A Look At NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack

NetEnt's Perfect Blackjack is exactly as its name implies. It is a perfect iteration of the classic game that generations of players have enjoyed. Blackjack is a live casino mainstay. It is part of a series of table games gamblers expect to see in any given gaming house both physical and online. NetEnt's iteration is meant to be a solid mainstay of its current catalog of live dealer tables. Perfect Blackjack is not a variation but a straightforward presentation of classic Blackjack designed solely for the fun of the game itself. It has all the features of regular Blackjack with a couple of options NetEnt has thrown in. Here is a closer look.

Betting and Gameplay

Betting and gameplay for Perfect Blackjack are standard. Players take on the dealer in a one-on-one bout to see who gets 21. Both sides are dealt two cards in the opening hand with one face up and one face down. Betting is made at the onset of the first round before the opening hand is dealt. If either side gets 21 they win and the round is over. Should neither side nab 21 they can hit and add cards to find it. If either side goes over 21 they bust and the round is lost. Players also have the option to stay, double down, or split.


In Blackjack, a player stays when they want no additional cards. This is usually down because the value of their hand is in danger of busting. Players can double down after the opening hand and increase their stake by 100%. If their opening hand has two cards of the same number players can split. This option splits their hand into two separate hands giving them multiple ways to beat the dealer.


Perfect Blackjack is set in a regal room with a red felt table and a VIP backdrop. Tables seat seven but gameplay remains between the player and the dealer. NetEnt uses professional dealers to allow for fast gameplay. Players can also use a player chat feature to speak directly to the dealer. The game is streamed via HTML so it is fully available on all operating systems. Players view the table from a top-down perspective which feels as if they are sitting right at the table.

Insurance Side-Bet

Another special feature from NetEnt is the insurance side-bet. This feature is activated when the dealer shows an ace in their opening hand. An ace is a good indicator of a winning hand. Insurance grants players the option to place a side wager on the outcome of a round. The wager is a way for players to make money back if they should lose or back their own play if they should win. Players can also wager on a tie. Insurance is a great way to reduce the odds which is the main part of Blackjack strategy.



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