Crypto Casinos

The gaming industry (especially online casinos) has had a clear before and after. This is not really in terms of notable changes but rather regarding extraordinary additions. This extraordinary addition is the cryptocurrency and its casino. Crypto casinos have been on the rise for a short time, and they keep increasing n number on the internet.

Crypto casinos serve to meet the demands of players who wish to use Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. Casinoble will focus on  providing information about bitcoin casinos and include details that will help you become a professional in finding the top 2022 crypto casinos in India.  These details will also help you to bet using cryptocurrency in the several online gambling environments in existence. Well, let’s get started.

Best Crypto Casinos

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find crypto casinos because they are not yet widespread. Crypto casinos are limited in number because cryptocurrency is a modern form of payment. Besides, any online live casino that offers it must meet high requirements and criteria on reliability, transparency, and security. But we are not scared at Casinoble; we still focus on finding the top offers in the iGaming industry.

This is why we have been able to find out the top 2022 crypto casinos which have met the requirements we set (will be explained later) and also offer spectacular experience in a unique way. So, take a deep look at the following top crypto casinos in India and choose your preferred one.

Bet with Cryptocurrency at Casinos

Betting with cryptocurrencies is quite distinct from other methods of online payment. Crypto casinos employ a different mechanism that offers more security and anonymity to players. If you consider the variation in the value of cryptocurrencies, you will know that it is a new environment for both gambling sites and customers.

However, betting with cryptocurrencies has its advantages because it allows you to bet anonymously and have greater control of your money. An example is the speed of withdrawals.  This is why we have produced this Casinoble guide to direct you on betting with cryptocurrencies. We will explain the different cryptocurrencies available in online casinos, the details of cryptocurrencies, and the merits and demerits of betting at crypto casinos.

We will also cover the license which cryptocurrencies must-have, the criteria and conditions that have to be met, the games, crypto casino bonuses, and sports betting. 

How we Review Crypto Casinos at Casinoble

At Casinoble, we are obligated to explain how we carry out reviews on crypto casinos. The truth is that recommending casinos after thoroughly analyzing them is an ideal thing to do. Although it is very modern, reviewing casinos is one the most complicated facets of gaming, and one has to be careful when doing it. This is why we set and implement so many conditions and requirements that are quite easy to meet.

Our responsibility at Casinoble to recommend only features of casinos that have met the security of every reader and responsible gaming. Read the following information if you want to learn more about these requirements.

You can also apply the requirements when you are looking for a top crypto casino.

  • Theme: There are little details that you must pay attention to on a crypto casino site. Although the main focus is usually on cryptocurrencies, the theme is one of the fundamental details of the crypto casino that must not be overlooked. Although the theme might seem irrelevant at first, it can affect the entire preferences and experience of crypto casino players. So players should also consider the theme of a crypto casino site before joining them.
  • Graphics: If a casino can offer Litecoin, Ethereum, or Bitcoin, then it has to be on the same level as the rest of the top features in the industry. Thus, the importance of graphics in a crypto casino site cannot be overemphasized. Both on the casino platform and in the games they offer, graphics add to the overall gaming experience, so it has to be top-notch.
  • Technology: Just like the graphics, the technology employed by a crypto casino tells a lot about the casino, especially in this 21st century when everything is leveraged on technology. Technology has advanced, so any platform that offers cryptocurrency should also put all other technological elements into play.
  • Entertainment Level: Players do not just play to win; they also play for the fun of it. They desire to be entertained by the casino in addition to depositing and withdrawing their money from the platform. So, we put some level of entertainment into consideration before we recommend crypto casinos to you.
  • Casino Bonuses: This is another important factor to consider; after all, all players love bonuses. Bonuses differ from one crypto casino to the other. There are also bonuses called crypto casino bonuses which are exclusively for crypto casinos. These bonuses can only be gotten when you play with cryptocurrencies.
  • Free Spins: Free spins are just like casino bonuses. It helps players to enjoy the convention online casino slots and environment. The good news is that there are games that are specifically for cryptocurrencies. Such games can also be played using free spins, which the online casino offers.
  • Game Selection: In contrast to other online casinos, the difference with crypto casinos is the payment method. They offer games for cryptocurrencies in addition to other aces they have up their sleeve. These cryptocurrency games, in addition to the existing ones, give room for even more games.
  • Software Selection: You already know that technology is an important element in crypto casinos; thus, the software is equally vital. Some crypto casinos do not come clean about the software they use, so we are usually careful with software selection. This feature is one of the most essential ones for us at Casinoble, which is why we recommend casinos that have the most advanced software in the market.
  • Crypto Currencies: Everyone is familiar with Bitcoin that is currently trending everywhere, and does not seem to be waning anytime soon. Well, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency available, but it is the most popular. Other cryptocurrencies include Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and lots more.
  • Support Ways: Players who are already used to how things work in crypto casinos know that the withdrawal and deposit method is not clear like other payment means. This is why players should always go through the FAQs or have a live chat with the support staff. Crypto casinos have support ways that seek to guide customers through the help of a member of the casino workers. A crypto casino that does not have an effective support way can become dreadful to the less experienced players.
  • Customer Service: Like we mentioned in support ways above, players can contact a member of the support staff when they need help. The staff will be available to answer questions and reply to inquiries.  Customer service in a crypto casino is very vital, and they must be effective and skilled. They are particularly helpful to new players that are making payment for the first time using a payment system they are not used to.

Crypto Currencies at Online Casinos

Now, it is high time we talked about the diverse cryptocurrencies on offer at online casinos. We will focus on the 5 most notable ones, which you can easily come by and use in an excellent crypto casino.

Note that cryptocurrencies are more than these five we have mentioned here, especially as new ones keep coming up every day. So you must look out for these five prominent ones and also keep an eye on new ones that are gradually gaining value.

You never can tell which cryptocurrency will be the next to achieve worldwide fame as a virtual currency. Until then, focus on the five we will mention in this article and choose your preferred one.


Also known as BTC, Bitcoin is the master, grandfather, and godfather of all cryptocurrencies. It boasts a large market value of more than 39 billion INR and is two times powerful than Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency in the market ranking. Bitcoin was the pioneer of all cryptocurrencies when it was designed as a substitute for existing currencies. Bitcoin is an open-source code.

This implies that no single financial authority or government can control Bitcoin; it is the people’s money. Bitcoin is now available on the pub by the corner, bookstores, clothing shops, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Bitcoin Cash

You may not be aware that cryptocurrency is very complicated. Bitcoin developers were forced to find a solution to aid faster and convenient payments. This led to the emergence of Bitcoin Cash which is a simple and fast solution to payments in Bitcoin. The emergence of Bitcoin Cash can be traced back to August 2017, where it was so much on offer.

Players who had one Bitcoin were given one Bitcoin Cash to fast-track their transaction and make it more efficient. In reality, Bitcoin Cash is almost the same as Bitcoin, but it is a lot more convenient than BTC.


Picking up from the backdrop of Bitcoin, Ethereum kicked off in 2015 from the stables of Vitalik Buterin. Just like Bitcoin had recorded success and holds a lot of advantages, Ethereum also blew up to 32 trillion dollars in the market in just two years.  People were quick to tag Ethereum as Bitcoin 2.0, especially since it was able to improve on some deficiencies of Bitcoin. It corrected the main flaws in Bitcoin and brought out the full capability of blockchain technology.

Ethereum is like Android in cryptocurrencies featuring several elements, both in efficiency and security in making transactions. This is why Ethereum has been able to quickly seal its place as the second preferred cryptocurrency in crypto casinos and also in the current financial markets.


Currently, LTC (Litecoin) is one of the closest competitors to Bitcoin. Litecoin was first introduced in October 2011, and it is different from others because it features a much faster transaction time and a shorter block generation time.  Litecoin also has lower transaction costs. Litecoin uses a technology that is similar to that of Dash or Bitcoin as it also allows nearly anyone to verify the code.

The major difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin is that the former’s mining blocks will be divided every four years until eighty-four million Litecoins are produced. This amount represents the amount of Bitcoin in four places.


The last on our list is DOGE (Dogecoin). Surprisingly, this coin began in December 2013 as an online joke, but it later started growing a strong fan base. By March 2016, Dogecoin was already boasting of 22.2 million dollars market capitalization. Dogecoin is like every other cryptocurrency with a system that works in a way similar to Litecoin.

One funny thing about Dogecoin is the popular Shiba Inu meme it carries as its official mascot. This denotes that its people and community are playful. Their primary interest is a charity and charitable causes around the internet.

Licensed Crypto Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, licensing takes the front stage and should not be taken with levity; the same applies to crypto casinos too. Players want to be secure and safe when they gamble and make payments through cryptocurrencies. So, do not joke with the issue of license; ensure that the casino you are signing up with is licensed by the appropriate gaming authority like the Malta Gaming Authority or the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

If you are not sure how to check if a crypto casino is licensed, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find the license logo there (if the site has one). Avoid spending your money at crypto casinos that are not licensed because they cannot offer legal gambling.

Sports Betting with Crypto

Are you a fan of sports betting? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Asides from an online casino that uses crypto, many sport betting sites also use crypto. You will also see eSport betting sites that offer Bitcoin or other currency. Although casinos are truly leading in cryptocurrency usage, the last few months have seen sports betting also rise to the challenge and use crypto.

We consider this a huge bonus because we can now expect all types of odds and markets to be available for Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, etc.

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Here is the juicy part you have all been waiting for. Like we mentioned earlier, crypto casino bonuses are quite different from online casino bonuses. Read along carefully as we provide information on the various bonuses available in crypto casinos.

Some people have even thought that crypto casino bonuses are limited; well, we will prove them wrong. The only downside is that the bonuses that crypto casinos offer cannot be used on online casinos with another currency.

We have shortlisted these bonuses to the three, which are the major ones, as we will not like to bombard you with numerous bonus games. This will help players to start their first crypto casino experience with additional cash.

Stay tuned as we explain the basics of free spins, deposit bonuses, and no deposit bonuses. It will now be left to you to choose your preferred promotion or bonus from our Casinoble list and get started with it.

Deposit Bonus

This bonus is the king of bonuses at all online casinos. Some casinos call this bonus a welcome bonus. Both bonus types often have the same concept as they are given to players when they make a deposit. This bonus type often works with a percentage that is fixed by the casino. For instance, if a casino offers you a 200% bonus and you deposit 30 BTC, you get an additional 60BTC which you can use to play on the casino.  It even gets better when you make more deposits and get more bonuses.

No Deposit Bonus: This bonus is the most sought-after in 2022. It enjoyed a boom just like cryptocurrencies in 2022. Most bonus hunters target the no deposit bonus since it allows them to check out a new casino without paying a dime. You do not have to take anything from your Cryptocurrency wallet before you can explore these new casinos. The good news is that it is easy to get a no deposit bonus.  All that is required of you is to create an account with the casino and sign up; then, you will receive a particular amount of money in return as a bonus which you can use to explore the markets or games that the site offers.

Free Spins

This is the third favorite bonus you will find in all online casinos. A free spin is a continuation of a player’s money. Let’s explain free spins better to give you an idea of how they work. For instance, if a casino offers you fifty free spins, you can then use them to play as long as you meet the conditions set by the casino. Free spins do not just come in small amounts or individually. Most of them usually come in surprisingly huge amounts, and they even accompany other credit promotions or casino cash in some cases.

Crypto Casino Games 

We earlier mentioned that crypto casino exists but what are they? Crypto casinos are live dealer games, table games, and slots. Although these can be found in other online casinos, they have some distinct peculiarities in crypto casinos.

We will talk extensively about the three variants above so that we will not leave you in stitches. Knowledge of these variants will save you time when you venture into a crypto casino. Let’s get started!


It is general knowledge that online slots enjoy the most patronage in casinos around the world. Well, what you do not know is that there are also crypto slots that are growing at a remarkable rate.  Although some crypto casinos offer only a few crypto slots, others have hundreds of unique games on offer. Also, many crypto slots are more thematically focused, making them more attractive compared to regular slots. These crypto slots try to please older players and never fall behind the times. Players must also note that the best providers of software are working round the clock to introduce amazing crypto slots to the market.

This is why we have slots that have RTP of up to 55% – 99%. This is a groundbreaking momentum in the slot industry.

Table Games

Although slots seem to have taken most of the ground, there is still room for crypto table games. This is where games like Roulette and Blackjack come in to add spice to crypto casinos and complement slots.

Today, you will find these common table games in crypto casinos:

The difference when playing these games in crypto casinos in contrast to online casinos is that cryptocurrency is the accepted payment method. But in reality, crypto table games give players a perfect replica of the conventional table game experience.

Live Dealer

Live dealer games are widely accepted and celebrated in the gaming industry; it is easy to see why. Live dealer games hold a lot of benefits to players, and it is even better when cryptocurrency is added to them.  Cryptocurrencies and live dealers have combined the real casino experience with the merits of online payment. This is a new twist to the existing innovative experience.

Crypto live dealer games are not just for table game lovers but also allow players to test cryptocurrencies and see how they can be played in a nearly real ambiance.

About Crypto

Perhaps you still do not know what cryptocurrency is all about; here is an explanation. Maybe you have heard about cryptocurrencies or BTC, but you do not know what it entails. It is essential to know what cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies entail so that you will know how to use them.

This is why we will explain the decentralized aspects and the basic elements of cryptocurrencies’ history to you. We will also cover information on the anonymity attached when you pay with cryptocurrency, what a crypto wallet is, the transparency, the speed, and the universal side of the currency.

You must learn all these aspects if you want to bet or play on any gambling or crypto casino site. Don’t miss out!


Let’s take your mind back to about 13 years ago, in 2008, when the global economic crisis hit and had a huge impact on the financial sector. This led to the emergence of the first cryptocurrency in 2009. At that time, the cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) was created by Satoshi Nakamoto (his identity remains unknown). You might then wonder why someone will create a virtual currency and what does it have to do with the 2008 economic crisis.

The currencies regulated by the governments of various nations and the impact which the crisis had on the economy led the creators of Bitcoin to create BTC. Satoshi Nakamoto felt that he needed to create a different type of currency that cannot be controlled by anyone, belonged to the people, and is distinct from the existing conventional ones.


People often criticize Bitcoin for being a wild horse that will soon lose value or get out of hand since it cannot be controlled. But that issue has been downplayed because cryptocurrencies have strong security that supersedes that of other currencies. Cryptocurrencies hold much power because they are decentralized currencies of the large authorities, both political and financial).

Cryptocurrencies prefer to have their independence because of the misuse associated with major currencies. Values in cryptocurrencies fluctuate according to the demand and use for the cryptocurrency. You have to be clear that no one controls cryptocurrencies, so you have to use them judiciously.


This is another aspect of cryptocurrency that you should keep in mind. Remember that no financial authority has to check whether the transaction is carried out correctly or not. So, it is left to the recipient and the use to decide the money flow.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency miners and the blockchain system are responsible for regulating the speed of the transactions. The miners work continuously to maintain the flow of money while each blockchain takes charge of transiting the money back and forth. You can tip the miners if you want to speed up your transaction so that they will add your transaction to the first blockchain available.


Cryptocurrencies would not make sense if it was not transparent; else there will be a repeat of the 2008 economic crisis which was clouded by financial corruption and fraud. Like we said earlier, cryptocurrency is the currency of the people because everyone can use them as they deem fit, so long it is done responsibly. After all, the prevention of money laundering is one of the goals of cryptocurrencies.

This is why blockchains use the most sophisticated and advanced technologies to guarantee legal, honest, and transparent use.

Global Currency

As you know, the US dollar is a property of the United States of America, and INR is the official currency in India; cryptocurrency is quite different. Cryptocurrency is virtual money accepted all over the world, and it is not limited to one part or country alone.

The global internet and blockchain technology are largely responsible for the availability of cryptocurrencies in countries where they are proscribed legal. This implies that you can deposit at a crypto casino with your favorite currency anywhere you are. The only limitation is that such casinos must be available in your district.

The Crypto Wallet

Wallet has joined the online dictionary terminology in recent years. E-Wallet is an alternative online payment method that is becoming more widespread. Cryptocurrencies have their different wallet where our money is kept. Crypto wallets are safe. The key to the transactions is in the hands of the players because they are a hundred percent virtual. So, you can have access to your money anywhere you are.


Many people opt for cryptocurrency as their preferred method of payment because of anonymity. Anonymity has made cryptocurrency popular in addition to the high decentralization and security of the currency. However, many people argue that the anonymity of cryptocurrency is even an avenue to encourage money laundering, but it has been proved to be false.

If you want to transact with Ethereum or BTC, your personal data is not needed. Your keys and wallet are the required elements when dealing with cryptocurrencies; your identity is not important.

Crypto Casinos Pros and Cons

By now, you are well versed in the rudiments of crypto casinos, and we are confident that you will become a professional in no time if you follow our guide judiciously.

So, let’s take a look at the pros and cons. Although the merits of crypto casinos overtake the demerits, you should still be aware of both. Here are the essential stand-out points in Crypto Casinos


  • More anonymity and security than other online casinos
  • Exclusive bonuses and games that can only work with cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple cryptocurrencies are available, each with different values
  • The use of cryptocurrency in both online sports betting and online casinos keeps growing.
  • Being able to use cryptocurrency for casino bonuses and games


  • There are still few crypto casinos available
  • Crypto casinos can be complicated than regular betting sites at first

Responsible Betting

At Casinoble, responsible betting is our top priority. We always help our readers to look out for the best solutions to enable them to bet and gamble responsibly.

All our recommendations, information, articles, and guides are tailored towards creating a safe environment. We do not encourage our readers to spend money or gamble irresponsibly. We also frown against underage gambling.


How can I get the best crypto casinos?

Simply check out our Casinoble list, where we have gathered the top crypto casinos and bonuses in India in 2022

What should I do to pay at an online casino using Bitcoin?

Look out for crypto casinos because they allow the use of cryptocurrency. They will allow you use cryptos whenever you want.

Where can I play with cryptocurrency?

If you want to play with cryptocurrency, locate any casino that accepts it as a means of payment. They are known as Crypto casinos and we have listed the top ones for you here at Casinoble.

Why is cryptocurrency becoming famous?

This is attributed to its value and safety, which has made many online casinos incorporate cryptocurrency.

When can I receive a crypto bonus at an online casino?

You have to look for casinos that offer crypto casino bonuses. Our Casinoble list will help you out.

Who created cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, dates back to 2009 and was created by Satoshi Nakomoto.

Where can I learn about crypto casinos?

You can check our articles and guides on Casinoble to know more about crypto bonuses and casinos. You will see information about the trending crypto casinos.

What is the most priceless cryptocurrency in online casinos?

Bitcoin is the most valuable and acceptable cryptocurrency in online casinos.

Is it possible to play Bitcoin games with INR?

Unfortunately, it does not work like that. BTC games and Crypto are specifically made for cryptocurrencies. So, you will have to use Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and any other one available.

Will crypto casinos gain more popularity?

Crypto casinos are a strong element of casinos in 2022. So there is a high possibility of more crypto casinos springing up.