How to Bet Online on Boxing?

Have you always liked boxing but never dared to bet on the sport? Well, don't worry, because at Casinoble we will explain exactly what you have to do to be able to bet on boxing in 2021. 

Betting on boxing is just as easy as betting on soccer or other more popular sports in 2021. The only difference is that there are usually fewer boxing matches to bet on than soccer or basketball games.

How to Start Betting on Boxing?

If you are thinking of betting on a boxing match, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Choose one of the legal bookmakers that offer this sport.
  2. Open a player account or login with your credentials.
  3. Deposit money using your preferred payment method.
  4. Choose the event and market you want to bet on
  5. Place your bet and wait to see the outcome of the fight.

Main Boxing Bets

In boxing, betting is linked to continental and world titles in various weight categories: from minimum weight to super heavyweight. There are 18 categories in total.

If you are interested, you can bet on:

  • The winner of the fight in a 1×2 pre-bet.
  • How he will win (KO, split decision, unanimous, majority decision, draw or technical knockout).
  • On whether the fight will be decided on points
  • On the winner by round intervals
  • In which round the favored fighter will win

As you can see, there is quite a variety of options and bets available every week. Normally, bookmakers only allow betting before the fight starts and it is quite unusual for live betting to exist for this sport.

Boxing Betting Tips

We always like to include a section dedicated to tips because betting is not the same in all sports.

Let's see what tips you should follow when betting on boxing:

  • Be well informed about the fighters: For example, it is very important to know if a boxer is looking to change weight class. By changing his bulk, a fighter may change his strengths. A fighter who was once noted for his speed may lose agility as he gains weight. Fighters who train to change weight classes are generally more unpredictable in betting.
  • Analyze and compare the fight: Something that can help you predict an outcome is to analyze the fights of one of the fighters against similar opponents. That is, with opponents of the same style and who have similar strengths. In this regard, bookmaker statistics often help.
  • Keep your feet on the ground: We always say this, but in boxing betting it is even more important. Bet with a cool head and don't get carried away by the show. Only in this way you will be able to make the right decisions.

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