Evolution Gaming’s NEW Lightning Baccarat

Lightning Baccarat is the hottest new release from Evolution Gaming. It takes the beloved formula of Baccarat and turns it up a few notches. This will inevitably draw in tons of new players who want to get in on the action. Here's a look at what makes Lightning Baccarat so electrifying in the eys of all who have played it.

Striking Design

Most people hear the alluring sound effects of Lightning Baccarat before they even know what it is. Every move is accompanied by satisfying effects that make the act of playing that much more enjoyable. The visuals have an elegant look that will keep players engaged for many hours on end. The art deco gameshow presentation is top-notch. The black and gold colors grab the attention of anyone walking past and hooks them instantly. This is a stunning audiovisual showcase that fans of high production value will surely appreciate.


The Spark

Of course, the true appeal to any live casino game is the gambling itself. Lightning Baccarat shares a majority of the rules with its progenitor. Player, Tie, Banker, and Side bets are all placed in the same manner. Where Lightning Baccarat differs is the chance for gigantic payouts. There are five cards per deck of 52 that get struck by lightning at the start of each round. These cards are randomly given a multiplier between 2X and 8X. If one of these cards is used in a winning hand, that player will have their winnings multiplied by that amount.

This becomes pretty wild when three or more lightning cards are used at once. Each multiplier stacks and the winner is looking at some massive profit. The best-case scenario results in a payout that is 262.144X the initial bet. Due to the potential for payouts this big, each bet has a 20% fee placed on it. This helps fund the gargantuan payouts that are likely to occur. Overall, Lightning Baccarat is an exciting spin on an old formula that is worth trying at least once.

More Supercharged Fun

Evolution Gaming has released two additional casino games with a lightning ruleset. The first is Lightning Roulette, which gives the original a jolt of new energy. Bets can be placed on all the traditional wheel configurations. Before each spin, five spots are randomly struck by lightning and assigned a huge multiplier. If a player makes a straight-on bet at a lightning spot, they can enjoy winnings up to 500X their initial cash. If there wasn't a straight-on bet, the player can still enjoy a 30X payout for landing on the lightning. This is a fun new twist on Roulette that will no doubt please lifelong gamblers.

Lightning Dice is the other casino favorite to get the titular upgrade. This variant of dice betting features a lightning tower. This structure is constructed like a maze and no two dice very fall the exact same way. The live presenter drops three dice into the tower as players watch with anticipations. Each player must bet on what the sum total of each dice will be once they all land. Five numbers are chosen at random to be struck by lightning. If the sum of the dice equals a lightning number, and a player has guessed correctly, they can receive massive payouts up to 1000X their initial bet. This adds a new layer of fun to classic dice betting that fans won't want to miss.



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