5 Useful Tips For Live Sic-Bo

Sic-Bo, a popular live casino game that initially arose within Eastern culture is now played everywhere. Its popularity seems to have sparked from its versatility, as it includes many different playing strategies, it’s simplicity over other casino games such as Craps, and because it’s fun, of course. Despite this unique casino game is more simple than others, however, it can sometimes be more tricky because of its multitude of strategies, but hopefully, this guide will help you discover some useful tips behind playing this game– follow this guide and you just might be well on your way to a Sic-Bo expert in no time.

1. Be Versatile With Your Bets–

Again, there are various strategies you can choose in Sic-Bo, as it is ultimately a game of chance, so players have the power to make various bets, big or small. It might get rather predictable, but choosing big/small bets pay 1:1 and have the smallest house edge, making it the safest formality of playing.

2. Pay Attention to the Varying Odds–

Placing a bet on totals 7 to 14 offers a significantly lower house edge of 9.7%. This is obviously a better move to make in betting odds when compared to other totals, such as 8 to 13 or from 10 to 11, which have a house edge of 12.5%. So, a good word of advice here is to always bet on 7 to 14.


3. Bet on Single, Not Triple–

Making a triple bet is worth 180:1, which means you have predicted the same number on three sets of dice. However, even experienced Sic-Bo players avoid making these kinds of bets, as they are the riskiest bet you can make in the whole game. The much safer route to take is making single bets instead, as the risk of losing your money from a single bet is not as likely.

4. It’s All About Luck–

Forget the fickle betting systems that are never 100% reliable, this traditional Chinese game seemingly revolves around sheer luck. In Chinese culture, certain numbers were said to be more favorable and lucky based on Chinese words containing similar pronunciations, so this allowed Chinese gamblers to know which numbers were safer to bet on and which to avoid. Still today, however, Sic-Bo ultimately hinges on luck and choosing the numbers that your gut intuition is telling you to go for. Even if you don’t believe in luck, it’s still best not to devote all your trust to a betting system.

5. Every Live Casino is Different–

Finally, it’s important to remember that there will usually be different payouts for Sic-Bo at the various live casinos, so try to find the one promising the best, highest-paying payout odds. For example, always go for the casino offering 180:1 rather than 150:1 odds–this difference is crucial in this number oriented casino game.



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