Evolution Crazy Time Live: All you Need to Know about its Bonuses

The most recent Evolution gaming live casino game is “Crazy Time”. It earned its place as the most exciting and outstanding live casino game according to ICE in the year 2020. While Monopoly Live has just one bonus round, Crazy Time offers four additional bonus rounds. It boasts of more whistles and bells. It also offers you the largest wheels you may ever come across.

Crazy Time Wheel

A vertical fifty-four segment wheel is a feature of Crazy Times. You get to have a multiplier before each spin. It then becomes a part of one of the awards from a slot machine usually above the wheel. The presenter may continually spin the maim wheel if the multiplier fails to line up with the top slot’s middle line. If the reverse is the case, then it is added to the wheel.

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

You can find four bonus round features on Crazy Time's main wheel alongside its sections. They include the 1x, 2x, 5x, and, of course, 10x. According to Evolution Gaming, for an average of 6 spins, a player can hit any of these rounds. Here is a comprehensive view of each of the rounds.

Bonus #1 – Pachinko

A large multiplier wall is a primary feature of the Pachinko bonus. Multipliers and doubles are 16 spaces below. The presenter drops the puck into a random position before each drop. The puck lands in any of the below positions. The multipliers' value is doubled if the puck lands on a double space, after which drops the puck in a new random position. A rescue drop is randomly awarded if your first drop returns at least four times.

Bonus #2 – Cash Hunt

About 108 random multipliers are hidden at the back of different objects in the bonus Cash Hunt. You can select whatever item you want to reveal as a Crazy Time interactive bonus. However, a random position is awarded if the player fails to make a decision. A 100x item and a 20x multiplier allow you to see how you can easily realize a 2000x stake.

Bonus #3 – Coin Flip

The easiest feature for you to land is the Coin Flip. Unlike other features that have two spaces, Coin Flip has four spaces. The Coin Flip feature is head or tail, but it also comes with a blue and red feature. The flip-o-Matic assigns a 100x multiplier on either side while the presenter flips the coin by pushing a button. 5000x stake is the maximum you can win on the Coin Flip feature.

Bonus #4 – Crazy Time

The Crazy Time wheel is a feature that allows you to get to the 64-segment wheel when you win this feature. It also allows you to pick one out of the three flappers. You win whatever segment your flapper is said to land on after spinning the wheel. Landing the flapper on a triple or double segment means that the wheel has to be re-spun with increased multipliers for players who chose it. For good luck purposes, the presenter may head butt the button for triple or double spins.

Wrap up

When played professionally, you may get a 96.08% RTP on Crazy Times. The probability of landing a bonus round on each spin is 1/6. But of course, you can have over 20 spins landing on 1x in a row. The bonus rounds offer you more fun and excitement than Monopoly Live. You can get mouthwatering wins by playing the Crazy Time game.



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