Ezugi Bet on Teen Patti Review

Many online casino players have taken interest in Ezugi’s live dealer game known as Teen Patti after its release several months back. While there are no other options to replace the uniqueness that the fans see in the casino game, many can attest to the qualitative product from this developer.

Bet on Teen Patti is different from other titles because this is not one that the player is no longer playing against a dealer. Instead, two players are betting against each other while every other person is there to bet on the outcome. This interesting idea brings new fun to live casino games and allows players to get a different experience. Although we will get into the details on how to play this game later, it is wise to know how it is run technically.

The reputable software developer, Ezugi, had always had problems creating stunning studio design. This is not to undermine the designs, which are always good to a large extent. Yet, the same trend of design can be found in this new game. This is the only place competitors always have an edge over them. Also, the game is made up of a single camera, which means a few people are not impressed by this. Nonetheless, the game seems seamless.

One beautiful thing about Bet on Teen Patti is its excellent user interface, which looks good and knows for its intuition that will aid beginner players to play without much trouble. The same seamlessness can be said about the streaming, which is of a higher quality. For the time of this review, there were barely any noticeable technical issues or hitches, indicating a thorough job in the technical aspect.

How To Play Bet on Teen Patti

If you ever desire to play this game, it is best to know how the game is played. It follows a simple pattern, where the dealer provides six cards and shares share them equally among 2 players. This card uses a combination of classic poker hands, giving the better side a chance to win. In summary, this competition is a poker game where two players go head-to-head.

The normal trend of Teen Patti is that you get the chance to go against the dealer by using Ante bets, folding as well as making the extra decision. On Bet on Teen Patti, your betting is made easier because you only have to bet on a player, from the two available. They display these players as A or B.

Wagering Options

You can also choose not to wager but if you choose, you can only do that within 10 seconds. You might want to have it at the back of your mind that you can only play 1 deck of cards and will have to shuffle after each hand.

To be frank, there’s no viable strategy to win on Bet on Teen Patti. Knowing the player with a better poker hand can be hard and you might have to play with the aid of your gut feeling. If you can, try voting on both sides.

With pair plus, you can easily predict the player that is most likely to get a pair or something better. When the hand is stronger, you get a bigger payout.

Another feature is the 3+3 bonus, which is the combination of both hands into a big poker. You only get paid if there are 3-of-a-kind or something better.



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