Vivo Gaming Live Baccarat Online

Vivo Gaming is not a newbie in the business of casino games. This is evident in their Live Baccarat game. You can play and watch online all day long, from their different studios at different locations in the world. Each live casino game has 11 tables with dealers that you can view in 2D or 3D. Vivo Live Baccarat not only shows you live games and speedy bets, but you can also quickly withdraw your winnings, see your past games, and so many other side attractions.

When you are playing live, you get to see all the real cards from anywhere on display. You can see the chips on the table, the payment percentage with other options to make the game livelier. You can see both the player and banker’s cards on the score line beside the balance and updates about wins, all on your dashboard.

How to Play Vivo Gaming Live Baccarat Online

New to baccarat, don’t worry. On Vivo, you can learn all you need to know; private chats, bet limits, rules of the game, and so on. Vivo Live was created with everyone in mind. You can even contact live help with your questions and concerns.

A bet is placed on the banker and the Player from a set of Eight Decks of cards, and you can bet on either. Other bet areas are Perfect Pair, Big, Either Pair and more. The betting percentage can be as high as 1:200

Baccarat on 3D Vivo Live

One of the exceptional features of Vivo Gaming is you can watch on HD. You can have a closer view of the cards by using the “magnifying lens” option on the game. You can also watch the videos on full screen and decide how loud you want it. You can chat with the dealer live either on the general table or the special table. 

If you love fast action, you should go to Speed Roulette. There, you can bet at least three times in a minute. Fantasy table, on the other hand, offers a six-card draw along with its exciting concept. You can stream fantasy tables live from Europe, Asia, and Spain. Also, with their six guidelines to help, you can deal at more than one table per time from these locations.

Vivo Gaming Roulette Benefits

·        Play as though you were in the casino. 

  • You can bet with as low as a dollar
  • Access to professional dealers from different races
  • Different tables have different games and rewards
  • You can chat with other players.

Wrap up

What you get at Vivo Live Baccarat is a real-life casino adventure. You are not exposed to any danger as you play from your comfort zone. They take it further by ensuring games are monitored by a team of experts to reduce risks. The conditions to play are fair, and you can finally experience a casino while in your room.



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