What Are Some of the Biggest Blackjack Myths?

As we all know, blackjack and its rules are something that you dont see every day.

And this game has the right not ot as well.


Well, for one, its one of the most popular casino games, and literally anyone can learn to play it.

All you need is concentration, devotion adn a few math skills.

Of course, you need to actually want to succeed and try your hardest.

But in general, it’s a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

And these few myths that we are about to bust will better your game, for sure!

You Mustn't Count Your Cards

The first and foremost myth taht everyone is constantly repeating is this one. 

Card counting isn’t illegal; that’s for sure.

As we all know, in order to win at blackjack you need to count your cards and see where its gonna take you.

Sure many casinos can actually ban you or kick you out but technically, this doesn’t mean that this technique is illegal.

It’s not!

And if anyone tells you otherwise, they are wrong.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this tactic of gambling.


You Should Do Progressive Betting in the Meantime

Another big mistake that every blackjack player is doing is the act of progressive betting.

As we all know, these progressive slots can seem attractive and will make you spend all of your money on it.

But, it’s not worth it, that’s for sure!

And its a casino trick to waste your money in an easier and unnoticeable way.

Keep this in mind!

Follow the Dealer and You Will Win

Whether you are a newbie or have some experience with these kinds of games.

You should always know that every person is an individual for themselves.

Adn you definitely shouldn’t go according to your dealer and shift your moves by him/her.

It’s definitely not such a brilliant idea if you ask me.

Or any other professional blackjack player for that matter.

All You Need Is Luck in the Blackjack World

Last but definitely not the least is the luck connecting ot the blackjack game.

blackjack table

Are the wins that we see on a daily basis: luck or is there something else here?

The answer is: you need more than just sheer luck ot make it.

And it shouldn’t come off as a surprise as well.

Many pros have actually confirmed that they use maths and calculations in order to win their rounds.

Are they lying?

I don’t think so! 

These few things may seem like they won’t help you but check again.

They are pretty good, if you ask me and can do a lot if given the chance.

Blackjack is a really great game and that’s why everyone loves it; plus, ts widely popular as well.

That’s definitely not for nothing! 



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