Common Scams in Online Casinos

The gambling world is an attractive sight to see. The fantasy of playing a casino game and winning huge money seems great, right? Could it be that it is harder than claimed, and the reason why some gamblers cheat?

Online casinos have always been victims of cheating gamblers. Thanks to them, their actions and tactics have helped casinos to improve on their security systems. So, bettors can now gamble and win money legitimately.

Introducing online gambling also allows interested people to now play and win around the world. Some popular cheating tactics perpetrated across mobile casinos in the world include;

Edge Sorting

Edge-sorting requires one to have very sharp eyes. Cards are usually not symmetrical when held. If looked at closely, a smart eye can spot and “see-through” those cards not well held or covered.

A player once cheated a casino in London $11 million in a game of poker in 2012. They believed he used the edge-sorting method. Once he spotted the cards, he changed his bet to make him win an enormous amount of money.

Counting Cards

Card counting is not a crime in all card games, and one of such is the blackjack, where you must keep a tab on the cards dealt out and what is left. A gambler took this up a notch in 2011.

This gambler had recruited thirty collaborators to stack cards in different casinos. The dealers would pretend to shuffle the deck and deal out cards to players, but the cards were stacked to enable a particular person to win. This ingenious plan got the gang about $7 million from twenty-five casinos. Sadly, their luck ran out, and they pled guilty to most of the charges.

Fake Coins

Slot machines have received more fake coins than you can ever imagine. Louis Colayecchio, known as The Coin, was a jeweler who produced counterfeit coins that he successfully used to win from slot machines. Before he got incarcerated in 1998, he had won hundreds of thousands in dollars.

His activities were mainly in casinos in Atlantic City. After serving six years in prison, he immediately resumed using counterfeit coins in casinos as soon as he got out. This lead to a re-arrest.

Tying strings to a single coin so a player could use it many times in a slot machine was also a thing. This led casinos to replace playing with coins with paper vouchers. Playing online in bitcoin casinos has further reduced fraud by fake coins.

Sector Targeting

In 2001, three gamblers in London used their phones, set up lasers and computers to calculate the speed of a targeted roulette ball, and where it would probably fall. Before their arrest, they succeeded in scamming a London casino close to a million Euros. They were not charged for any crime because there was no law against sector targeting at the time.



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