Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

The Fibonacci Roulette Betting Strategy

The Fibonacci roulette strategy is based on the Fibonacci sequence which was actually first discovered by Indian mathematicians. However, it was named after the Italian mathematician when he found it for himself. The sequence state that the next number is created by the two numbers before. This could be something like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc. Anyone can use this sequence in their betting on roulette, but it is not designed to give the player wins. The player is going to reduce their losses by betting in a systematic way.

1. What Does The Sequence Choose?

The sequence chooses the amount of each bet. The bets start in basic numbers such as 10 units of currency. The bettor must use that unit to bet until they win. They can move on to the next number which would be ten again. They will play until they win, and they will move up to the next number. Players who move up two rungs on the ladder must then move back down so that they are not betting too much early on.

2. Going On A Run

The Fibonacci sequence of betting could see someone go on a long run that would take them to very big bets. The sequence skips up quickly to massive bets, and that is why the player must drop down every few bets. They are simply using the Fibonacci scale to pick the size of their bets, but they do not go straight up the scale. They must go on a run that will see them take two steps forward and one step back.

3. How Big Are The Largest Bets?

Someone who has gone up the ladder could find themselves making bets of up to 1440 units or more. They will place these bets because they have stepped up the scale over time, and they might lose on these bets at times. This is why they have to step back down to be certain that they are not losing all their money at once. The player is taking chance out of the game because roulette already has the worst odds in the casinos.

4. Red Or Black?

The player that is trying to choose between red and black should not be so concerned about red or black when using this system. They can bet on instinct if they ant, or they can apply this system to choosing the numbers on the wheel. For example, the player could bet on one, one again, and then two. They could progress to three and then five, and they might continue to apply the list to the numbers on the wheel so that they are not randomly choosing numbers to bet on. Red and black does not matter because the list chooses the numbers for the player.

5. Does This System Work?

This system does not create massive winnings, but it cuts back on losses. It works for people every day because it gives them a system they can be comfortable with. They might win a lot of money every time they play, but they will feel better knowing they can lean on this system.

6. Conclusion

The Fibonacci system is a powerful way for someone to bet on roulette, but it must be used perfectly. The player must follow the sequence that was discovered thousands of years ago, and they must step back every couple bets so that they do not bet too much money at once. Players who are willing to moderate their play will save a lot of money, and they will eventually rise up to very large bets.

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