Evolution Caribbean Stud Poker: How to Play

Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution to like other Poker games. It is a version of Texas Hold’EM Poker, the only difference is that in Texas Hold’EM Poker, you play against the house, while in this version, you wager against other bettors. Just like in other poker games, in this casino game you play with five cards, the goal is to beat the dealer’s hand by making the best out of your five cards.

Evolution Caribbean Stud Poker is played with a standard 52 card deck, without the Jokers card. This game can be played by an unlimited number of players at a go which makes the dealing process simple and the game fast.

How to Play Evolution Caribbean Stud Poker

To start the game, cards are shuffled at the beginning of every betting round. The players place the first bet also known as the Ante Bet, and can also place the Progressive Jackpot or the 5+1 Bonus bet. The dealer deals five cards each to himself and the players. All cards are dealt face down except for one of the dealer’s cards on the other hand.

One of the interesting parts of this game is the decision-making part. After the cards have been dealt, the players must choose whether to PLAY or FOLD. The ones who FOLD, walk away from the game and their Ante Bet is considered null. The good thing is that their side bets are still intact and can payout irrespective of the dealer’s hand.

Those who decide to PLAY will then find out whether they have a winning hand. The dealer would turn the other four cards face up. For the dealer’s hand to qualify, it must contain an Ace, a King, a four, a three, and a two. Then the players would compare their cards to the dealer’s cards. The player wins the Ante bet if his hand is better. He also wins the wager amount if the dealer’s hand is qualified.

A player can win the bonus bet if they form “Three of a Kind”, by considering the players 5 cards that are faced down and the dealer’s only face-up card. The bonus is really inviting and can make a bet go up as much as 1,000 times.

Betting in a Live Session

Caribbean Stud Poker by Evolution is a Live Casino Game that streams live from Evolution Gaming Studios. No doubt, it is one of the fastest and is popular with Live mobile casino players. The game is available and allows players easy access via all types of devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. You could all perform transactions with the aid of the mobile app.

Live dealers are always available to oversee the game and give players an awesome gaming experience. The live sessions stream live, so you can see the live dealers shuffle cards. Players can also interact and chat with the live dealers.

In Caribbean Stud Poker Game, there are no mistakes as there are webcams around the table to capture every process.



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