How To Play Evolution Gaming Live Lightning Roulette Online

Once again, Evolution gaming has made its mark and established its dominance as an absolute authority in Live Dealer tables software. The company has gone the extra mile to provide an enriched and extended version of a regular Roulette game.

Asides from following the standard betting structure, Live Lightning Roulette gives players two chances to win extras by introducing Lucky Number and Lucky Payouts betting options. These betting options also come with a lot of multipliers.

The entire game set-up's authenticity and intensity are further enriched with a futuristic background and studio glamorous. This takes the casino game to a higher level and gives the gamers a unique experience that is incomparable to any other software.

How to Play Live Lightning Roulette Online by Evolution Gaming

Many features make Lightning Roulette stand out from others. Some of them are the surrounding of the live studio game (when Roulette is concerned) and the original settings and multipliers.

Players can trigger these multipliers all through every wheel spin and surge their bet by five hundred times.

The multiplier size is randomly determined by the position in which the ball lands. During every round of the game, one to five numbers will be chosen and struck by lightning, which will generate multipliers from 50:1 to 500:1.

The popularity of a bet is determined by the rate at which people bet on a particular number, which will, in turn, determine the rate at which that specific number shakes.

After closing the bets, the dealer draws the lever to commence the spins, then the stakes of the luckiest players are multiplied by lightning.

Main Benefits to Players

Players who play Live Lightning Roulette online stands to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. They enjoy an insight into bets of other players as well as statistics or results of past rounds.
  2. They can play with any device because it is compatible with different operating systems and mobile devices like iOs, android, or even desktop computers.
  3. They enjoy the dynamic, intensive, fun, and exciting gaming experience that accompanies the game.
  4. They also get to enjoy mouthwatering bet multiplier potential that begins with x50 and increases up to x500.
  5. Players enjoy game customization options, a different mode of viewing, and integrated live chat.

Wrap Up

Lightning Roulette is a regeneration of a regular Roulette game that players have always longed for. This revitalization can be extremely fun, although players might find it monotonous after playing for a while. 

Roulette players who are passionate about the game might be a little skeptical about the changes and alterations made to this Live Lightning Roulette to distinguish it from the conventional Roulette structure. However, we assure you that once you try this new version, you will love it and play for a long time.

Players will love the game because, despite the changes, it still retained the essence of traditional Roulette. The game further adds a competitive edge and a reassuring dose to the players by showing what other player’s bets.

Furthermore, Live Lightning Roulette is far above the regular payout table and gives players a random chance to win big.



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