Interesting Facts About Roulette

Everyone loves roulette.

It's simply a casino game for every age, gender, and preferences.

Whether you are a poker lover or lean more towards the slot and spin machines, you will for sure love roulette.

Even if you still never played it or don’t have enough experience, believe me, you will learn it in no time.

Plus, it’s one of the most popular games in the whole world and there is no chance that you haven’t heard of it.

The roulette has been with us for a very long time, and that’s why here are some interesting facts about roulette you may have never heard of before.

1. They Call It the Devil's Game

Many of the people call it the ‘devil’s game’ or ‘the devilish wheel’.


Well, the sum of all the numbers that are engraved on the roulette wheel (from 1 to 38) is 666. 

roulette wheel and chips

2. There Is a Roulette Version With 2 Zeros

Everyone knows that there is the original European/French version of the roulette which is the most used and popular version has only one zero.

And many people think that anything besides this is mad wrong.

But I disagree, as well as many other people and roulette professionalism.

The American version, which is not so popular, has two zeros instead of one.

Even though it doesn’t make much of a difference, it’s still worth mentioning. 

3. The Dealer Is Called a Croupier

Even though the dealer of roulette still has the same role as the dealers from the other games, but the difference is that instead of ‘dealer’, it’s called ‘a croupier’.

Personally really likes this because it gives the roulette a slight authenticity so it can be slightly different and more authentic than the others.

4. They Use Different Casino Chips Than the Rest of the Casino Games

Even though at first, the casino chips may seem the same as the poker ones, they actually aren’t.

This especially happens to the newbies and beginners, and it’s pretty normal because you’re just getting into the gambling business.

No roulette round can be played with the same chips the poker or any other casino game is played.

Those are the rules and everyone must accept and respect them.

roulette wheel

5. The California Roulette

The California roulette is something else and out of this world.

It’s not an official roulette version, but still, many people are playing it that away all around the world, but of course, mostly in California.

The difference is that instead of chips, it played with a deck of cards and is really interesting

The roulette as a live casino game is really fascinating and amazing, and it has many hidden gems in history.

It’s always a fun way to spend your time, whether you’re with friends or with complete strangers. 



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