look at the triple launch.

American Roulette

A high-end variant, American Roulette adds a few twists to the traditional game users enjoy. The game has an enhanced UX for optimum gameplay and operates using a double zero wheel. In comparison to European variants of Roulette, American Roulette has increased margins. All in all, it is a solid addition to Playtech's line-up. Roulette fans will enjoy the skew, avid gamers will appreciate the margins, and modern gamers will love the look and feel.


Hi-Lo Club

Hi-Lo has always been a popular live casino game. However, in an effort to entice modern players Playtech has overhauled Hi-Lo into the Hi-Lo Club. The difference is optimized gameplay and a whole new theme. The updated Hi-Lo room follows an ‘80s Miami’ theme. It comes complete with a tabletop design, neon detailing, complementary dealer uniforms, and even an integrated soundtrack. Everything works together to deliver a completely immersive experience. Hi-Lo is usually played as an introduction to table games. Mostly, this has to do with its simple format. Now with enhanced UX and faster gameplay, it is exactly the kind of introduction modern players are looking for.

Spread-Bet Roulette

Spread-Bet is a variant that adds a mess of whiz-bangs to traditional Roulette. Like American Roulette, it is high-end variant. Spread-Bet does exactly as its name describes and gives the player the ability to bet a spread. This is because Spread-Bet has a unique side-bet feature. -Spread-Bet has both a physical wheel and an RNG ‘Spin a Win’ reel, the two combine to provide players a total of seven different options for their side-bets. The side-bets enhance gameplay by allowing player stakes to be increased up to 400x. Spread-Bet also has a ‘Green Win' rule that promises to double player bets. Spread-Bet has the fast gameplay modern gamer want, and the win potential to attract avid gamers. It is also perfect for recreational players as minimum bets of 10 can be made.

About Playtech

Playtech first opened its doors in the heady days of 1999. It is a veteran of online gameplay and began plying its trade when digital casinos were first forming. Playtech is a top-tier developer whose games are recognized across the market. It produces casino, live casino, virtual sports, sports betting, poker, and bingo games. The company is known for its transparency.

Playtech is also an innovator. The company pioneered Onmi-channel gambling tech. This is the concept of all the inner workings of development technology coming from the same location. The platform is called Playtech ONE and handles every job related to online play. It tracks data, provides payment options, generates responsible gaming solutions, CRM, and marketing initiatives. Playtech uses Playtech ONE to provide popular choices to players based on data that tells them what players want.

The triple launch is Playtech's latest example of playing to the crowd. In his statement concerning the launch, Kevin Kilminster pinpointed a rise in demand for immersive gameplay. According to him, modern gamblers want immersive gaming experiences. It is an itch that is only growing stronger in the gaming community. Playtech's new additions their live casino is designed to provide that experience.



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