Evolution Launches a New Live Game- Lightning Dice

Recently, Evolution Gaming launched its new game known as Lighting Dice. It is an incredible, yet simple game featuring random multipliers up to 1000x. The game was launched only a few weeks after the company released yet another game- Super Sic Bo dice game.

The casino live game can be accessed through smartphones, tablet, and desktops. The game follows the success of Lighting Roulette.

Features of the Game

The Lighting Dice is set in the ancient games of dices or craps. Here are some of the notable features of the game. The Lighting Dice has similar features to the Lighting Roulette, which has so far won 3 awards. To begin with, Lighting Dice is a live stream game.

The game only allows the best live dealers to host the sessions. These casino dealers are professionally trained and are an incredible showman. The set comes in several languages, with the British English being the most common one.

When the sessions begin, one should be ready for a memorable gaming experience. There is usually a lot of tension during the game. Note that the set is entirely dark. The lightning is the main character, and it lights up everything with its power.

The rules of the game are the same as those of casino dice. The game, however, is fast-paced. The players are advised to place their bets before they switch on the automatic bidding feature so that you do not miss any around.



Many game developers and players alike have for many years neglected dice table. Players have been focusing on other games such as live roulette and slot machine. But the time has come for the old charm of dice to shine.

Online games are never complicated, simple than you can imagine. First and foremost, you need to choose your ideal online casinos to play lightning online. There are many casinos on the internet, make sure you choose one with excellent review. In addition, make sure you select games that offer a bonus and are 100 percent safe settings.

Once you sign up to your live casino and deposit money, you can claim your bonus and start enjoying the game right away. Once you open the game, there will be a setting that may look familiar if you have already played Lighting Roulette before.

As aforementioned, and the personalized studio features include the Lightning Tower. For each session, there are three dices to throw in the tower by the player. They will fall randomly to show the game result.

But remember Lighting Dice is not so simple as you think. The lighting immediately strikes the dices as soon as you throw them. The three dices are meant to reveal three probabilities or outcomes. The numbers shown by the three dices are then awarded a multiplier of up to x1000. The best thing about this game is that you can win big.

Continued Success

Apart from developing and launching new live casino games, Evolution Gaming was recently given a Global Warming Award. In another occasion- the 2019 Global Gaming Awards London event, the developer won the Online Casino Supplier of the Year Award.

The company emerged the winner after beating nine other contestants listed to earn the award. Evolution Gaming continues to design and develop new gaming programs and solutions. In the last 12 months, Evolution Gaming released products such as first-person games and Lightning Roulette.

In addition, the company opened three more studios around the world to help in creating content. This is just the beginning for Evolution Gaming, the future looks bright for EG, and nothing will not stop them any time soon.



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