NetEnt´s Features And Mobile Live Games

Live Casino Games are fun, especially when there's a lot of bonuses and fun experiences from the game being played. Although Casino games are traditionally hosted in casinos with live dealers and the game in front of players, the improvements in the technology made it possible to bring the experience at the comforts of players' homes. One of the oldest pioneers of online games is NetEnt, which has been in this industry for two decades.

About NetEnt

NetEnt is currently the leading provider of premium gaming solutions to the fast-rising online casino industry. The company is known for its success in creating platforms and games that can be enjoyed by players and are easy to manage by casino operators. NetEnt is currently regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

In addition to their game creations, the company also is known to run a lot of fun games on their site in order to showcase its bleeding edge online games. The company houses over 1,000 talented employees and currently houses 200 games. NetEnt is currently listed at NASDAQ with the ticker NET-B. The stock of NetEnt has seen green last year with 8.9% sales growth.

The Success Of NetEnt's Game Creation

NetEnt's CasinoModule is a comprehensive and complete gaming solution for casino operators and aspiring casino operators out there. The company offers games which are fun to play to live casino games that can be played via desktop or mobile. There is also the NetEnt Engage, which is a set of tools that make the player experience better and more unique. NetEnt Engage uses features such as real-time awards and more.

The company offers pooled jackpots, which includes games such as Mega Fortune, Hall of Gods, Arabian Nights, and Mega Fortune Dreams. One of their games, the Mega Fortune, is featured in the Guinness World Records as the record breaker for the highest ever payout on an online slot game in 2015. They also have branded games for players who like more of the entertainment. To help casino operators who choose NetEnt's games, they also offer Back Office, an app that makes their games easier to manage and maximize profitability.


NetEnt Live Games

In recent years, NetEnt worked together with the players to produce a lot of easy to use and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for their games. Because of this collaborations, the company created what they call the “Better Live Gaming”, which provides better life experiences for popular live games.

One of the most popular games in NetEnt Live is the Roulette games which are available in both mobile and desktop users. The streaming is seamless, portrait and landscape modes are supported, and supports placing bets during the spin. This makes the experience as close as possible with the experiences in real casinos, which is even appreciated by seasoned players.

Another game that is popular with the players is the NetEnt Live Blackjack game that features clean and detailed graphics as well as an innovative user interface. What makes the experience great is its streaming quality and low latency, as well as real-time interaction from the host and the other players. This game also offers flashback of the ten last cards played for the player.

NetEnt also offers Live Common Draw Blackjack, which can hold hundreds of players playing even on different currencies. Because this game can hold a lot of people, it is not surprising to have long queues to have a set at the standard 7-box Blackjack Table. To ensure that players will have an enjoyable moment in while waiting, a scalable version low limit blackjack is available to access. There is also the Perfect Blackjack, a new live casino game that allows players to be dealt cards based on the perfect blackjack strategy. Live Rewards are also earned by the players playing live games.



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