Evolution Monopoly Live Review

This is perhaps the most famous board game that was ever invented. Monopoly has been played by different families for several decades. As a game that is about the development and speculation of properties, monopoly has a role in the development of a good number of slot games.

Its role in the development of some slot games is so important, that monopoly can almost be described as a slot sub-genre. The most recent release can be traced to Evolution Gaming. Although it might not exactly be a slots game, it is one of the versions of Dream Catcher live casino games that Evolution Gaming is associated with. As one that has played this game before, you are aware of certain moves. It, however, is not free from a couple of changes.

About Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is a game that gets streamed live while being played. This is one thing it has in common with other Evolution Gaming Titles. It has a human dealer in charge and in real time.

This human dealer relates to other players via the use of a web link of high definition. You are free to play at any time. Night or day. All you need to do is log on. Once you get logged in, you will be able to gain access to the Dream Catcher wheel that is Monopoly-themed. This game first got unveiled in 2019. This was during the ICE 2019 convention. Since getting unveiled, it has brought about an increase in the standard associated with live gaming. You, therefore, might want to enjoy a couple of spins to see all it has to offer.

How it Works

Monopoly Live works with a very simple idea. In a game, what players need to do is place a bet on a wheel that is to be spun. This is usually based on various numerical outcomes. This makes it quite like roulette. Additionally, it makes use of some characteristics of 3D augmented reality that make use of some revolutionary technology. That’s not all you get to enjoy. You will also enjoy extra bonuses that might not be obtainable in a standard game.

Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Additional Features

The major action in this game begins with the money wheel. At this point, your simple task is to bet on what the next spin’s outcome will be. While the numbers on the wheel are important, you will also discover other wheel positions that you can depend on to get a good win while playing.

Monopoly Live Bonus Feature

As soon as the bonus game gets triggered, you will take part in a 3D augmented reality world alongside Mr. Monopoly. From this point, you will get to a 3D Monopoly board. This board gives you the freedom of moving through something that looks more like the board game.

You can get the direction of your movement on the board by rolling a pair of dice. Furthermore, elements such as hotels, houses, jail, and GO will play key roles in your movement.

You must be eligible to take part in the bonus game. Anyone that is not eligible will simply be an observer.



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