Famous Poker Cheaters

Poker as a part of the casino world is a really complex thing.

First and foremost, it brings a lot of money.

That's what players love the most about it.

There isn’t a game that can make you richer than poker, of course, if you know how to play.

The poker players are excited all the time and all they seek is adrenaline and living on the edge.

That’s why there are many new tactics that can really better your live casino game and your casino game in general.

But there are some players that can’t win a round without cheating.

There are famous for it, and that’s why today, I will present to you the most famous poker cheaters!

Men Nguyen

Men Nguyen is doing everything most of the players are afraid of; he cheats, falses poker chips and runs tournaments that are just scam.


Well, in order to win, of course.

He is a money lover, and he loves the sense of victory.

Even though officially he has never been caught cheating, the whole poker community knows his actions.

Daniel Negreanu and Justin Bonomo have called him a cheater and even words with stronger language which we aren’t allowed to mention.

This is why pork is known as a cheating game, because of unfair players. 

men nguyen

Annie Duke

This woman is everywhere.

You can say that she is the poker legend.

Because everyone is talking about her and she is knees-deep in every scandal.

It doesn’t matter where this scandal takes place, she has to be in the middle of it.

Annie Duke is also known as the ‘Duchess of Poker’, but many people disagree.

She is rude, has no sense of manners whatsoever and when things don’t go her way, she practically goes crazy.

No one would want a poker partner like this, right? 

annie duke

Phil Hellmuth

Last but defiantly not the least on our list is Phil Hellmuth.

This guy is proof of why the poker has such a bad name around the world.

Everyone thinks that the game is cheating and that its a downhill.

And it’s because of people like him.

Even though he is wise, he never lets anyone catch him during his cheating moments but everyone has seen him and they just know.

Phil Hellmuth is the synonym of the bad side of the poker.

He, along with Annie Duke are the partners no one would want.

phil hellmuth

The casino sure is a place filled with good and bad sides.

Just because you have had a bad experience doesn’t mean that it’s all bad.

But, you really have to choose your partners wisely.

Not everyone practices fair play.

And not everyone likes to go down and easy in the casino rooms.



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